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Elaine Sutton
• Thursday, 21 January, 2021
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BBC's Sherlock is a highly quotable series--hardly surprising, considering it is based on the Arthur Conan Doyle novels that are similarly packed with clever witticisms and unique personalities that make it a classic. The lines that viewers, so love pervade the entire series, and what got fans falling for the show was there from the very start of what became one of the most popular adaptations of its kind.

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John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, played by Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, begin the first episode of the series as strangers, but by the end, the two are already sharing inside jokes and becoming the loveable pair that viewers now think back on fondly--the show has, after all, become a classic unto itself. Sherlock highlights his morbid sense of humor and complete disregard for being sensitive to normative behaviors.

He hobbles through most of the episode complaining of his leg and leaning on a cane wherever he goes, causing him to be treated tenderly by all who greet him--except Sherlock. Sherlock unleashes one of his signature statements in response to Mr. Hudson scolding him for behaving indecently when expressing excitement at a new development in a series of deaths.

It's clear that Sherlock is used to people finding him completely unbearable, and where he expected to have a repeat of his usual experience the two instead share a touching moment of mutual appreciation Further, emphasizing his uniqueness, he says all of this not so much in the interest of his own ego, but in genuine amusement and shock, as if a fly on the wall of normal society.

Sherlock proves himself to be, in many ways, oblivious to the obvious values and day-t0-day normalities of mainstream life; he will often make comments that other people find extremely offensive but that he has no idea the effect of, suggesting that he's completely unaware of his difference to others. Yet at the same time, he also displays a high sense of self-awareness, admitting to John that he does realize he is a genius, but that this is merely a fact, and that it comes with its own downsides.

This may have come from a place of groveling to John Watson, but in the same breath, it was actually really sweet. This one is pretty self-explanatory, and at the same time, it’s got that Sherlock snark we’ve all grown to love.

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When Military tells him he’s too ordinary…on the side of angels, this is Sherlock’s (perfect) response. This quote came at a bit of an awkward conversational moment between John and Sherlock.

Trying to find out if Sherlock was dating, John asked if he had a girlfriend. When he responded that it wasn’t really his area, John asked if he had a boyfriend.

Some fans still ship the two, but it’s probably best to find fan fiction to read if you’re looking for their love story. Even if you aren’t a fan, chances are you’ve seen this quote on t-shirts or blogs and wanted to figure out the meaning behind it.

Isn’t it boring to be a totally proper adult all the time? This bit of conversation happened when Sherlock and John were laughing in Buckingham Palace before Mycroft heard them and asked if they could ‘behave like grown-ups’.

Ever had those moments where you type in your pin at the bank or Starbucks or Target and the machine thinks you’re wrong? This is how we picture John when he had that row with the machine, and we understand his frustration 100%.

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He investigates crimes, he’s not scared of a good murder, it makes his brain tic instead. The truth is, at the end of each Sherlock episode you watch, you could pick out a line or two that just stick.

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