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• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
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122 S Market St, Wooster, OH “Pastries are beautiful and their rolled omelettes are a must if you are looking for hearty over sweet.” In 10 reviews.

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I love selection of fresh produce and baked goods as well!” In 2 reviews. We had the Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese with the roasted Brie and Apples small plate.” In 3 reviews.

“We ordered sweet & sour chicken, chow man and chicken basil fried rice, and they were very fresh and delicious.” In 2 reviews. “Whether you're living in Wooster, going to the College, or just stopping through, Bosco's should be the first to your mind for great delivery pizza.” In 2 reviews.

3729 Burbank Rd, Ste 10, Wooster, OH “Food great, hospitality wonderful, brought my 89-year-old mom and my Tia with me to eat here, and the young waiter spoke to them in Spanish with the utmost respect.” In 2 reviews.

“I can't blame them though.... most people here would not appreciate a handmade dumpling if it hit them on the head.” In 2 reviews. “Be sure to check out open mic night at CW's and the covered deck outside TJS/ Melvin's !” In 2 reviews.

“ Dive is the operative word here, and Leroy's is THE dive to visit, if you're in the mood for that sort of thing. “ Half price sushi Tuesday is the worst when it comes to service...but if you go there on a regular night it's tolerable.” In 3 reviews.

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114 N Main St, Orville, OH “Not sure if we will ever be back in Orville again.but if we are Mrs. J's diner will be a place we stop at.” In 5 reviews.

This Summer, chef Christine Doherty Kendra is planning on opening a new artisan cheese and charcuterie shop in “Downtown” Wayne (quotation marks my own addition) called, Cornerstone Cheese & Charcuterie. When we heard that chef Christine Doherty Kendra was behind the aptly named Cornerstone Cheese & Charcuterie set to open in Wayne this summer, we felt it was our civic duty to alert our audience.

Chef Christine Doherty Kendra has announced plans to open Cornerstone Cheese & Charcuterie at 1 West Avenue in the heart of Wayne’s business district. × October 13, 2015 / Wayne’s New “Interactive” BYOB Apparently, there are places like this all over Europe, Northern California and hip downtown across the country, but I can’t think of a spot quite like it on the Main Line.

× November 11, 2015 / Fall Food Extravaganza Husband and Wife duo, Christine and Nick Kendra, are bringing their own unique approach to dining at Cornerstone Cheese and Charcuterie. × December 9, 2015 / 3 Things to Know About the Main Line Food Scene Chefs Christine and Nick Kendra’s Cornerstone Cheese & Charcuterie has been buzzing since its debut in downtown Wayne (1 West Ave.) in early fall 2015.

As the name implies, you’ll find an extensive arsenal of grab-and-go meats, cheeses, pickles and breads, as well as house-made pates and sausages. History: Founded by Skip & Bill Bennett, Christian Horne, Don Merry.

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We’re finalizing our chef series schedule for early fall, stay tuned for dates. × October 9, 2015 / Opening Today: Cornerstone Cheese & Charcuterie The brainchild of Christine and Nick Kendra, Cornerstone Cheese & Charcuterie opens today (Friday, October 9) in Wayne, offering an array of expertly crafted meats and cheeses, prepared foods, a daily menu and cooking demos from visiting chefs being brought in from all over the country.

× February 2, 2016 / New Raw Bar Happy Hour Unfolds at Cornerstone BYOB in Wayne Cornerstone Cheese & Charcuterie, a BYOB in Wayne known for its open kitchen and visiting chef series, is launching a raw bar happy hour. Margaret Duo works culinary magic with the brightest flavors culled from the Asian pantry.

The Great American Pub is full of raucousness and mojo replete with equally matched fun food that takes the edge off of a long day (or week). Gather many or few, awaken the senses with artfully crafted and presented quality food and the remedy is oh-so-right.

From the meat selection (ground chuck, 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio) to the bun (Martin’s potato all the way) to the toppings (Heinz ketchup on one side, Duke’s mayonnaise on the other), not a single detail goes unnoticed. × December 14, 2015 / Cornerstone Cheese & Charcuterie Welcomes Chef Francisco Milan Cornerstone Cheese & Charcuterie Chefs/Owners Christine and Nick Kendra are excited to welcome Executive Chef Francisco Milan of Boston’s renowned Row 34 for an exclusive two-night cooking series.

At Row 34, Chef Milan’s specialties include the delicate art of smoking and curing fish along with his outstanding ceviche and crude program. This Philadelphia native grew up in the restaurant industry, learning the ropes from her father at the Downtown Club.

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After acquiring her chops as a bartender and learning to wear many other hats on the team, she moved on to help launch Union Gourmet and later acquired her merchandising skills at Rittenhouse Square’s Anthropologist as well as orchestrating sales and planning at Brulé Catering. Alyssa is a true team player and embodies the passion for quality and hospitality that we strive for.

× Born and raised in Syracuse, NY, Nick started in the restaurant industry at an early age. “The restaurant industry is in my blood, from my Aunt and Uncle, to my grandfather who was a cook in the army during WWII, it just always made sense.

