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Maria Johnson
• Friday, 15 January, 2021
• 7 min read

My mum struggled with keeping her balance when navigating her way around the house and was reluctant to go anywhere in public for fear of falling. After doing some research I figured out that walking frame with wheels (also called a Collator) would be perfect to use in and out of the house to help her keep her balance.

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A Collator also has brakes to give the user maximum control when using the walker. As with most collators, the seat is padded and contains a hidden storage compartment beneath.

The handles are designed in a special way so that they are easy enough for even an elderly person with arthritis to operate. The handles on this collator operate a brake for walking and also a parking brake so that you can park and sit down on the seat comfortably without worrying about the collator moving.

The bag is also much larger and deeper than most collator storage facilities (which are usually small compartments under the seat unit.) This walker is available in blue, ruby red, purple, gray black or orange, which is a really nice touch.

The triangular structures mean that when not in use, the collator will fit neatly into a corner to avoid it being a tripping hazard. This three wheeled collator is also very light, at only 5 kg, it is easy to maneuver and to fold to put away.

I think the clip on tray feature is just brilliant, this would be so helpful for someone who struggles with their balance. If the person walks with a cane or walking stick, they can attach the cane to the collator and keep moving, this makes it much easier for them to stay balanced and reduces the risk of a fall.

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With the handles removed this collator is only 20 cm deep, so it could be stored in the hallway or under the stairs for example. I love the color choices of this collator, such a small detail, but the personalization of the color of the frame makes the collator less of a generic item and more suited to the person.

The Days 09 collator is quite similar to the Devilish collator ; it has a back rest, a seat with storage underneath, ergonomic handles and good brakes for maximum control, along with a parking break for resting. I like the seat rest on this collator as it is larger than many of the other ones; at 35 cm wide, it provides a more comfortable and supportive sit down.

The Days collator comes with a travel bag as standard for easy transportation. This also applies if the person is very tall or of a larger build, a collator frame that is too small could be dangerous for them to use as it wouldn’t provide adequate support or stability for their strength.

It is the smallest folding rotator and fits into a travel bag that would easily fit into a car boot and could even be taken on a plane to put in the overhead luggage compartment. The reason that this collator looks different from others is its unique ability to fold easily and into a tight bundle.

There is a large bag at the front of the frame, which is convenient, but isn’t really in the best location for easy access. The handle adjustment is very quick and easy, even for someone with frail hands to operate.

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As the walker was for use in the house, she didn’t really need a seat to sit on to rest. My mum really wasn’t capable of folding up a wheeled walker in between uses, they needed it set up permanently for easy access around the house.

If you want to put the collator out of the way, they simply park it in a corner so that it is not a tripping hazard. In fact, my mum was so pleased with the three wheeled walked that we decided to order a second one for upstairs.

A collator offers more support and improved mobility compared to a standard 2-wheeled or no-wheels walking frame. Look for lightweight collators that are made from aluminum which is strong yet light.

They need to be easy to use especially for users with weak or arthritic hands. Foldable collators are easy to store especially for homes with limited space.

If the collator will be used outdoors a lot, find one with large-enough wheels that can easily navigate uneven paths. Drive Devilish is the most affordable option among our top picks.

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These include lockable loop cable brakes, a padded seat with backrest and a vinyl storage bag underneath. I love that the bag is completely closed and opaque, which provides more privacy.

The walker itself is made from an aluminum frame which is incredibly strong and durable yet very light. The front wheels can swivel which allows the walker to turn more tightly around corners and improves navigation on an uneven path.

The handlebars are molded to fit perfectly in the user’s hands and feel comfortable even during long walks. When you need to store the walker or travel with it, it easily folds down into a compact size that can fit in a cupboard or boot.

The molded handles provide an easy grip for safety and comfort while the loop brake system provides easy control even for users with weak or stiff fingers. The walker also comes with reflectors at the front for added safety in poor light.

The X Cruise is designed to provide users with more independence and make mobility much easier and less tiring. The wheels have no trouble maneuvering on different surfaces from grass to pavement.

walker walkers lock wheeled aidapt tri folding positive chrome mobility essential rollators rollator
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At 8” in size, they are perfect for uneven paths and are easy to push up curbs and small steps. The handles can be adjusted to different heights and are molded to provide a strong comfortable grip.

The dual action brake system can slow down the walker or lock it into position to prevent any movement. Accessories include a canvas seat and backrest, a shopping bag that attaches to the frame using fabric loops and a convenient cane holder.

The ultra-light design makes it super easy to use especially for those with advanced mobility issues. There is a seat and backrest included as well as a shopping bag and a convenient cane holder.

Set the height of the handles to make sure the collator walker is safe and comfortable to use. If you are going for a long walk, put a bottle of water and any other essentials in the storage basket under the collator.

Making sure the rollator’s brakes are set, stand carefully and hold onto the handles. When going down a sloping path, pull the brake levers to control the rollator’s speed.

rollator wheel aluminium diamond walker drive rollators wheels wheeled mobility walkers seat channel four
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This prevents it from moving too fast and causing you to lose balance and fall. If you want to sit down, push the collator against a wall and then engage the brakes to lock the wheels.

Pulling on the strap collapses the walker into a flatter and narrower shape that is easier to store or fit in the boot of a car. Make sure you keep your fingers away from any moving parts to prevent injury as the collator folds.

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