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• Friday, 08 January, 2021
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The new series, developed by DreamWorks Animation, follows the same beat and shows five unlikely heroes become the Paladins in a galaxy that is struck by war. The series brought in a ton of fans, as the show was widely loved after the release of the first two seasons.

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Netflix started releasing much shorter seasons and the direction just got incredibly derailed. For starters, it is one of the shortest seasons in the series, with only six episodes that run for a little over 20 minutes each.

Keith is absent for the majority of the time as he begins his training with the Blade of Marmara, leaving the team and naming Shirt (whose return in this season is super funky) the leader of Vol tron once again. Fans were incredibly disappointed as season seven managed to bring back hope for the show to return to its former glory.

This season had its perks, it introduced Motor, a fan-favorite character, but it also was the first to be totally lacking Shirt. The team struggled for a while to figure out how to form Vol tron, which feels overplayed since fans had already seen this before when the original five were still learning.

Shirt is still weird, the Lions are still all out of funk, and Motor is suddenly an ally. Aryan is finally defeated in the middle of this season, and Motor and Allure also start this interesting yet bizarre romantic relationship, while Hangar spies on the Paladins through Shirt.

It consisted of thirteen episodes and reminded fans why they originally fell in love with the series. It wasn't perfect, but its return to form was definitely appreciated and brought back hope that the series might end on a high note.

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Fans also learned about the galaxy's lore as we met all of these amazing new characters and see how this series adapted from the original. Season one is definitely the best season of Vol tron and made the series so loved by fans.

She is a writer and podcaster and has been published in the Spring 2019 and the Summer 2020 editions of the Sartorial Geek Quarterly Magazine. When Netflix brought Vol tron back to screens with their reboot, fans got a thrilling story set in outer space about a group of unlikely heroes.

At the start of the series, fans watched as the potential paladins of Vol tron found all of their lions and slowly came together as a team. The final season of Vol tron intended to give fans the biggest confrontation of the series.

The paladins and the coalition joined forces to defeat Minerva once and for all, but her plan involved pulling from alternate universes to create one of her own making, something they didn’t all anticipate before the events of the season began. It sounded exciting and much of the season was, but many of the plot pieces felt rushed into place as the show began to run out of time.

When the paladins discovered it had been three years since the events that ended season six, they might have been shocked, but the audience wasn’t surprised. Carbon’s hold on his people weakened as a result of his own son making a power grab with a few loyal generals.

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It gave the series a fresh take and made Allure more than just the voice in their ears that stayed behind. Much of the 13 episodes were filled with backstory for each of the main characters, but also a lot of exposition for just where Vol tron came from.

The series had lighter moments, like a food fight prompting the team to learn cooperation. The season began with Motor feeding the group information, so they could beat the Gala empire.

While the paladins didn’t fully trust him, their disagreements led to Ridge rescuing her father, Lance stepping up into a leadership role, and Allure discovering a larger connection to her culture. The separations allowed for a lot of character development and some interesting partnerships over the course of the 13 episode season.

It also began the story of the Blade Of Marmara, and introduced several new characters who would become allies for the team through the series. Season six was the turning point in the series, the part of the show that set it on its path to the finale, which is likely why it has some of the fans’ favorite episodes in it.

Throughout the season, the show continued its custom of creating serious upheaval for the team, only for them to find a way to turn it around. In this case, the paladins of Vol tron found out that Shirt actually died and his clone had been controlled by Hangar since he returned to him.

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The season culminated in the paladins having to leave Motor for dead and sacrifice their castle ship to close holes in reality. Her favorite heroines include Black Widow, Blake Belladonna, and Sailor Jupiter.

With the release of season six earlier this summer, Vol tron has a series has had many ups and downs and intense emotional moments. For this question, I thought it would be helpful to recruit some other fans of the show in order to give a diversity of opinion on the matter.

