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Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
• 16 min read

Hello Basil, I was wondering since Xenon uses STR, Ex, and UK, and it states that all 3 stats give you a boost, would it be better to go ahead and use all 3 of those stats or should you go Pure UK for example? I would prefer answers from people who have actually played Xenon in KMS Tesla, but your thoughts/opinions are welcome as well.

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Since I'm in reboot I have to cube everything myself, should I try and get STR main stat so I get the most out of these totems? I know the time limited totems are Bis for xenon since they give all stat, but I will never farm those.

Xenon also equips with a hybrid heart acting as a power source. This reminds me of Iron Man Superhero who is also powered by an artificial electric heart that keeps him alive.

* Xenon can fly and perform flash jumps. Fast attacks and High evasion Rate Has multi-purpose offensive skill with 3 modes for 3 different training styles.

Very fun to play due to being one of the best mobile character in the game Can cover an area with Hologram field (useful especially for Pollux’s mobs, and training grounds) * Hard to fund because you need aim for all stats instead of just pure UK/EX/STR.

Ayumilove Tapestry Xenon 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Job Skill Preview Surplus Energy | Supply Surplus (Passive) Recharges 1 unit of power at set intervals, and gives you a chance to recharge on hit or evade.

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Also increases stats based on your current level of charge. Android Heart can also be equipped in the Power Source slot.

Level 1: With 20 STR: 3% for Power Stance With 20 EX: 3% resistance to all elements and status ailments With 20 UK: 3% Avoid ability With 20 STR, EX, and UK: +3% damage Multi-Mode Linker | Modal Shift (Active) Activates the Modal Shift system, allowing you to alter the attack mode of your skills.

You can only use Pinpoint Salvo and buff skills while airborne. Camouflage | Mimic Protocol (Passive) Lets you ignore equipment stat requirements.

Redial Nerve Refine | Radial Nerve (Passive) Enhances the cybernetic clusters in the lumbar vertebrae to enhance all movement. Pinpoint Rocket | Pinpoint Salvo (Toggle On/Off) Fires several missiles to bombard enemies in range when using an attack skill.

Level 1: Damage to enemies in range: 20%, Number of Missiles: 4. Cooldown: 2 sec Level 4: Damage to enemies in range: 50%, Number of Missiles: 4.

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Xenon 1st Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed. Begin maxing Redial Nerve Refine and Sudden Propel to move easily from platform to platform and quickly within large maps.

Max Incline Power to boost the base damage for all skill and regular attacks and lastly max Energy Spline and Pinpoint Rocket. Quicksilver Sword (Active) This skill is Xenon’s 2nd Job Multi-Mode Active Skill that allows you to attack in 3 different modes using energy sword.

Use Multi Mode Linker skill key to bring up the selection of the 3 modes and use arrow keys (LEFT | UP | RIGHT) to select them. Quicksilver Sword: Leap | Quicksilver: Takeoff (Multi-Mode: LEFT) Swings the Whip Blade quickly and instantly activates the booster to jump.

Level 1: MP Cost: 13, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Damage: 164%, Number of Attacks: 2, Critical Rate: +11% Level 20: MP Cost: 16, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Damage: 240%, Number of Attacks: 2, Critical Rate: +30% Hold down the skill key to keep enemies at bay.

Efficiency Pipeline | Efficiency Streamline (Supportive + Passive) Temporarily increases max HP and MP by a certain percentage and permanently increases max HP and MP by a fix value. Xenon Booster (Supportive) Required Skill: Level 5 Xenon Mastery Increases the attack speed of your weapon for a short time.

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Level 1: MP Cost: 38, Attack Speed increased for 24 sec Level 10: MP Cost: 20, Attack Speed increased for 240 sec Minority Support | Structural Integrity (Passive) Permanently increases all stats.

Multilateral III (Passive) Required Skill: Level 1 Multilateral II Grants a special bonus based on stats, once those stats reach a certain threshold. Level 1 required to learn Pinpoint Salvo Redesign B.

Xenon 2nd Job Skill Build (SEA): Everything maxed except Ion Thruster. Xenon 2nd Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed except Ion Thrust.

Film Scramble | Gravity Pillar (Active) Opens a field of anti-gravitational force to lift enemies into the air. Dual Breed Defensive | Hybrid Defenses (Supportive + Passive) Required Skill: Level 5 Perspective Shift Additional Avoid ability: 100%, Any hit/avoids after reduces the Avoid ability and damage.

Passive Effects : All Stats: +1, DEF: +115 Level 20: Energy Cost: 7, Additional Avoid ability: +100%, Additional Avoid ability when hit: -5%, Damage received when hit: -5%. Easy System | Aegis System (Toggle On/Off) Grants a chance to fire defensive missiles when hit by an enemy, or after evading an attack.

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Requires a short standby to fire when activated. Triangle Formation | Triangulation (Passive) Grants a chance to attach Airframes to enemies.

Attached Airframes will reduce enemy Accuracy and Avoid ability, and deal damage when an enemy with 3 attached Airframes is attacked. The projection cannot replicate Pinpoint Salvo or the Aegis System.

Level 1: MP Cost: 15, Extra power unit charged: 2. Cooldown: 70 sec Level 5: MP Cost: 75, Extra power unit charged: 10.

