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Maria Garcia
• Monday, 25 January, 2021
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The story begins when a Mrs St Clair engages Sherlock Holmes to find her husband, a wealthy city worker who’s gone missing. On finding her husband’s clothes in the room, the police arrested the beggar but have since found no clues to Mr St Clair’s whereabouts.

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So I've spotted a bunch of different detective games based around Sherlock Holmes. Ikea pax closet system with some drawer bottoms and door panels replaced with glass panels, allows for condensed display at eye level and storage below and above.

I've tried out a number of different games with her, and we've found a few that she likes or is willing to play. It took a couple of rounds to get into, but after that she was having more fun than I have ever seen her have during a board game.

She was laying plans for us, making decisions as new outbreaks appeared, looking at how we could benefit from our different roles. In hindsight, I completely overlooked/underestimated how much the competitive aspect of gaming has influenced her feelings towards them.

But with Pandemic, she was all smiles, and we talked about the game afterwards; what could we have done better, where we messed up, etc. It was the first time I really feel like she enjoyed playing, and it was just so nice to see.

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As far as collaborative board games go, Arkham Horror has also caught my attention. I know the common advice I've seen for the game is to ignore the Sherlock score and not play/care about the points, but we've had a lot of fun doing the opposite of that.

We try our hardest to make every lead count and get as close to Sherlock's score as we can in each case and it's been very fun for us. The bonus questions on top of the main case mean that you always have a chance to beat Sherlock if you're careful.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I even played and finished Origins even though I thought it was boring, but I just can't go any further in Odyssey.

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It's still grind fest, side missions and other challenges are so boring, main story isn't really impressive. I don't care about the loot they dropped it doesn't make me feel like I'm progressed.

There are a lot of content that doesn't add anything to game, there are so many NPC's, yet they don't make me feel they're alive, map navigation is absolute garbage I'm having hard time finding stuff. I want well-designed cities like Rome, Paris, London.

I never wanted an AC to become a giant game that I can't finish even playing 100 hours. I just want to enjoy the environment and an above average story that I can finish in 20-30 hours.

You play as a detective trying to diffuse a hostage situation, and your decisions are reflected in the probability of success. I fumbled my way through the level, only to realize there were 6 different endings I could have reached, each of them locked behind different dialogue, evidence, or button inputs.

Detroit is the first game I’ve played where I truly felt my decisions were important. Characters die, or become close friends, or bitter enemies, depending on how you treat them and what you do.

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It’s one of the best looking games I’ve played recently, and the audio and haptics are also top-notch, to deliver an impressively immersive experience. The character’s smiles are a little creepy looking (ahem, Kara), but you can see emotion in their faces (Hank is especially well done).

I spent more time watching or executing quick-time events, which are definitely not my favorite thing to have to play through. It definitely has its faults, but it’s a masterfully crafted experience, and I’m glad I took the time to see it to the end.

Lately, I'm playing Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (which I'm in love with), and after 20+ hours in the game I've begun experimenting with the music. This was because I was traipsing through an environment, backtracking for secrets, and the repetition of the stage music was grating me, so I muted it.

Part of the design is ripped straight from DS, but they acknowledge this with a very amusing NPC character. And being able to appreciate the ambience soundtrack that Respawn has put in play really ups the immersive quality.

I tended to use grappling and gliding to travel most places and call in the Bat mobile when I needed it to battle drones and solve puzzles. Plus I really loved the parts of the story set in Wayne Towers and being able to now take back villains to the police headquarters, throw em in the slammer, and trade insults with the incarcerated ones next time I returned.

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Robin, Oracle and Night wing all show up which is great. They bring back most of the usual villains, including reintroducing a certain character that I thought I'd had enough of but the way they do it is ingenious and hilarious, so I'm totally fine with it.

There are also some new villains I'd never heard of which were a good change of pace for the series. As well as just beating the other two games in the franchise, I've finally conquered the Prime Evils in the endless ever going battle between Heaven and Hell in Diablo 2.

And I didn't just beat vanilla Diablo 2/LOD, I've beaten it through the Median XL version which is supposedly the richer experience of D2. I was a Level 57 Necromancer that I carried through on the adventure, prioritizing minions and passive buffs to do most of the brunt work.

Looking past it's age, it had grotesque details in its visuals, which was taken for granted around a time when isometric games of it's time looked magnificently detailed. I will say that from all the times I've played D2, that I can understand and agree why it was so hailed as a timeless classic among many fans.

It is a damning shame though that Blizzard never took the time out to rework this game, so it can be run more fluidly on modern machines today. This trend is far from being isolated: Sea of Thieves, for example, is a game that's made to be played with others since you can be at a disadvantage if you don't do so.

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But I keep going back and play solo because I love feeling on my own, charting my own course, setting my own objectives and face the dangers by myself even though I progress much slower that way. Other examples come in mind: Monster Hunter, Divinity OS 2, Risk of Rain 2, No Man's Sky or even Competitive Multiplayer Games like Apex Legends and Titan fall 2.

I just downloaded CIV VI on steam and I wanted a game that didn’t make my blood boil like Valorant. This game is fantastic, and I can see myself putting hundreds of hours into it, due to the fact that all the the DLC is available too.

Also, if anyone has any tips on how to get to Mars I feel like there isn’t enough time in 500 turns to get there. Frankly, the Western AAA scene is like the inverse of the animated movie industry; despite being animation and probably being more suited to cartoon-like designs, examples like The Incredible are the exception, and Polar Express is the standard.

But then, ironically, I could concede that games that aimed for realism at some point have now kinda taken on their own, unintended aesthetic, like the original Tomb Raider. Not that it's necessarily a look anyone besides nostalgic would want to emulate now, but at least it gives off its' own vibe compared to a lot of the sameness we see on the shelves, now.

I could probably extend my answer to most games that ever aimed to look realistic, given that that edge was dulled over time as technology left their impressiveness behind. But in the interests of this post, if I'm going to limit myself to one choice... it'd absolutely be the new Beyond Good & Evil, mostly because the original game did go for a cartoon look.

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This Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective review was made after playing through four of the cases. In Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective you and your friends try to solve one of the 10 cases included in the box.

Each game of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective starts with someone reading the case details aloud. You can also decide on leads to pursue as a group, then simply pass the case book around the table to let everyone have a chance to read.

Once you and your team of detectives think that you have figured out the mystery, it is time to answer the questions at the back of the case book. The theme in Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective just pops out of everything included in the box.

This might sound weird, but I think it’s great that Sherlock ends up beating most people who play this game. Sherlock is the consulting detective and smarter than most, so it makes sense that he knows which leads to chase and can usually crush your team’s score.

You are on your own to figure out which leads to chase, which is great because it makes solving the case that much more rewarding. It is best when played with 2-4 players (or even solo), but we did actually have some pretty good games with six and seven people at the table.

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It’s such a fulfilling feeling to solve the mysteries this game throws at you, and my group has even had a great time when we haven’t figured them out. If you’re looking for a Sherlock Holmes board game to get to play with friends and/or family, I’d say this is the one you should check out first.

I’ve heard that the newest edition fixes some minor issues some people had with the older versions. To stay updated on all things cooperative board games, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or via RSS.

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