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Originally a line of model kits made by Tom, the series has expanded over the years to include manga, video games and even numerous anime adaptations. Voids : Wild, the latest anime adaptation recently hit Netflix in the U.S., making this the perfect time to revisit the franchise.

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In America, Voids : Furors was canceled after its 13th episode, which should tell you how popular this series was with fans. The series follows a boy called RD who lives in the large metropolitan center of Blue City.

As a member of team Mach Storm, RD takes part in competitive Void battles. The series starts off episodic; however, as it progresses, RD and his team learn about a conspiracy to take over Blue City via a military uprising and have to work together to stop it.

The 3D models used for the Voids look cheap and the movement is nowhere near as fluid as it was in the previous series, making the whole show look extremely dated. After an event called “Gods' Fury,” Planet ZI (the setting for most Voids media) goes post-apocalyptic.

Society rebuilds around giant structures called Generators, and the world returns to a semi-feudal state. With the town facing destruction, Fuji agrees to use the Murasaki Liner to go search for someone who can repair the generator and save the townspeople from certain doom.

Fans are divided on the series, with some praising it for taking the show in a new direction and for its new cast of Voids. This commission sets rules and regulations in an attempt to make the battles both exciting and safe.

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The series tells the story of Bit Cloud, a boy who joins the heroic Blitz Team when he discovers that he is the only one capable of piloting Liner Zero. They also have to handle a criminal organization referred to as the Backdraft Group, who run unsanctioned Void battles.

Unlike other entries in the franchise, this season is totally episodic, making it really easy to jump into. In the U.S. dub, the series is split into two halves, entitled Chaotic Century and Guardian Force respectively.

While being pursued by bandits, Van finds an amnesiac girl who calls herself Fiona as well as Zeke, an extremely rare dinosaur-like organic with the ability to join with and enhance a Void. During this journey, the uneasy peace between the Helix Republic and Guys Empire breaks down causing chaos across the land.

Van's idealism is slowly eroded as he is dragged into the war, quickly developing a heated rivalry with Raven, a pilot from the Guys Empire who harbors a deep hatred for Voids. The story and characters of Chaotic Century are what make it stand out among the other entries in the Voids franchise.

It also strikes the perfect balance between intense action and deeper themes, touching on the nature of war and how we are shaped by our knowledge of history. Even though the Voids series is based on a toy line, there’s an argument that one can make for Chaotic Century regardless.

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Unlike the other series in the Voids franchise, Chaotic Century started off as a manga. But having source material is a good thing for a franchise like Voids, which is already based on another media anyway in having a toy line.

The manga narrows the focus of what they could do with the series, allowing them to tell a tight, concise story. Voids doesn’t miss an opportunity to take some cues from Gun dam, and that’s maybe rightfully so.

Gun dam has long-established certain tropes in Mecca anime, one of which is the importance of a young character for the audience to relate to. It gives Van and his friends a lot of opponents to fight against and really lets us feel like maybe there’s a chance that they could win.

Gunther Proven, the leader of the Guys Empire and the main antagonist of the series, gives us the sense that he’s willing to do anything to win the war. But Raven, Van’s main rival as a Void pilot, is actually dangerous and shows himself almost impossible to beat for much of the series.

This isn’t the first franchise that came out of a desire to make more money on selling toys by creating a story to go along with them, and it probably won’t be the last. The series was able to establish the lore of Voids : where the creatures come from, why they exist, what their relationship with people is.

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The careful adaptation of toys to anime creatures was so important to the success of the series. It made us really feel like the Voids were both awesome to look at and were living things, something we could connect with as viewers.

This meant that there were unlimited options for the different kinds of stories that could be told, and it wasn’t held to the same narrow lore and mythology that the later seasons were. The series follows a Gun dam style war drama plot, with the battles fought with meccas, but since it takes place on another planet, with different kinds of technology and cultural implications, it felt like a totally different series.

