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‘The Great Game’ features a selection of criminals to choose from, but we’ve plumped for Oscar Dundee AKA The Golem as the major villain (not including Moriarty) as, with his silent, lumbering nature and incredible strength, he is by far the most memorable. Fans rode an emotional rollercoaster as Sherlock’s dark past surfaced, and the secret behind his childhood pet was revealed.

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She appeared in A Scandal in Belgrade “, where she tricked Sherlock into giving classified information to a terrorist organization. Basically, Rasmussen has the ability to overthrow entire countries, so he’s definitely not someone you’d want to pick a fight with.

In a series of plot twists, Sherlock ends up killing Rasmussen to protect the Watson family. Vivian Nor bury (code name: “Love”) was Lady Small wood’s clever yet psychopathic secretary.

She demonstrates her wickedness by shooting and killing Mary Watson, which ultimately leads to her arrest. ), and that he over-medicates dying people in his “very own hospital.” He then attempts to suffocate Sherlock in his hospital bed, but John stops him.

Sherlock reveals to everyone that he planted audio recorders in the room, and has Culvert on arrested immediately. Though she was a minor character, Kitty proved crucial for Sherlock’s downfall in The Reichenbach Fall “.

As a young, struggling journalist, Kitty was having a difficult time launching her career. In a men’s bathroom during the trial of Jim Moriarty, Kitty attempts to get Sherlock to open up, but he refuses, insulting her in the process.

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At a young age, she drowned Sherlock’s best friend, and burnt her house to the ground, so she was institutionalized at Sherrinford. There, she manipulates Mycroft, Sherlock, and John into being her lab rats, while experimenting with their emotional responses to different scenarios.

She had been the reason Sherlock did everything that he did, that he met John Watson, and that he jumped in The Reichenbach Fall.” Even though she was introduced late into the story, Euros had been causing trouble for a while. Moriarty made his existence known in The Great Game, ” after he got Sherlock to solve different puzzles to save hostages’ lives.

Moriarty was also the reason Sherlock met fellow villain Irene Adler in “A Scandal in Belgrade.” Throughout the course of the show, he threatened John’s life twice, broke into the Jewel House, and forced Sherlock to “commit suicide”.

Even after he committed suicide, Moriarty haunted Sherlock with notes and video clips of the villain teasing him. Many fans were disappointed at the confirmation of his death and at the fact that he had been a pawn of Euros Holmes from the start of season two.

Moriarty was an intricate and unpredictable character who we’ll forever remember as Sherlock’s only equal. Over their time spent together in BBC One’s detective drama, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have faced a number of threats to themselves and those close to them.

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In Sherlock’s first episode, ‘A Study in Pink’, we met our very first villain; taxi driver Jeff Hope, an estranged father with a terminal illness who loves the children he never gets to see more than anything and wants the best for them. When Jeff Hope found out that he had an aneurysm and was, as Sherlock put it, “a dead man walking”, he decided to gather as much money as he could to leave behind for his children.

Does Mary, the intelligent, caring and funny woman whom John Watson loves enough to make her his wife count as a villain? And yet in ‘His Last Vow’, all we thought we knew about Mary was turned on its head when she was revealed to be an intelligence agent on the run; an assassin or ex-assassin with the initials A.G.R.A.

But despite her criminal past, John has promised to stand by her, and when we left the married couple at the end of Season 3, they were shaken but very much together. And anybody intelligent enough to deceive Sherlock Holmes to that extent deserves a place on the top five villains list.

Handsome and petite, impeccably stylish and not afraid to use his big brown eyes to his own advantage, Jim can get away with murder. People love the Sherlock Holmes stories for lots of reasons, but one of the joys for me is the secondary characters Conan Doyle creates.

But it’s not just who they are that make them special; it’s also how Doyle uses them dramatically and how they illustrate the social beliefs and controversies of the time. Conan Doyle also drew on this idea, memorably in The Sussex Vampire, where a mother is caught sucking blood from her baby’s neck.

