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• Monday, 25 January, 2021
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Also, check the total weight of the item to ensure it’s easy for you or a caregiver to transport. To select our top collator picks, we considered these factors, ruled out any products with poor customer reviews and gave preference to collators with built-in back support and storage features.

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Collators are mobility devices ideal for those who are able to walk but may need assistance or require frequent breaks. Many collators also let you adjust the height and include handle brakes and a crossbar for back support when sitting.

Four-wheel collators tend to provide more support and stability and be a heavier duty option. If you want a four-wheel collator and plan to use it in your home, measure your door frames to be sure it will fit.

This model features a padded, fold-up seat and a spacious undersea pouch for storing belongings. This feature effectively transforms the collator into a transport chair, giving users the best of both worlds.

What we like: The combination collator transport chair functionality makes this pick a great value for your money. Many collators come in only red or blue, so the black option is a nice addition.

This model also features locking, flip-up armrests for use while seated, which adds an extra layer of comfort and support. The Drive medical adjustable height collator comes with 6-inch wheels, a removable padded backrest and soft grip tires for indoor and outdoor use.

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The padded seat also includes a zippered undersea pouch for personal items. What to consider: Without a locking mechanism for the folded device, some users reported trouble with it staying closed and flat during transport, especially when moving it in and out of vehicles.

If you are, getting a cheap piece of Velcro or bungee cord to secure the collator during transportation may solve the problem. What customers say: Most users agreed that the collator was easy to assemble, fold and use.

Some customers noted that the seat height adjustment made this collator a good choice for shorter individuals, with a few users ranging in height from 4 feet, 11 inches to 5 feet, 2 inches chiming in that the collator adjusted to suit them well. The easy-to-use Drive aluminum collator features a removable padded backrest and ergonomic handles.

Adjust the height to your desired level, up to 38 inches, and enjoy comfortable support when walking or resting. Typically speaking, the larger the wheel, the smoother your walking experience will be, which makes this a good option for anyone who knows their collator is going to get heavy use and/or outdoor use.

What to consider: The quality of wheels should make it easy to use on any terrain, including indoors on hardwood and carpet alike. The lightweight makes it easy to transport, though some users reported they had to place it in their backseat because it was too big for their trunk.

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The Med line Basic rollator’s powder-coated steel frame makes it a lightweight and durable choice. The collator folds compactly for storage and includes a padded seat.

Some customers did comment on the handle height, estimating it might not be high enough for users taller than 5 feet, 7 inches. The Med line Bariatric Heavy Duty Steel Collator can support up to 500 pounds.

What we like: While a little pricier, this collator is built to support weights up to 500 pounds and features 8-inch wheels for easy terrain navigation. For extra support, the collator features a reinforced steel frame.

At 25 pounds, this is the heaviest collator on our list and may be difficult for an individual with mobility issues to lift and transport on their own. As a member of the ConsumerAffairs research team, Jessica Render is dedicated to providing well-researched, valuable content designed to help consumers make informed purchase decisions they can feel confident making.

Everyone has their own individual needs and features they find important, so there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to picking out collators. Instead, we at Bestrews have done extensive research into collator walkers and have written this guide to give you the tools to pick out the model that would best fit your requirements.

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Read on to find out all you need to know about collator walkers, and you'll soon be on the move again. Whereas a standard walking frame has four legs that need to be lifted and moved forward before taking a step, a rollatorwalker has a wheel on the end of each leg, so you simply push it with you as you go.

Independence: Collator walkers can help you walk unaided, so you don't feel reliant upon others when you want to go out and about. Speed: You can go faster using a collator then you can with a standard walking frame because you don't need to stop and move the device forward every couple of steps.

Make sure the handles of your chosen rollatorwalker are easy and comfortable to grip. You can find some models designed specifically for people with arthritic hands.

Getting out and about is important, but what if you need to take regular resting breaks? Finding a bench or seat on which to rest isn’t always easy.

If you plan to go out and do some grocery shopping, you'll need enough storage to bring your haul home with you. On the other hand, if you'll only be using your collator around the house or on pleasure walks, you may need only minimal storage.

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For many collators, it's possible to buy additional storage pouches that fit the crossbars using Velcro, buttons, or snaps. Your chosen collator should ideally be easy to adjust so that you could do it alone if you needed to.

If you have to hold your arms or bend your elbows uncomfortably high, the collator is too tall for you and should be made shorter. One of the great things about collator walkers is that they fold up, so you can easily store yours in a small space when you're not using it or fold it up and put it in the trunk of a car if you're going for a day out with family or friends.

Also, look at the size of your collator once it's folded to make sure it would fit in whichever space you need it to. If you weigh more than average, you can find a bariatric rollatorwalker designed to support extra weight.

You can find some good models in this price range, but they may not be durable enough to stand up to everyday use. These tend to have stand-out features such as extra sturdy frames, comfortable backrests, and the ability to roll smoothly on rough terrain.

Some collator walkers feature a backrest (which may or may not be removable) to give you more support as you sit. Larger wheels are better for outdoor use, as they can handle bumps and rough surfaces more easily.

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In addition to the brakes on the handlebar, collator walkers also feature a wheel lock, a bit like what you'd find on a stroller. This keeps the collator firmly in place, even on a slope, so you can sit for as long as you like without worrying you're going to roll away.

You can find a range of accessories for collators, including extra storage pouches. You can also buy covers for the seat and backrest in a range of colors and patterns, so you can express your personal style.

For people who have difficulty walking--such as the elderly, the disabled, or people nursing an injury or recovering from surgery--there are numerous styles of walkers that can provide them support and stability. Typical walkers are just aluminum frames with handles and rubberized feet to prevent slipping.

They can also include handlebars and a braking system, and even a padded seat and backrest. We’ve composed this buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision when selecting a collator.

Four-wheeled: This has a full four wheels in front, giving the greatest amount of support. An example is the Drive Medical Blue Collator Folding Walker.

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Drive Medical Blue Collator Folding Walker An example is the Drive Medical Go-Lite Heavy Duty Bariatric Collator Walker.

Drive Medical Go-Lite Heavy Duty Bariatric RollatorWalker Prefer a collator that locks when folded: One customer who was otherwise very pleased with the Drive Medical Collator said that the fact that the device doesn’t lock when folded is a problem.

People prefer the larger caster wheels, as it gives better steering ability. For example, the handles on the Drive Nitro Heavy Duty Collator can be adjusted from 36” to 41” at the push of a button.

Some of them have the storage area under the seat, such as in the Med line Steel Collator Walker. Whether a collator is right for you: A walker without wheels is more for people who can’t put their weight on both feet, due to surgery or injury.

A collator is best for people who are able to walk, but who need help because they tire easily, or to avoid the risk of falling. Assembly: Many times, you’ll have to do a little construction to get your collator operating.

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Push-down brakes: These are activated by leaning onto the handles or seat with your body weight. It’s preferable for people who don’t have enough hand strength to operate loop brakes.

They also fashion custom collators, with non-standard brake styles, grips, arm pads, and more. They make health care products, such as special beds, mattresses and cushions to prevent bed sores, bath safety products, patient lifts, wheelchairs, and walkers.

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