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• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
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Change the way your text messaging app looks with this free SMS Theme For Android. Tell us what you think about this SMS theme app!• Enjoy a new way to send text messages.

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We've created new custom SMS themes and many other personalization apps that work on Android phones! This free messaging theme is one of the most amazing customization apps on the market and works with any Android version.

Change the way you send text messages with our amazing SMS Theme For Android ! Look at the amazing HD screenshots to see how this free SMS theme will look on your Android phone or tablet.

Tell us what you think about our new SMS theme for Android !• Enjoy a new way to send text messages. With Systems 2021, you also get: • more new SMS free themes, • amazing fonts that you choose.

Our SMS themes free will safely tell you the easy steps to obtain one of them! Systems 2021 is a beautiful SMS app theme that will offer a fabulous look to your phone or tablet.

To make sure your text messenger looks and handles its best, we’ve gathered a few apps (and different skins) to add some amazing themes and text backgrounds to your messenger. Almost all the apps mentioned here have extra text backgrounds and themes to download.

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For now, let’s focus on the looks of the apps themselves, and the features they offer over your standard messenger. It also features an extensive list of emoji and text emoticons.

Compared to the standard Android messenger, it’s leagues ahead. But while downloading GO SMS Pro is free, you’ll have ads as a part of your messenger experience unless you decide to pay a small fee to remove them.

Extra is a text messenger that looks simple but houses a robust amount of customization features. At a base level, Extra lets you change the color of your theme, the style, the shape of text bubbles, and even your emoji style while you text.

The app has some extra downloads that we’ll get into later, but for now even the base package is worth messing around with. The store in Extra isn’t as extensive, or maybe even as intimidating as GO SMS Pro, but it’s something you’ll have to get used to seeing.

Lets you create custom themes Has a number of free themes and background for text to choose from Has Dual SIM capabilities Extra downloads are available for even more customization Highly customizable even without downloading anything extra Mood Messenger is about convenience, and letting you express yourself through different emoticons and emoji almost automatically depending on your settings in the app.

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It shows you who’s texting with a small bubble that’s easy to check on or put aside for later. Mood Messenger isn’t just for SMS, it also works with MMS.

If you’re short on data for either SMS or MMS, you can also text for free with a contact who is using the Mood Messenger over Wi-Fi. There isn’t much downside to Mood Messenger besides minor glitches and bugs.

A healthy amount of customization options Free texting over Wi-Fi to other Mood Messenger users Snappy SMS & MMS A great head notification system Completely free with no in-app purchases Plus Messenger uses Telegram’s API and has a plenty of customization to keep anyone happy.

Plus Messenger is fast, secure and has many built in themes, colors, message backgrounds, and easily supports different media files types like gives. This app will sync to all your devices and will let you send unlimited messages, videos, photos, and files.

It is elegant enough to stand on its own, even if you don’t play around with the theme and background system. These aren’t by any means necessary, but each additional download here will help you customize your new messenger to your heart’s content.

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GO SMS almost has too many additional downloads, but we’ll try our best to pick out the ones that are worth your time. With the old model of the keyboard, you’ll get something fast and responsive with multimedia support, a slew of new emojis, and diverse themes.

Show off what you can do using GO SMS tools and make something you’ll really be proud of. You might see a number negative comments on how this particular text background isn’t working.

Download APK(6.6 MB)Versions Forget about the boring look of the standard SMS theme your Android device has and have fun with this fantastic galaxy message theme.

Tell us what you think about this SMS theme app!• Enjoy a new way to send text messages. Notice This free cute SMS theme works with the GO SMS Pro or the New Messenger Version 2020 app.

If you don't have GO SMS Pro or New Messenger Version 2020 installed on your Android phone or Android tablet, don't worry. When you open the SMS Theme For Android you will instructions to download.

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Download this new and free SMS theme and activate it today! Look at the amazing HD screenshots to see how this free SMS theme will look on your Android phone or tablet.

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