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He’s fallen in love with a younger woman and, in order to regain his vigor and youth, has been injecting himself with a serum made from monkeys. But the potion he’s been buying is too strong, and the professor finds himself out at night, compelled to climb the vines that cover his house.

Watson describes the sight: With his dressing gown flapping on each side of him he looked like some huge bat glued against the side of his own house.” After his climb, the good prof jumps down, crawls on all fours over to his wolfhound, and proceeds to taunt it by throwing pebbles in its face and prodding it with a stick. He draws on widespread Victorian beliefs in eugenics and race sciences to warn against the pursuit of cures for aging.

At the end of the case, Holmes argues that it wouldn’t be the “spiritual” who tried to avoid death, but rather the material, the sensual, the worldly would all prolong their worthless existence…. Mr. Munro has discovered that his wife, Effie, is secretly visiting the new neighbors’ house, but she refuses to tell him why.

When he investigates, he sees a mysterious, inhuman face watching him from the dark upper window: It was neither man nor woman, of a livid, dead yellow, and with something set and rigid about it. ” The description sets up a nice mystery, but The Child with the Yellow Face is one of those cases that Holmes gets wrong.

Holmes peels the mask off to reveal a little coal-black negress with all her white teeth flashing in amusement at our amazed faces.” Effie confesses her secret: her previous marriage, in the U.S., was to a black man. ” This child with the yellow mask shows us that while white Victorian society had negative views of other races, there were at least some who were more open-minded.

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Since that awful day, she’s been living as a recluse in a secluded house in Brixton, never going out, never removing her veil. But it isn’t just her plight that makes her so compelling; it’s the extraordinary exchange between her and Holmes at the end of the story, after she has unburdened her soul to him.

Two living and beautiful brown eyes looking sadly out from that grisly ruin did but make the view more awful. This “king of the blackmailers” is so diabolical that the story is called after him, an honor Doyle rarely gives a character.

The story ends when Holmes and Watson, concealed in Silverton’s house, see a young woman unload her gun into his chest. Doyle introduces him in The Sign of Four by this wonderful description: a small man with a very high head, a bristle of red hair all round the fringe of it, and a bald, shining scalp which shot out from among it like a mountain-peak from fir-trees.” On top of this, his features were in a perpetual jerk, and he had a pendulous lip and a too visible line of yellow and irregular teeth which he tries to conceal by constantly passing his hand over his mouth.

Mick Finlay was born in Glasgow but left as a young boy to live in Canada and then England. Before becoming an academic, he ran a market stall on Portabello Road and has worked as a tent hand in a traveling circus, a butcher’s boy, a hotel porter, and in various jobs in the NHS and social services.

He teaches in a psychology department, and has published research on political violence and persuasion, verbal and nonverbal communication, and disability. A killer haunts the city’s streets; the poor are hungry; crime bosses are taking control; the police force is stretched to the breaking point.

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Whether they’ve been around for decades or are more modern, these archenemies have entertained audiences for years with their never-ending battles and philosophical feuds. It is interesting, though, that for an alien being with such a vast array of superpowers his archenemy isn’t a deadly AI like Brainier or life-sucking mutant like Parasite, but just a normal, highly intelligent human named Led Author.

Depending on the interpretation/continuity where the pair were best friends in their youth, it only adds to the tension as they are destined to become archenemies as adults. Before comic books, one hero who defined a generation was Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle’s extremely intelligent detective who effortlessly solved crimes with his faithful companion Dr. John Watson.

Such was Moriarty’s popularity among readers that despite appearing in only ‘The Final Problem’ and dying after he and Sherlock tumbled off the Reichenbach Falls, he was regarded as the detective’s ultimate nemesis. Like Moriarty, Adler only appeared in one story, ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’, but has become a popular antagonist in Sherlock Holmes media.

As the leaders of two warring factions fighting across millions of years and planets, Optimum and Megaton were clearly defined archenemies. Autobot leader Optimum Prime believes in freedom above all else while Megaton fights to rule the universe.