Instead, we find that Gunther Proven, who is leading the imperial forces against the Republic in the war, has taken over the Empire illegally, staging a coup against the prince. So when the prince returns and reclaims the throne, Gunther loses his mind and rampages, leaving the two combined forces trying to stop him.

In her free time, you can find her eating hummus, riding the Haunted Mansion, or being suffocated by her cats, Moo and Mai Tai. Watch free for 7 days Voids are beast-like fighting machines used in both everyday use such as transportation, and special use such as war.

Also in the laboratory, in an animated suspension tube is a strange girl. Spotting a ruined Shield Liner Void outside nearby, the Organic fuses with it and repairs the damages.

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It is part of a cross media relaunch of the franchise encompassing a new toy line, manga series, and video game for Nintendo Switch predominantly aimed at boys aged 10–12. Arash () Voiced by: Kenosha Ono (Japanese); Cole Howard ; Thomas Love (child) (English)Arash was a novice Void pilot.

At the start of the series, he is briefly mentored by Quad, and gains considerable skill in a short period of time. In the middle of the series, he is seen facing overwhelming defeat, and enters a raging Berserk mode.

Learning the “Ultra King Claw” (King of Claw Spiral in Japanese) attack, he manages to reach a potency consistently at or above the Four Dark Warriors. After the fall of the Dark Metal Empire, Arash and Liner continue to travel alone.

Quad / Bacon (, Beckon) Voiced by: Akihito Samurai (Japanese); Michael Adamthwaite (English)Quad leads Team Supreme. While not strictly a part of the resistance force, he and Team Supreme oppose the Dark Metal Empire.

He is shown to have a deep bond with his Void, the Saber Fang, as well as having met Arash's Father in the past. In the past, Quad was shown to have met many of the major characters in the series.

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Quad's defiance of Gigabits caused him to steal part of a Void Key from him. He entrusted the key fragment to Arash before his death at the hands of Gigabits and Demise.

Quad had also met Arash's father, Salt, and Matsuda before the events of the series took place. Impressed with her skill, he tasks her with taking down 100 bounties for the Empire in exchange for a fortune capable of looking after her orphanage.

Analog / Origin (, Origin) Voiced by: Netsuke Sakura (Japanese); Samuel Vincent (English)Member of the Freedom Team and pilot of the Tortoise Void: Tanks. Analog was initially a slave of the Dark Metal Empire: he was forced to perform Hacker Key experiments.

For his own survival, he performed many of those experiments on Tanks, which filled him with guilt for a long time. After meeting Arash, Analog summons the courage to revolt against his captors, which moves Tanks to give him its Void Key.

Bastion / Yoga () Voiced by: Subaru Timur (Japanese); Alex Karima (English)Member of the Freedom Team and pilot of the Triceratops Void: Trike. Bastion is a powerful pilot who uses his affinity for rap and dance to boost Trike's fighting ability.

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His Void is relatively slow compared to the rest of the cast, but very effective at close range. Bastion started as a stingy pilot motivated only by money, which put him at odds with Arash.

It's later revealed that his desire for money is to buy expensive medicine from the Dark Metal Empire for his ailing sister. When he tries to steal medicine from Exile of Dark Warriors, Bastion learns that he was being conned by the Empire.

This makes him change his stingy ways, which earns him Trike's Void Key and a place on Team Freedom. Apex / Salt (, South) Voiced by: Yuma China (Japanese); David A. Kaye (English)Member of the Freedom Team and pilot of the Wolf Void: Alpha Shadow.

After being accidentally abandoned as a child, Apex was found and raised by Alpha Shadow. Apex initially believed the friends were unnecessary, but his rivalry with Arash slowly changed his views.

Apex is a powerful pilot, and is the only one in the series to use the “Second Gear” ability of Wild Blast. Snare / Woman () Voiced by: AMI Shimizu (Japanese); Rhoda Rhee's (English)Member of the Freedom Team and pilot of the Arachnid Void: Phobia.

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Drake (, Dream) Voiced by: Kieth Ashikaga (Japanese); Adrian Metric (English)One of the Four Dark Warriors of the Dark Metal Empire and pilot of the Deinonychus Void: Ruin. Drake was the child of two archeologists who taught him to love and respect Voids.

