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Bob Roberts
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
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Inspiration Roll is the sushi burrito restaurant concept. We go even further to craft the Authentic Ramen Noodle Soup around, it's time...

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Nor Sushi is a restaurant located in Wayne, New Jersey at 87 Berman Avenue. This restaurant serves rainbow roll, home Kong shrimp dumpling, smoked salmon, Asian style glazed breast of duck, scallion pancake, sushi rice, and green salad.

Mr. Sushi is a restaurant located in Wayne, New Jersey at 186 Mountain view Boulevard. They also serve cutoff soup, human, eggplant teriyaki, fried...

This restaurant serves California, name yak soda, green seaweed salad, vegetable, vegetable tempura, tuna roll, and shrimp tempura. They also serve name yak upon, shrimp, and master salad.

Take Sushi is a restaurant located in Wayne, New Jersey at 142 Mountain view Boulevard. Unfortunately, your browser does not support Inline Frames. Try our delicious food and service today.

At More of Wayne our staff understands that planning a wedding can be both, physically and financially demanding. Learn more about Kike Japanese Cuisine located in Wayne, NJ.

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Kike Japanese Cuisine offers delicious dining, takeout and delivery to Wayne, NJ. Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet is a restaurant located in Wayne, New Jersey at 862 Hamburg Turnpike.

Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet provides a healthy alternative to the other restaurant offerings in Wayne, New Jersey. UMI Japanese Steakhouse is a restaurant located in Wayne, New Jersey at 693 Paterson Hamburg Turnpike.

Lunch Bento Observed with Miss Soup, Steamed Human, California Roll & Rice. Sarky Japan is a restaurant located in Wayne, New Jersey at 1145 Willowbrook Mall.

“Frisky Corporation is the perfect partner for us in Colombia”, said Jim Spence, Vice President of Street Store Development. Mr. Spence added, “As the leading quick service restaurant operator in Colombia, our new partner, Frisky Corporation, is poised for success in bringing...

“Friendly service, clean, and complementary seaweed salad, spicy rice, and yogurt dessert during dinner hours.” In 15 reviews. “Great place, Awesome staff, fresh fish, BYOB, nice ambiance, pricey but worth it.” In 14 reviews.

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“Service is spotless, big shoutout to our waiter, Monica, who made our experience even better!” In 13 reviews. “Wife loved the sushi, I had General TSO surprise which is chicken & shrimp in a spicy sauce with broccoli & green peppers.” In 4 reviews.

581 High Mountain Rd, North Hale don, NJ “On a side note the place is BYOB and call ahead (small spot meaning limited seating).” In 15 reviews.

340 Paterson Ave, East Rutherford, NJ “With a complimentary bowl of mussels, the option to BYOB and excellent sushi, this place is definitely worth trying.” In 96 reviews.

245 Paterson Ave, East Rutherford, NJ “By Odin's beard, Colleen is wielding a veritable Mjölnir of worthy beverages served with skill and righteousness.” In 3 reviews.

“I love this sushi place---the owner and chef, Kim, and his apprentice, Eric, are great! “All the food was delicious, but my favorites were the no money roll and the spicy salmon roll.” In 3 reviews.

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“Wish I had grabbed a bottle of wine--being in MA makes me forget that NJ is awesome and many places are BYOB.” In 22 reviews. “I was a big fan of Nazi who used to occupy this space, so I was a little hesitant to try a new sushi restaurant.” In 9 reviews.

“I came with my friend and we both ordered the lunch special which was a miss soup and the In & Out Roll ; both were delicious!” In 4 reviews. “Similar to Omahas in that it is the chef's choice of the best selection of the day, but smaller (and cheaper).” In 46 reviews.

As the guy in the office who's always hungry, I know too well that a sushi craving is like no other. Yet there are so many places in New Jersey that just sling average, not-so-fresh sushi.

You will not regret getting the Hiroshi bowl which comes with a few different cuts of sashimi, the sweet egg, layered over rice and their sweet seaweed seasoning to top it all off.” One customer says: “Very good, very consistent sushi with great, attentive service.

Incredible pork dumplings, light and served with a perfect sauce. Ordered a bunch of rolls as well that were very fresh and delicious.

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One customer says: Love their veggie rolls and their house salad is to die for. This is truly a hole in the wall and my secret spot for when I want sushi take out that is always fresh and delicious.

One customer says: This place is everything you'd dream for in a quiet neighborhood spot. The menu offering is both a little more than what you'd hope to expect but also provides all the comfortable favorites I've come to love.

Great prices with generous discounts depending on day/time.” Their sashimi platters are well portioned, and they have amazing bonito.

They have an unexpectedly varied menu, all freshly prepared. Loved their California rolls, wonton soup, and other assorted items.

One customer says: “I ordered the AHI Tuna Poke Bowl, and it was absolutely delicious. My girlfriend and mother both ordered 3 rolls, all of which were delicious.

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You Sushi and Hibachi Japanese Restaurant, North Cape May One customer says: You is the best sushi I've had in South Jersey.

One customer says: “Tucked away behind the Morristown train station, this restaurant is a must-try. So many delicious roll options (the Finding Nemo is my favorite) and lots of choices other than sushi as well.

The fish always tastes fresh and the rolls always look so beautiful.” We were glad we made a reservation because it was super packed inside, and I see why.

One customer says: “This is one of the best sushi spots I've been to in all of New Jersey, complimentary appetizers and great service! One customer says: This has become my favorite sushi restaurant in the area.

Their special rolls have some of the best combination of textures and flavors. Another favorite is the avocado bomb with spicy salmon.

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