As Optimum foiled countless schemes from Megaton and his Deceptions, their battles often became a personal one, a fact highlighted by their very last encounter in Transformers: The Movie that not only remains as epic today as it did 30 years ago (“One shall stand. This change has given their rivalry a different and more personal touch while fleshing out their respective backstories in interesting ways.

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No modern movie better captures this than 2004’s Mean Girls with Lindsay Loan and Rachel McAdams portraying polar opposite high schoolers whose subtle feud eventually envelopes the whole school. Loan’s Cady Heron is a girl new to the high school experience after being homeschooled and travelling around the world with her parents.

Despite her expertise in sociology and anthropology, the complexities of socializing with people her own age and high school cliques is completely alien to her. Enter Regina George, played to perfection by McAdams as the school’s Alpha Bitch, a girl who delights in being passive aggressive, twisting the truth and lording her status over everyone, friends included.

It’s not until her friends call her out, Regina’s plan for vengeance reveals her own insecurities (not to mention getting hit by a bus) and other drastic consequences that Cady turns back to her former self and tries dissolving the idea of cliques altogether, giving this rivalry a civil and somewhat happy ending. Hannibal Letter is, without a doubt, one of the most compelling and frightening villains ever created for his intelligence, cannibalistic tendencies and ability to get inside anybody’s head with ease.

Whereas most people remember the adversarial relationship he and Clarice Starling have, Hannibal does actually care for her and genuinely wants to help her in his own way. Will is a highly intelligent FBI agent who has a similar ability to Hannibal in getting inside people’s heads.

His empathy allows him to understand serial killers as he often plays their kills over in his head to better discover their patterns and how to stop them. Though Edward Norton’s portrayal doesn’t focus on the tortured sanity of Will’s character, William Petersen in Man hunter very much lingers on that dark precipice while Hugh Dance in the TV series Hannibal forms a very close (some might say romantic) friendship with him and comes the closest to succumbing to his darker desires.

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No matter which interpretation though, Hannibal often goads Will into their similarities and pushes Will further to the edge, hoping to unwind him enough to ruin his life. Raglan and Boyd grew up together in the small town of Harlan, Kentucky, spending their teenage years in the coalmines looking out for each other’s backs.

Raglan struggles with that darkness through most of the series as it threatens the loss of his family and job on multiple occasions. The two share parallels with each other as they were both gifted by the gods with tremendous powers, but use them for very different reasons as Diana is humble and selfless while Barbara Ann is ambitious and selfish.

This seems to be a strong influence in Wonder Woman 1984 as the pair have been depicted as friends before Barbara Ann grows envious of Diana and eventually turns into Cheetah as the trailers have teased. However, there is another rivalry that is actually much stronger, compelling and tragic than Kirk and Khan and that is Deep Space Nine’s Commander Benjamin Sicko and GUL Ducat.

Throughout the seven seasons of DS9, Sicko and Ducat developed such an adversarial relationship that has been unlike any other in the Star Trek franchise to this day as they were on opposite sides personally, professionally and philosophically. He’s an evil man, but views himself as a misunderstood and underappreciated hero as he has a deep desire to be loved and respected by those he deems beneath him.

Even though he was still a bad man, it’s not until Ducat finally sheds his desire to be admired by his enemies that he truly embraces his evilness and accepts he and Sicko are archenemies. Throughout James Bond’s 70+ year history, almost 60 of those being graced with big screen adventures, he has fought many villains but none as memorable as Ernst Star Blood, the head of the evil organization Specter.

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Blood was essentially the main villain of the early James Bond films, though he wasn’t formally introduced until You Only Live Twice. Blood is just as tenacious as Bond and is extraordinarily ambitious in all his schemes, from capturing spacecrafts to engineering a virus and more.

But Blood is also remembered as the man who killed James Bond’s wife Tracey, played by the late Diana Ring in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Evil, the last of whom is a direct parody of Blood in appearance and his fondness for over-the-top lairs, plots and, of course, his cat.

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