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• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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Artifact Attack (%) Reduce DMG (%) Control Immune (%) The game is quite easy to play and most of the quests you receive are wonderful ones.

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Now I’m going to explain the bestidleheroes elite heroes list and what you need to know in order to take care of them. B-Tier Characters that aren’t really viable for PVP, but they can perform in Eve.

Some of them are also great for PVP, but they will need a certain amount of experience, and they might need some special items to get the most out of them. Good luck with your leveling and I hope you will continue playing.

Firstly, this IdleHeroes Tier List of November 2020 contains all the essential information regarding the bestiaries in the game for you. Secondly, the tier list will help you build the best possible teams to beat the competition.

IdleHeroes is an action battle RPG using monsters utterly FREE within the Play Store for Android and IOS. Handle more than 200 heroes of different factions and employ them in a battle without equal, using new skills and unleashing your enemies.

Furthermore, navigate through battles and dungeons, perform heroic missions, find mysterious towers, and join guilds to fight with your friends against new threats. In this tier list that we have elaborated, we bring you the best heroes divided by factions.

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We have taken into account their strength and skill in the battle and the current goal of the game after the last patch to be able to elaborate a guide as complete as possible. From each of the characters, we will also give you many descriptions of their abilities and their different aspects of the game and their health and statistics with five and six stars.

Within the faction of the shadows, we have to highlight yes or yes to Blood Blade. Blood Blade is a hero in IdleHeroes you have to have if you want to succeed in the long term with him.

It fuses with Blood Blade of six stars, but you can not obtain it of any fusion. The other hero you need in your team is Walter, a colossal shadow killer.

Walter of six stars is undoubtedly a NECESSARY acquisition for your IdleHeroes team. Of the faction of fortress heroes, you have to get hold of Flame Strike without a doubt.

Five-star Flame Strike has 7,138 of power, 24,824 of life, 3644 of attack, 643 of armor, and even 574 of Felicia, turning it into a slow but mighty hero. It has 16850 of power, 83680 of life, 7872 of attack, an armor that increases until 908, and a speed of 777.

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Ice blink is undoubtedly a hero in IdleHeroes who fits perfectly into any lineup. Even if you already have one on your team, you have to find the second as soon as possible because two Ice blink’s that take advantage of each other’s Freeze Control will be a nightmare for the enemies.

Basic Summon Scroll, Friendship Summon, Heroic Summon Scroll, 5-Star Hero Shard, 5-Star Fortress Hero Shard, Prophet Tree, Altar (4000 Soul Stone Shard The abyss’ heroes in IdleHeroes are not at all as strong and exciting as those of other factions, but if we had to choose two, these would be Area and Norma.

Five-Star Area has a power of 7033, a life of 28514, an attack of 2807, and armor of 758, and a speed of 609. The six-star Area from IdleHeroes has a power of 17485, a life of 85439, an attack of 7047, an armor of 1180 and a speed of 806.

Basic Summon Scroll, Friendship Summon, Heroic Summon Scroll, 5-Star Hero Shard, 5-Star Abyss Hero Shard, Prophet Tree, Creation circle The six-star standard has 15638 power, 51983 life, 8653 attacks, 894 armor, 756 speed, and can be obtained in the creative circle by merging two 5-star rules with a 5-star Algeria and three heroes of the five-star abyss.

Undoubtedly, the strongest hero of the forest faction in IdleHeroes is Rosa. It is a hero available in five stars with 7120 of power, 22236 of life, 3422 antique, 610 of armor, and 603 of speed.

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Grew of six stars has a power of 17114, with a life of 80667 that makes it incurable. You can obtain it in the creative circle by merging two five-star grooves, with a 5-star ENT elder and three forest heroes in IdleHeroes.

It’s not in the TOP of our tier list in IdleHeroes, but it’s still excellent. Its six-star version has a power of 21643, a life of 78016, an attack of 7703, an armor of 938 and a speed of 806.

It can be obtained in the circle of creation merging it with 2 sleepless of five stars. As model is undoubtedly an OP hero in IdleHeroes.

They can be acquired as Universal skin shards from defeating bosses on Celestial Island once your Watch Tower is at least level 11, and you may encounter rare, rainbow aura islands, which grant 1 shard as well. The loot is 2 shards at a time, and a total of 10 fragments are required to craft a skin.

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