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Artistic drawings and images must be credited. BBC's phenomenal hit detective drama Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, took audiences by storm all over the world, and even though its 4th season had a tone of finality to it, fans worldwide have been clamoring for more ever since.

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For instance, one Editor feels that John's behavior left much to be desired for a good part of the series. The fan feels that there was nothing positively wrong with the season, thus making the negative criticism aimed at it somewhat unjustified.

Another common grievance that some fans have about Sherlock is about the entire subplot involving Mary, not just her death scene, which they feel wasn't well-conceived. But although these Editors appreciate actor Andrew Scott in the role, they feel that Moriarty was never meant to be insane in the first place and that the very essence of Holmes' arch-rival was that he was super calm and methodical.

A teacher, writer, and editor, she loves nothing better than to curl up on a lazy afternoon with her favorite book, or with a pen and a notebook (a laptop would have to do!) Note: Does not cover Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, or other non-PlayStation platform achievements.

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Visit Join Subreddit for content regarding Rooster Teeth Productions, including Red vs. Blue, Achievement Hunter, RUBY, Rooster Teeth Podcast, etc. Centering around the resident in 221A Baker street, a stuffy proper man leading a mundane existence driven to fury by Sherlock's antics.

Top gives– Sherlock was talking to John while walking and facing forward but, once he lifts the tape, he turns to look at John as John scoots under the tape to make sure he made it through, then drops the tape and turns to face forward and starts walking again. After the events of series 4, Major Photo invites John and Sherlock to lunch one day.

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Wherever I find him … whatever back alley or doss house … there will always be a list. We would like to bring your attention to an ugly situation with unauthorized copying of works posted on AO3.

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So we recommend using an Ads Blocker when visiting this site in order to prevent the owner from earning more. Oftentimes FFM even shows up before the original post with the work on Google search results.

We are trying to bring AO3’s users attention to this situation and help authors with taking their works down from FFM. Let me start from the very beginning as it will bring into the light the nature of FFM and give a good example of its owner characteristic behavior.

So FFM has been notoriously known, mostly amongst Russian fandom, for claims on re-posting fan works without the consent of the authors. They were taken down only recently due to the attention this whole situation had drawn, but nothing ever goes away once it’s posted online, and you can access the proof via Internet Payback machine.

Recently Refer decided that Russian archives are not enough for him and started copying all fan works into FFM without any permission from the authors from numerous sites, like AO3, fan fiction.net, fictionpress.com, nonfiction.DE and likely other web-archives. As a Russian fan-community, we have tried to stop such activity of FFM many times; however, we have not been successful in achieving our goal completely.

Our most recent achievement is that the FFM’s owner implemented the “Don’t copy to another site” tag created specifically for AO3 (here is the link to FFM’s owner post on his personal blog regarding this tag. Please note that it seems that some time ago there was similar case of unauthorized copying with other site.

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We are trying to warn as many authors as possible and recently started spreading this information via comments on AO3; but considering the number of works copied to FFM informing all authors will take considerable time, and we can easily miss someone, especially since the copying is still in progress and new works from AO3 are appearing on FFM every day. Please follow this link, insert the title of your work or your AO3/other web-archive nickname into the field containing the words “insert-title-nickname” and hit “” (Search).

For works rated Mature or Explicit you will be able to see only the caption “ 18 ” (“The text of the work is available only to registered users over 18 years old”), but FFM users are able to read and download the story. Contact one of our volunteers (through DM or Ask on our Tumblr page) providing links to your works or send an e-mail with your deletion request directly to the FFM owner at refery@fanfics.ru or at AO3.

Some Russian authors tried to make him to delete it, but in most cases the FFM’s owner refused them mentioning that publication of such information is in line with fair use concept and doesn’t violate authors’ rights. In case you need it, we can provide Russian text for you to send by e-mail (please contact our volunteers through DM or Ask on our Tumblr page).

In case you need it, we can provide Russian text for you to send by e-mail (please contact our volunteers through DM or Ask on our Tumblr page).

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