Level 1 required to learn Pinpoint Salvo Perfect Design. Xenon 3rd Job Skill Build (SEA): Everything maxed except Film Scramble.

Combat Switching, Dual Breed Defensive, Easy System (1) 2. Xenon 3rd Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed except Gravity Pillar.

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Combat Switching, Hybrid Defenses, Aegis System (1) 2. Explanation: The combination of Pillar Scramble and Split does not make a good combination because everything can be killed in mostly 1-2 hit with Pillar Scramble.

It’s similar to Angelic Buster’s skill where performing 1-2 Heavenly Crash is sufficient to kill enemies without requiring Shinning Star Burst. Split is identical to Mercedes Leap Tornado, except that you can’t macro it's so doing two in one jump is difficult if you don’t have autofire.

Diagonal Chase and Leap only allow you to follow up with one Split, unlike Rolling Consult/Legendary Spear. Diagonal Chase is inefficient for rushing as it raises you up platforms and most maps have those.

Ion Thrusters is still the best way to perform mob control. Combo Skills (GMS) COMBO-1: Gravity Pillar + Diagonal Chase + Combat Switching: Division COMBO-2: Gravity Pillar + Combat Switching: Shoot Down.

COMBO-3: Diagonal Chase + Combat Switching: Division. Combo Skills (SEA) COMBO-1: Film Scramble + Diagonal Chase + Combat Switching: Division COMBO-2: Film Scramble + Combat Switching: Shoot Down.

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COMBO-3: Diagonal Chase + Combat Switching: Division. Blade Dancing | Beam Dance (Active) Unleash a flurry with your Whip Blade to damage nearby enemies.

Level 1: MP Cost: 7, Damage: 144%, Number of Attacks: 1, Max Enemies Hit: 8 Level 30: MP Cost: 9, Damage: 260%, Number of Attacks: 1, Max Enemies Hit: 8Note: Hold down skill key to continuously attack enemies while moving. Path Code | Parts Code (Supportive + Passive) Overrides safety protocols for a short time to increase total damage and boss attack damage.

Level 1: Power Stance: 10%, Enemy DEF Ignored: +1% Level 30: Power Stance: 50%, Enemy DEF Ignored: +30% Instant Shirk | Instant Shock (Passive) Required Skill: Aegis System (MAX) Grants an additional evasion chance.

Time Capsule | Temporal Pod (Supportive) A Temporal Pod that twists the flow of the time to quickly reduce the skill cooldown of nearby party members. Level 1: MP Cost: 100, Duration of party cooldown reduction effect: 60.

Warrior’s Will | Hero’s Will (Active) By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. Fuzzy Rob Masquerade | Mecca Purge (Active) is Xenon’s 4th Job Multi-Mode Active Skill that allows one to attack using 3 different modes.

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It summons Roots (your sidekick pink pet) who rides on either tank or spacecraft to purge enemies with its awesome laser and missiles. Use Multi Mode Linker skill key to bring up the selection of the 3 modes and use arrow keys (LEFT | UP | RIGHT) to select them.

Each device has its own specialties such as temporarily boosting party member stats or attack enemies. Use Multi Mode Linker skill key to bring up the selection of the 3 modes and use arrow keys (LEFT | UP | RIGHT) to select them.

Once the energy field is up, any allies within will receive increased HP and Avoid ability. Power will recharge each time your allies successfully dodge an attack.

Also applies to nerf which -30% enemy defenses and bind them for 15 seconds. Meltdown Explosion | Orbital Cataclysm Required Level: 200 Attack 15 enemies 6 times with 900% damage with lasers bombarding from the sky.

Omega Blaster | Mega Smasher Shoot a powerful energy beam. Level 1: Consumes 1000 MP to attack up to 15 enemies at 310% damage 6 times up to 5 sec.

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Level 25: Consumes 1000 MP to attack up to 15 enemies at 550% damage 6 times up to 5 sec. Trio #1: Mecca Purge / Beam Dance / Hypo gram Trio #2: Triangulation / Pinpoint Salvo / Aegis System Trio #3: Quicksilver / Diagonal Chase / Combat Switchover: Bolded = essential skill | Non-bolded = non-essential skill.

Xenon and Beryl (a female), were made test subjects by Deliver who had their memories erased. A few years later, the Resistance investigated the Verne Mine, and Xenon was sent by Deliver to fight them.

Upon seeing a trapped Claudine, Xenon had a blurred memory which reminded him of something. To confirm his suspicions, Xenon went to the prison which Claudine was held to ask her about his past.

Beryl appeared and fought Xenon on Deliver’s command. The Resistance brought Xenon and Lute back to the Secret Plaza.

They knew that Deliver could control and locate Xenon with a device on him, so it was removed and destroyed. Xenon then had his own mission to accomplish, which was to recover his lost memories.

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I want to distribute them normally, and am not sure how the 3 stats build are supposed to work out. For Example: At First job the Multilateral requirement is 40 STR, EX, UK.

If you pick any of the 3 buttons then it will be set to apply AP to whatever button you picked till it reaches 40 AP then you can select one of the others to max to 40 etc. Xenon is capable of wearing any Thief or Pirate equips.

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