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Maria Garcia
• Monday, 23 November, 2020
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The Top 25 Best Sherlock Pipes OnlineCollege of Cannabis | Smoking Accessory Reviews Coming in at #25 of our list of the top Sherlock pipes is this beautiful, multi-colored piece that has a rainbow gradient effect throughout the glass.

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There's a tiny green and brown lizard hanging onto the bottom of this Sherlock pipe's chamber for dear life. Even though the lizard pipe is mostly green, the lizard actually is very visible even next to a design on the chamber that looks similar to the top of a tennis ball or a very bright green eyeball.

One of our personal favorites of all the Sherlock pipes and Gandalf pipes out there, this Sherlock bubble is clear, green, or blue (basically design free) and has two chambers. There's one closest to the chamber of the Gandalf pipe that looks similar to a hypnotizing ray, the one under it that looks similar to oil paint, and the one closest to the stem that looks like a Trippe symbol of King and yang.

This pink Sherlock pipe gives off the appearance of a swirl because of its shape Although it doesn't have any cheetah prints or any kind of design similar to an exotic animal, the pattern is everywhere and unique to say the least. This marijuana pipe comes with beautiful green and yellow colors with a touch of black and white.

If you're looking to sport a Lord of the Rings look to your next marijuana smoking session, this glass Gandalf pipe is probably perfect for you! Also, this Sherlock pipe is embedded with all kinds of marble colors that make the “snake's” appearance even more mind-blowing.

This is a squiggly, clear pipe that is similar to what a person taking their eye-ball out might compare to. This simple but elegant Sherlock pipe comes in green, blue, or lavender purple colors.

sherlock pipe
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One of the coolest Sherlock pipes on this list, this piece brings out visions of the ocean due to its mixture of blue and green. One of the Sherlock pipes on this list that looks very angelic, this piece is a mixture of spring colors that are spread throughout the pipe.

It also a cute little pattern of three dots at the bottom of the chamber that could easily be mistaken for a paw print. Many would argue that this beautiful pink pipe should be the number one of the Sherlock pipes on this list.

This Sherlock pipe by Purr is another example of how creative glass smoking accessories are getting these days. This particular Sherlock pipe comes in a variety of accent colors but there's also a black stem for each of them.

Though SherlockPipes are already known for their large, deep bowls, you can still find a variety of sizes within the style. This includes built-in filters to help make sure you are not inhaling dry herb particles or having built-in ash catchers.

Wanting some premium add-ons to your Sherlock pipe can help make the decision-making process that much easier! This makes it ideal for taking large hits to get your lungs full of your favorite dry herb.

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Glass Sherlock pipes also come in all different kinds of designs or visible styles, making finding one that fits your fashion pretty easy. It is not uncommon to find Sherlock pipes made from color changing glass.

This means that, when heating and used, the glass will change color as its temperature increases. It will also return to its original color once the pipe has been given a chance to cool.

They have little knobs at the bottom of the bowl that act as stoppers that let them stand up all by themselves. Since Sherlock pipes will usually spill if left alone, so an upright pipe makes using one quite convenient.

Both the material and the design of a glass Sherlock pipe offers some great benefits to those looking to make a change in their normal dry herb smoking routine. They are large enough that it is easy to get a good grip on them, and their design is one that is meant for frequent holding.

Glass only requires soaking with possible occasional scrubbing, and the wide stem of a Sherlock pipe makes it easy to clean in every spot that comes into contact with the dry herb or its vapor. The bowl is both easy to pack and usually holds quite a bit of dry herbs, making it a great choice for those that want to have a long, leisurely smoke session without having to make frequent stops.

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It doesn’t take a master of deduction to see why people love this modern take on a traditional wooden pipe. Sherlock pipes are unique compared to a spoon pipe because of its elongated and curved neck.

A good Sherlock Holmes pipe is big and ridiculous looking, just like in the movies. Put your detective hat on and grab your pipe.

You are in the right place to find the most awesome pipe to help with your investigations. This purple pipe has waves of lilac that swirl throughout the piece and into the bowl.

The widened mouthpiece of this Sherlock pipe makes for a com... As delectable as a chewy piece of taffy the Blue Taffy Sherlock is a great piece to pull out and pack.

This Glass Pipe fits comfortably in your hand and houses a nice sized bowl for packing. This sleek cosmic piece is beautifully swirled with an area...

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What's not to love about this beautifully made Sherlock pipe from Diamond Glass. The sky blue colored glass really make the curve of this Sherlock ...

Look as wise as you feel with our collection of Sherlock glass pipes. Sherlock's are easily recognizable by their long, curved neck and mouthpiece, giving these pipes a unique aesthetic.

There are a variety of different types of Sherlock's available for purchase at Mile High Glass Pipes. If you’re looking for a standing Sherlock, we’ve got several in stock.

Standing Sherlock's features a flattened base or two glass dots (also known as “feet”) supporting and balancing the pipe when not in use. Mile High Glass Pipes also has an excellent selection of Gandalf pipes : the Sherlock's' older, wiser cousins.

These elegant glass hand pipes are named and modeled after the gray wizard's iconic pipe from J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy world.

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