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• Friday, 18 December, 2020
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Series creators Steve Moat and Mark Gates have implied this was the absolute finale and are now developing other projects. This is a poignant, pull-no-punches tale in which Sherlock wrestles with a terminal illness with the ever-faithful Watson by his side.

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It will also give you an excuse to shed those tears you’ve been holding back after watching that last BBC episode. Except this time, you’ll feel like they were honestly earned. Emily Watson stands up for a bullied Tristan and the kids’ friendship starts.

Sherlock visits the Watson flat to pick up Tristan, meets John and the adult romance ignites. When John’s marriage makes Molly crave a family of her own, she opts to have a baby through IVF.

As a member of the police force, Anderson is hardly under suspicion and, with the reticence of many sexual assault survivors, Sherlock refuses to name his attacker. All of which leads to Anderson doubling down on his hate for the consulting detective, taunting him and virtually stalking him as Sherlock, still suffering PTSD, tries to carry on.

Another offering from Mad Lori (known as Mad_Lori on Archive of Our Own), this recasting of the Holmes-Watson relationship as a tinsel town tale deserves mention as well. Sherlock is a faded Academy Award-winning actor trying to regain his luster.

They meet as leads on the set of a gay romance that threatens to become reality as they struggle to salvage their careers. With more than 6,000 bookmarks, 13,000+ kudos, and over half a million hits, this story is clearly one of the most popular and beloved in Sherlockfanfiction.

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This one-shot fanfic is a witty exercise in cold smolder between a properly warm Watson and a practically hypothermia Holmes. When their building’s heat goes during a blizzard, John finds Sherlock working on cold cases and oblivious to his dangerously chilled state.

Mycroft sends Sherlock to Afghanistan to investigate a series of atypically gruesome deaths. A seamless melding of character and plot, this Sherlock fanfic perfectly captures the voice and tone of the BBC series.

The author actually took the time to construct an intriguing mystery that would be right at home in the episode lineup. John Watson leaned on the empty message board as he stared at Sherlock, pushpin heads digging into his tensed shoulders.

Sherlock stared at the ground, impatiently tapping his fingers against the door frame without rhythm. Sherlock gave an impatient sigh and tapped his foot against the wall.

John took a deep breath and choked out, “I broke up with Mary…” He stopped, swallowed back a resentful memory of Mary’s parting words. The words are casually tossed out between them; Sherlock still maintaining faith in his ability (right) to chase off John’s girlfriends.

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John bit his lip, feeling the tiny sprouts of hope in his chest withering away. Anxiety stirred memories in the back of his mind, brewing together the sound of Sherlock’s scorn of sentiment and ridicule of romance with the reverent tone Sherlock uses for John’s name when deductive epiphanies arrive.

John can’t decide if he wants to kiss the bastard or strangle him for being spectacularly unobservant. John’s declaration hovered in the air between them, reopening closeted memories.

“Roommate kicked me out.” John sighs and insists on taking the couch that night.) Sherlock breathed out slowly, wiggling his fingers as if trying to magic away John’s confession.

“Is that it?” John waved a hand at Sherlock, then tucked it back under his armpit. “I finally get the courage to tell my best friend that I love him.” John paused, licked his lips.

And I broke up with a woman I once wanted to marry to be with you, and you can’t say anything.” John felt sick. “I don’t know the right words.” John watched his best friend’s face turn guilty and strangely vulnerable.

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The list that is tacked haphazardly on the refrigerator of 221B reads, ‘Kidney(s), and/or a full cadaver (preferably male, late 30s, under six feet tall), bag of fresh toes, sixteen cow’s eyes (corneas retained), dual exhaust hand –held flame thrower, an unopened first edition copy of Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’, and no less than ten abhorrently gruesome murders in the upcoming month.” The one neatly hanging next to it simply reads, “Sex.” One of these lists is not John Watson’s. If John Watson were to put what he really wanted in list form, to live in a land somewhere beyond ‘almost’ now that Sherlock Holmes has indeed returned to him, he would never be able to look his flatmate in the eye ever again.

