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Elaine Sutton
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Frog wares has specialized in adapting Sherlock Holmes into video game form, crafting eight titles in the process. The Silver Earring was a step up from its predecessor, Mystery of the Mummy, and showed this series had room to grow.

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Once again stepping into the shoes of the masterful detective, players control Sherlock Holmes as they go around stringing together clues and solving mysteries across five distinct cases. Due to the nature of the game, players are able to deduce like Sherlock Holmes and determine who is the true culprit based on the clues collected.

Lupine challenges Sherlock Holmes and threatens to steal the five treasures of England in order to teach the detective a lesson. Following through with a first-person gameplay perspective, the player takes control of the detective along with Dr. Watson as they solve mysteries revolving around the master thief.

Similar to Sherlock Holmes : Nemesis, the 2009 entry pits the detective against another known figure, this time the most notorious serial killer in England's history. Filled with twists that keep the player in suspense, the detective attempts to learn more mysteries in order to stop Jack the Ripper from committing any more murders.

Although the game was received well overall by critics, the consensus was that the way Holmes and, by extension, players gathered clues was not that well implemented. Released in 2012, The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes is an original story where the protagonist has to prove his innocence following a case where he is the main suspect.

Similar to other games in the franchise, players get to control Sherlock Holmes as he examines clues in order to solve mysteries. One of the more interesting elements about The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes is that the game features a brand new graphical engine, giving it a far superior aesthetic compared to its predecessors.

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Split up into six cases, players control Sherlock Holmes similarly to the other games in Frog wares' franchise; however, this sequel is a vast improvement over earlier entries. A lover of anything pop culture since childhood, Richie Nguyen is sure to write plenty about the newest comic book, manga and movie news.

Outside of work, Richie actively plays video games, spends time with his family and friends, and of course drawing to one day achieve his dream. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s brainchild, Sherlock Holmes, the master detective is one of the most famous fictional characters in English literature.

Sherlock Holmes avid readers help to create the very modern practice of fandom. BBC’s Sherlock is one of the best ongoing TV series of recent days portraying Holmes intense crime stories.

With the release of BBC Sherlock’s fourth season, the interest in the legendary fictional detective has once again risen. But for all the ubiquity that Sherlock Holmes has achieved in popular culture, there is also his appearance in video games.

Sherlock Holmes : Crimes & Punishments is adventure mystery video game which takes place in London. As the game starts, players will be introduced to the main characters; Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, Toby and Constable Marrow.

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The game is all about exploring crime scenes and examining clues in order to help Sherlock. The most fun part of the game is the theories and discussions as the player are allowed to make the deduction regarding the cases.

The game starts with the original plot line with Sherlock and Dr. Watson to investigate the series of sudden disappearance related to Cthulhu Mythos. The game gives an open world environment in every location that can hide clues.

While the other games of Holmes conclusions come from gathering random clues found around the crime scenes, where players have the opportunity to take evidence back to Holmes famous 221 B Baker Street flat and examine it under a microscope or put it through chemical tests. In this Sherlock Holmes game, players have to solve puzzles throughout the game like picking combination locks, decoding cryptic messages and solving clock puzzle to open a life.

As Holmes, players spend time searching for important clues, most of which the police force will miss. Items are at least partly visible, and players can also analyze various clues using Holmes’s desktop laboratory.

With the release of Sherlock’s fourth season, interest in the legendary fictional detective has once again risen in the eye of the fickle public. Not a bad achievement for the second best ongoing TV series based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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But for all the ubiquity that Sherlock Holmes has achieved in popular culture, he has been strangely absent from the realm of video games. Now, I'm not going to cover every single release in this recap of the series, but instead highlight what I feel are the unique ones to give a sense of how much effort has been put into these games.

The plot winds through several iconic locations, both from the Cthulhu mythos and the works of Conan Doyle, and it gives the characters of Holmes and Watson various opportunities to comment on the other worldliness of it all. You can bust out the magnifying lens to examine things harder, or bring them back to 221B Baker Street to view them through a microscope where you can also conduct chemical tests on them to learn more.

In the former, he matches wits with the legendary gentleman thief and the latter where he tracks down the infamous Victorian era murderer of lady escorts. 14 I did a quick search on geek list titles and I couldn't find anything like this.

As the list populates, the only ground rule is that there has to be some kind of identifiable tribute to Sherlock Holmes, even if the protagonist is unnamed, but his identity can be reasonably inferred. I will comment on games I have played regarding theme, overall quality and any elements that would be of interest.

For games that I have not played, I will either comment superficially or leave that to other contributors. In my opinion, this is the greatest overall tribute to Sherlock Holmes in board game form.

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The authors definitely took pains to recreate the feel of Victorian London and the characters from the original canon. The game is not without flaws, as a brief perusal of the forums will attest. However, I can look past these flaws and just marvel at the work of genius that this game is.

Fair warning, the game is very hard and sometimes unfair. My advice, don't worry about solving efficiently and beating Holmes's score.

Take the scenic route and make sure you have the solution and enjoy the sometimes fleshed-out subplots as well. This game is very light, and the roll-and-move mechanics will frustrate the modern gamer.

I would hold off pursuing expansion cases until you see if you actually think you are going to play through the originals. I have this on order from the Geek Store, so I will comment further once I play it. It seems clear from the cover art and description that this unnamed sleuth is Mr. Holmes.

I picked this up on the bay for fairly cheap recently, but haven't played it yet. A quick read through the instructions gives me hope it will be somewhat entertaining.

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Dr. Watson is also one of the 8 characters. One of my first purchases when getting into the hobby about 6 years ago, and I still have a sweet spot for it. This cat and mouse adventure honors Holmes through its primary use of a deduction mechanism.

I love this game, and the years have not lessened my opinion of it. This is a fantastic solo game where you take on the role of Sherlock and Watson as they solve cases.

It plays a bit like a Choose your own Adventure, but as you solve cases you are able to improve your characters. This is a nice family weight game where you're trying to impress Sherlock with your deduction skills.

Hidden teams of Comedian characters with various knowledge and abilities. Choose players to go on a heist, with criminals trying to pull crimes off and detectives trying to foil them.

Welcome to fall in the Midwest and a property with a lot of mature trees! It is a fun kids memory game where you flip over cards in a sequence during your turn.

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This Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective review was made after playing through four of the cases. In Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective you and your friends try to solve one of the 10 cases included in the box.

Each game of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective starts with someone reading the case details aloud. You can also decide on leads to pursue as a group, then simply pass the case book around the table to let everyone have a chance to read.

Once you and your team of detectives think that you have figured out the mystery, it is time to answer the questions at the back of the case book. The theme in Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective just pops out of everything included in the box.

This might sound weird, but I think it’s great that Sherlock ends up beating most people who play this game. Sherlock is the consulting detective and smarter than most, so it makes sense that he knows which leads to chase and can usually crush your team’s score.

You are on your own to figure out which leads to chase, which is great because it makes solving the case that much more rewarding. It is best when played with 2-4 players (or even solo), but we did actually have some pretty good games with six and seven people at the table.

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It’s such a fulfilling feeling to solve the mysteries this game throws at you, and my group has even had a great time when we haven’t figured them out. If you’re looking for a Sherlock Holmes board game to get to play with friends and/or family, I’d say this is the one you should check out first.

I’ve heard that the newest edition fixes some minor issues some people had with the older versions. To stay updated on all things cooperative board games, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or via RSS.

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