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Random Sh!MTV Tamar Altebarmakian December 12, 2016Struggling to find the perfect gift for the Sherlock fan in your life? It also includes Sidney Page’s illustrations which appeared alongside Doyle’s works when they were first published.


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Sherlock hearing John that Photo, a person he hasn't heard about, is going to be in his wedding for sure In other words, there are many opportunities to use this type of shot and having it in your director's toolbox will make you a stronger filmmaker.

The idea is that you cannot see the entire subject, but rather are forced to focus on a particular portion, hopefully, for the desired effect. Before we break down some examples, take a quick look at how David Fischer uses this shot.

You can see how much depth and detail these extreme close-up shots add to the world and tone of the film. This mini-series is about a young man who is charged with the murder of a young woman, so they use extreme close-ups to show important pieces of evidence that give the viewer theories surrounding the crime.

But they also use this shot for other reasons, one of which is to generate even more questions by withholding information from the viewer. In this scene, Watson and SIMCA search around the room for an assassin, and they need to identify him by his features.

Again, you will be in charge of how close you set your ECU, but as long as portions of the subject are cut-off by the edges of the frame, you may safely label and refer to a shot as an extreme close up. We can use StudioBinder's shot listing feature to lay out Sherlock Holmes' extreme close-ups.

You should identify key moments for your Ecus during your script breakdown, and mark them for the shot list of your scene. Creating your shot list in StudioBinder, allows you to accurately determine the moments where an extreme close up will be effective, and a storyboard will give you a good idea of how it will look.

While Watson focuses in on something, the filmmakers decide to use an extreme close-up to show his thought process. They are attempting to identify features, so there is a practical reason behind this shot.

The difference is important, but you can pair shots like these for clean cuts, and they play off one another really well. Our next example will show you how you can trick the viewer into paying attention to the wrong imagery and information.

Extreme Close Up Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows We are given some information from this, like the identity of the character, what Moriarty studies, his stature in the community, etc.

But the genius of this scene comes from the moment where Sherlock searches around the room for clues and finds this… The book in this gives Sherlock some very important information about Moriarty, especially when paired with a window-side planter full of dead flowers.

Moriarty is intelligent, he writes definitive works on subjects, he owns a book on domestic horticulture, and yet his flowers are dead. Just as you can pair different types of extreme close-ups for effectiveness, you can also strategically trick the viewer into ignoring things by revealing less important information in a more dramatic way.

In this scene, John Anderson is hiding his body heat by submerging himself in icy water while robotic sensors roam his hideout. Just as the robots begin to leave, an air bubble escapes from his nose.

The viewer can see the Anderson’s rage and desire to shoot in his facial features, but they are heightened by the fact that the framing is so close. Master every shot size, and learn how to combine them with angles and movements to take your filmmaking to the next level.

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He initially gained recognition when he made his debut in his father’s directed movie Pound (1970). His mother, Elise, was an actress just like his father, who instilled in her son a love of performing.

Robert was raised in Greenwich Village with his older sister, Allison. Downey decided to move with his father to Los Angeles after his parents got divorced when he was 13 years old.

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Robert Downey Jr. has been arrested several times and been in prison once for his drug addiction. In 1993, Downey Jr. reached a high point of his career when he got nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Chaplin (1992).

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He appeared in several movies as either a member of an ensemble cast, the lead role, or in a cameo. Downey has also been playing an important role in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes (2009), which gave him his second Golden Globe Award.

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