Best Spanish Restaurants In Washington Heights

Maria Johnson
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
• 8 min read

We pride ourselves on being an authentic Mexican restaurant serving your favorite Mexican cravings; tacos, burritos and enchiladas to name a few. Join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you’ll find fresh, delicious and affordable dishes at any hour.

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Enjoy the tastes of Mexico locally in Washingtonians ! All-day Mexican joint serving torts, tacos & other classic eats in a cozy, no-frills deli.

Chicken Burrito w/EVERYTHING...is everything Needed for a Meal...with HIBISCUS!! It is authentic Mexican food with great flavor especially the quesadillas & nachos those are... read more I honestly love this place.

The staff is family owned... read more Ask for the tacos & quesadillas techs a many they're so authentic and delicious !! The staff is family owned and super friendly The burritos and chips and Guam are the best in the heights hands down.

All the meats are fresh and nicely seasoned I love everything about this place ! This place is delicious, inexpensive, and uses high quality ingredients and lots of veggies.

Huge portions, delicious tamales and chilaquiles... read more This is the best and most authentic Mexican I've had in New York. Huge portions, delicious tamales and chilaquiles in either red or green sauce (very spicy or normal spicy).

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Mexicans Visiting from California, we came across this wonderful whole in the wall on our way to the subway station.... read more Mexicans Visiting from California, we came across this wonderful whole in the wall on our way to the subway station. The staff was amazing very friendly and extra attentive even with all of our random requests.

Avoid any other reviews, yes it takes time to cook, I being in the store and they... read more Avoid any other reviews, yes it takes time to cook, I being in the store, and they cook to order, only the rice and beans it's precook, the rest is so fresh I can eat there every day by hey summer is here, and I have to keep my body looking good lol. I live in Arizona and trust this is the best Mexican food I found in New York.

Fresh, tasty, reliable, and good customer service. The Poole is CRAZY... read more Fresh, tasty, reliable, and good customer service.

I get their all pastor burrito, but I've had... read more Some of the best Mexican food I've had in New York! I get their all pastor burrito, but I've had their tacos and enchiladas as well, and they're incredible.

The atmosphere is very no frills, but with food this good it doesn't matter. I have ordered many times from here before, but tonight is a bust.

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All was good except that I wanted french fries in my salad, and they didn't put them in The menu is a little confusing if you are trying to build a bowl.

Excellent food but smoothed together in too small containers Good, larger portions, but they should include utensils and napkins in their deliveries.

The ones you bring your parents and partners to or where you’re content to dine solo with nothing but a good book and the city passing by. What follows is a borough-by-borough list of some of the city’s best eats, from Balinese stewed chicken in the Bronx to an all-you-can-eat Sri Lankan buffet in Staten Island.

Nearly 3 million people call Brooklyn home, as do nearly 7,000 restaurants, from Yemeni fare in Cobble Hill to Polish in Green point. Deemed one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the world, Queens residents represent more than 100 countries and speak nearly 140 different languages.

The southernmost borough of New York City, Staten Island takes more effort to reach than, say, Brooklyn. AFAR may earn a commission if you buy through our links, which helps support our independent publication.

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Washingtonians K-12 schools all Washingtonians poll results Here are the best places to live in New York10 the best cities to buy a new house in New Worktop 10 best public schools in New Foresee the best places to live in & around New York Source: The Washingtonians, New York, NY data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).

Few areas in New York City are as culturally rich and vibrant as Upper Manhattan’s Harlem. The neighborhood’s renovated brownstones and tree-lined streets make it an attractive place to call home.

Photo by Message Studios Harlem has a fascinating and long history, dating all the way back to the 1600s when the area was first settled by Europeans and used as farmland. Developers built hundreds of tenement apartment buildings anticipating an influx of Lower Manhattan residents moving north, but some moved farther north into The Bronx and Washingtonians, leaving many of the homes in Harlem unsold.

Real estate agent Philip A. Payton came up with the idea to fill these properties with African-American tenants, and he later became known as the “Father of Black Harlem.” African-American residents poured into Harlem from Lower Manhattan, the South, and everywhere in between. Cultural icons such as Langston Hughes, Alain Locke, and others called Harlem home as artistic creativity emanated from the neighborhood.

Figures like Malcolm X, Queen Mother Moore, and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. used Harlem as a launchpad for political, social, and economic empowerment. Still known as the Black Capital of America, the history and culture of Harlem is evident today, even as the area experiences new growth and gentrification.

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Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, and The Jackson 5 played during their “Amateur Nights,” and other musicians like James Brown, B. Shrine hosts events for a variety of mediums, including film, theater, dance, and plenty of live music.

Minton’s A revived Harlem legend that once played an important role in the Bebop revolution of the 1940s, Minton’s now serves up elegant meals accompanied by live jazz music every night between Wednesday and Sunday, plus brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Like the rest of New York City, Harlem’s diverse population inspires cuisine variety.

Created by Chef Marcus Samuelson, Red Rooster was named after a legendary speakeasy and hosts live music every night. Serving up southern-style BBQ accompanied by live music, it fits right in with Harlem’s culture.

Photo by Jörg Schubert It’s no secret that New York City is an expensive place to call home. For example, if you search for an apartment in Soho or Midtown, you’ll be browsing through listings with average rents as high as $3,460.

Harlem presents an unbeatable deal with a lower average cost of living in a fun, exciting part of Manhattan. Not only do renters in Harlem enjoy a vibrant nightlife, historic buildings, and live music, but they also have much more affordable rent than neighboring areas.

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If you end up finding a smaller apartment to save even more on monthly costs, renting a storage unit can alleviate your tight quarters while staying under budget. It’s a tight-knit community where you’ll find kids outside playing pickup games of basketball and neighbors out interacting with one another.

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