Seeking funding for their work, the couple took Drake, Ruin, and another Deinonychus Void with them to the Dark Metal Empire. When they realized their sponsors were evil, they sacrificed themselves, so Drake could flee, but his escape failed.

Gigabits fed one of his Voids to Demise, and then trained Drake to be a Dark Warrior. After numerous failures to capture Arash, Drake acknowledges his bond with Ruin, earning a Void Key.

Dana / Sauce (, SOS) Voiced by: AMI Shimizu (Japanese); Chiara Anti (English)Member of the Supreme Team and pilot of Wing horn. Shad / Candy (, Kanji) Voiced by: Yogi IATA (Japanese); TBA (English)Member of the Supreme Team and pilot of Fly horn.

Scrapes / Avocado (, Avocado) Voiced by: Amato Timur (Japanese); Andrew Condemn (English)Member of the Supreme Team and pilot of Ankylosaurs Void: Knock. Each / Garlic (, Caribou) Voiced by: Potato Nishiyama (Japanese); Gabe South (episodes 1-19); James Hitachi (episodes 20-50) (English)Member of the Supreme Team and pilot of the Pachycephhlosaurus Void: Rash.

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Gaffer / Tail (, Tail) Voiced by: Ideas Menu (Japanese); Ron Harder (English)Arash's Grandfather. Malware / Caviar (, Arabia) Voiced by: Tour NARA (Japanese); Peter New (English)One of the Four Dark Warriors of the Dark Metal Empire and pilot of the Sarcosuchus Void: Overbite.

Numb-Lock / Foe gas (, Four) Voiced by: Nikita Obama (Japanese); Mark Gibbon (English)One of the Four Dark Warriors of the Dark Metal Empire and pilot of the gorilla Void: Drag. Exile / Truffle (, Through) Voiced by: Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese); Michael Dobson (English)One of the Four Dark Warriors of the Dark Metal Empire, pilot of the Stegosaurus Void: Bone saw, and the Dimetrodon Void: Dolomite.

Gigabits / Gall agar (, Garage) Voiced by: Tomokazu Semi (Japanese); Andrew Condemn (English)Emperor of the Dark Metal Empire and pilot of the Tyrannosaurus Rex Void: Demise. Master Bug / Sushi Rennin () Voiced by: Kappa Yamaguchi (Japanese); Richard Ian Cox (English)Master Bug is a strange man, who makes up stories in his spare time.

Due to his lack of contact with the outside world, he is largely oblivious to current events happening around him, and has an intense desire for books to fill the time. He is easily able to take on many Voids at once, even fighting the three members of Team Freedom simultaneously, without any effort.

On October 1, 2018, it was reported that Hasbro currently has plans to bring Voids Wild to North America with Hasbro Studios (now All spark) licensing the anime for an English dub, which was tentatively titled Voids : Build Them to Life. An English dub under its original name began airing on Cartoon Network in the Philippines on March 2, 2019.

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A second season, titled Voids Wild Zero has been announced, featuring a brand-new story with new characters, directed by Take NATO and written by Knight Arab. In September 2020, it was announced Voids Wild Sent, a CG-animated series released on YouTube, on the Morocco's, Tamara Tom's YouTube channels, starting from October 17, 2021.

An arcade game called Voids Wild: Battle Card Hunter ( , Zoo Laredo: Baton Karo Santa) was released by Tamara Tom in Japan on January 24, 2019. It was followed by the Nintendo Switch title, Voids Wild: King of Blast ( , Zoo Laredo: King OSU Burst) action game developed by Fighting on February 28, 2019.

Outright Games released the title in Australia, Europe and North America as Voids Wild: Blast Unleashed on October 16, 2021. A third installment of the video game series is Voids Wild: Infinity Blast.

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Voids Wild: King of Blast for Switch launches February 28, 2019, in Japan”. Voids Wild: Blast Unleashed coming west on October 16".

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