I adore the domesticity and the sweetness of the story so much, and the warm Christmas atmosphere here is just perfect! And the characterizations, they felt so familiar and believable to me, which I’m damn happy about after taking such a long break from the fandom.

Hello and I’m so sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you, offline things (e.g. recovering from an accident) have taken up a lot of my time lately, and I haven’t really been reading fan fiction ! However, I’m definitely open to FIC recommendations, although it might take a long time before I actually get around to reading the story (I have a lot of things saved in my to-read folder).

But not everyone is familiar with the thriving community of fan fiction authors populate the fandom. Whether it's an AU where Takashi becomes a rogue ninja raising a baby Naruto, a full rewrite of the series itself, or Hitachi China traveling through time, there's no shortage of good Naruto fan fiction out there.

If you find a FIC you already love or a brand-new favorite, vote it up to help guide your fellow readers. Sometimes a simple touch is enough to break down the strongest of barriers, sometimes a single word is enough to make the world quake.

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Sometimes the most reaching of changes comes in the form of a little boy sad enough, strong enough, and kind enough to make friends with a monster. Naruto has been hearing the rumbling growl in the back of his head for as long as he can remember.

“Yeah, the clouds on the coats are supposed to be a soothing visual for kids?” He glanced briefly at Hid an, who was now shaking his shoulders, and the entire curtain, laughing at Obit.

3 Naruto’s friends are gone, his lover is dying, Sonora is destroyed, and Madeira’s second return has pushed the entire world to the brink. Hunted and harried, Naruto is sent back in time to upend Madeira’s plan before it even starts, and sets about changing everything.

Butterfly effect nothing: the world is at stake, and Naruto is hardly about to let it fall to ruin once more. 5 A slightly unhinged Takashi finds two-year-old Naruto being beaten up, and decides the best course of action is to kidnap him and go on the run.

Abuzz has no idea how he ended up giving all these Sonora ninja parenting classes. 6 Flashes of an unknown past haunt Naruto, entwining his steps with those of a former life no longer content to stay forgotten.

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Deftly, with an air of ceremony, he sets the pot in Obit's hands, and then tells him, “It reminded me of you.” 12 When a misunderstanding prompts Leisure to take a deeper involvement in the growth of his teammates, no one is quite prepared for the way things... change.

14 In which Naruto (finally) realizes he's in love with Pinata over a slice of strawberry shortcake. 15 Takashi lives in the darkness, which is more than he deserves, but for Naruto he'll step into the light.

17 After a mission goes horribly wrong, Naruto and Takashi must battle their way back to Sonora in the face of false accusation. Faced with a series of baffling murders, Hikaru must unravel a scheme that could destroy his friends as well as Sonora itself.

But then Jamaica walked into his office with a teen that could have been Into's clone and that bore the name of his vanished lover. Deinze has finally managed to connive Naruto into Root, or so he believes.

Naruto, who will now be within reach of his emotionally inept, traumatized, fanatical devotees. 20 At five years old, Naruto unleashes the Yuri's chakra and slaughters the mob that attempted to kill him.

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Having little choice, Hired Saratov, the Sandier Homage, takes in Naruto and trains him. 21 A new seal made by Naruto malfunctions when it's challenged by Katsuki's extraction ritual.

Now Naruto has to deal with situations he'd never dreamed of before: a war, a demon attack, Orochimaru, spies and the paradox of his own existence. None of them realize they've ALL gone back... Needless to say they find it a bit frustrating that things are seemingly changing without their direct influence.

Watch as they make fools of themselves trying to keep their time traveling a secret from one another, all whilst they desperately try to change fate. Now all sorts of super-powered teenagers are dropping out of the sky, and the Justice League must scramble to find out who these new visitors are and what they're after.

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