Taking away the fact that the characters in season 6 have had more time to develop, the writing is absolutely incredible. The relationship between Ridge and her brother Max is brought to a height, and Lance’s feelings for Allure become all the more real after Motor’s Betrayal.

While season one was a fantastic opening into the Vol tron universe it still acts as a transition period for both the series and the viewer to find their feet. Seasons three through five were a messy, chaotic period where action and burning questions were appearing left, right and center.

You’ve already gotten familiar with the characters and the laws of the universe and the season also manages to balance serious and light-hearted moments without swinging too far either way. The season both starts and finish on a very strong note urging the viewer to continue to see what the cliffhangers bring.

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It has it’s fair share of more serious moments whether it be Shirt being injured at the beginning or Keith learning more about his past. There are a few things wrong about it like how it’s paced and how it doesn’t answer some questions presented in its own plot, but the sixth season has had the most impact and payoffs so far.

Let’s not forget to mention the final unveiling of Prince Motor’s plan and who he is behind his sophisticated façade after he snapped from insanity. In the end of season six, our Vol tron crew gave up their home to keep the fabric of the universe intact, which shows how heroic they all are.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Dream work’s Vol tron Legendary Defender, it had me hooked from the very first episode, and it’s only gotten better as the seasons progressed. Each new season builds on the groundwork laid by the previous ones creating something that is wholly unique from the existing Vol tron mythos.

This was a season of transition for the series, Shirt is gone, Carbon is out of commission, everyone is having to reassess everything they’ve known up until this point. The Gala who we’re supposed to “hate” are somewhat redeemed, they weren’t inherently evil, they became that way due to circumstances beyond their control (well, for the most part).

Season 1 played out at a much slower pace and the 90-minute-long intro makes for a somewhat tough entry into the show. But “The Black Paladin” contains the show’s first major plot twist, left us with a massive cliffhanger after really getting to love these characters, and spurred interest in the original series (if only so we could predict Shirt’s fate).

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It’s rare for a show to have such a good first season and such likeable, relatable characters that early on. Season 6 brought a massive conclusion to the Motor arc and wow, we needed it.

Seeing Motor’s descent into madness, along with watching another superpowered giant Mecca fight, was truly an experience. The answer was underwhelming for a lot of fans, but nobody can really complain about the flashback episodes detailing the rise and fall of the first paladins and Carbon’s descent into madness.

This episode also helps renew the efforts of the Vol tron Alliance and gives importance to those that don’t make up the giant mystical robot. The flashback sequences work far better than we should, considering that most of us assumed Motor was half-Altean and half-Galra, but seeing Minerva return for even a moment just hurts.

Obviously, the most important part of this episode is the introduction of the space dog Cosmos, the best boy in the universe. While spending two years inside the quantum abyss, Kaolin and Keith learn more about each other's lives and kind of makeup for lost time.

Overall, it’s a touching story with a twist ending, helping us lead up to some great finale payoff. The stakes were adequately upped from Season 1, including planting the seeds of the Vol tron Alliance via the introduction of the Blade of Marmara.

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We also got some fantastic reveals, like Allure arguably being the most powerful character in the series, the Black Lion’s full wingspan, and of course, Shirt going missing. The payoff of everyone’s efforts and the final battle itself are enough to earn this episode a spot on the list.

Between Shirt’s erratic and out of character behavior, two Paladins for the Black Lion, and the fact that Keith is the team leader in the original series, we were all waiting for the fallout. Thanks to Keith being aged up a bit, he comes back to the team more mature and slightly less impulsive.

In fact, we get more information about Shirt’s connection with the Black Lion as well as Keith’s knife hinting towards the Blade of Marmara. In early versions of the script, Shirt was supposed to be driving around the mall’s parking lot the entire episode.

You have a heart of stone if this episode didn’t make you tear up at least a little. After learning her brother was rescued from the Gala by a group of rebels, Ridge sets off on her own again to find him.

Nostalgic and critical, she's interested in breaking down current and past shows and generating discussions caused by entertainment.

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