After college, he worked in the finance world till he was 29 and at that time decided he wanted to change careers and attended Le Cordon Blue Culinary School in Cambridge, MA. He had me as a food runner, bartender, host, private events' coordinator, and finally let me in the kitchen too.

Nick left Bistro 5 to start working on Nantucket Island at Straight Wharf Restaurant. They would spend the winters up in New England with Nick working at Ten Tables Cambridge, back for Chef Victoria at his new Restaurant A Tacoma, and Can in Newburyport, MA.

Using flour from small, regional mills and farmers whenever possible, they are working to build the networks and distribution channels that make access to local agriculture possible. Bain Coot’s method of small batch mixing ensures our bakers have the ability to give each loaf the same level of attention that a baker would have hundreds of years ago when mixing was done entirely by hand.

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More control over gluten and fermentation ensures we can balance acidity and maximize the taste and texture of every loaf. × Feb/Mar 2016 / A place for Everything (Which was no small feat) The husband-and-wife owners of Wayne’s Cornerstone Cheese & Charcuterie share their Society Hill kitchen, a modest space that packs a surprising punch.

Here, Philadelphia experts incorporate the popular Passover food in recipes for creative twists on matzo ball soup as well as a few other dishes. Along with her husband, Nick Kendra, Doherty brings a European-influenced eating experience to downtown Wayne.

× Disenchanted with a perfectly fine corporate gig, Kenley first plotted his escape into the culinary world by volunteering himself to the kitchen at Majolica in Phoenixville, PA. Immediately encountering intriguing yet unfamiliar terms like pave, mignonette and crème en angles, he promptly rushed to Barnes & Noble to acquire literature on the subject of French cuisine and more.

But, in just under a year, Christine Doherty Kendra and her husband, Nick, have become culinary darlings of the Main Line. Their Wayne -based restaurant and artisanal market, Cornerstone Cheese & Charcuterie, has attracted attention from city dwellers and suburbanites alike.

“The Main Line and Wayne communities have been incredible,” says Kendra, who grew up in Berwyn read the article > August 17, 2016, Mainline Style Dining: Hot Times Ahead A Social Capital interview with the co-owners of a small Wayne BYOB.

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× October 2015 / Contributing editor Tara Behan reflects on the places she’s encountered some female trailblazers. After all these years in the publishing industry, one thing I’ve learned is that you never know when you’re going to come across a great story.

(Side note: If you haven’t been there yet, you’re missing out on one of the unique dining experiences on the Main Line.) Each Taste box is a seasonal curation of the finest artisanal products, thoughtfully hand-selected by Cornerstone’s chefs and mongers.

This time-honored practice dates back to the era of our forefathers, when the preparation and preservation of meat was a way of life and sustenance. History: Joel Russ opened his first shop in 1914 on Orchard Street below East Houston.

About: A New York staple for over 100 years, Russ & Daughters has been working with smokehouses for generations to provide its customers the highest quality salmon they can. While the terms “lox” and “smoked salmon” are often used interchangeably, at Russ & Daughters the original definitions still hold.

Fun Fact: Russ & Daughters’ smoked salmon was served at the inaugural party for President Ronald Reagan. About: Lumiere Greg Later trained in Italy under the famous Massimo Spigaroli only to keep to his Italian roots and the salami traditions.

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West Loop pork comes from Label Family Farms Midwest 100% Berkshire hogs, unless noted otherwise. Their beds are located at the mouth of one of the shortest, coldest, and least developed rivers in Washington State, and that purity is reflected in the clean, crisp flavor of the oysters downstream.

The strong tidal action constantly jostles the oysters and causes them to “cup up,” and the exposure to the sun keeps their shells white. They have a medium-low salinity, crisp and mild finishing with a pinch of sugar, like biting into a sweet white fish.

Fun fact: The farm occupies just over 5 acres along a rocky shoreline of the Balance River. The herd is brought up to the “high field” (at 1600 meters above sea level) in the mountains of Lombardy to graze on the alpine pastures during the warm summer months of June to September.

The farmers work in small batches and produce only 4 wheels of Ditto a day over a wood fire in an “arpeggio” style. Grab a seat at the open kitchen counter and watch as the best bacon in the country (Benton’s) and the best smoked salmon in the land (Russ & Daughter’s) are turned into something magical by chefs who know what they’re doing.

“I use the phrase ‘connecting landscape and foods cape.’ The food reflects the land, soil, air and water that’s here. Wayne’s quaint Cornerstone BYOB has put together pairings of their finest artisanal products hand-selected by their culinary team.

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The menu features salads and sandwiches, but I recommend trying its carefully curated cheese and charcuterie boards. Wayne’s quaint Cornerstone BYOB has put together pairings of their finest artisanal products hand-selected by their culinary team.

× Originally from Long Island, Steven Gull grew up with an interest in cooking and hospitality at a young age. Steven’s experience has led him to travel numerous wine regions including South America and all along the west coast.

Aside from his work at Cornerstone, Steven spends free time with his wife and family in PA and New Jersey. × Sharing a Syracuse connection with Nick, Scott spent his college years there attaining a degree in computer engineering, but later ventured into the public safety arena as a firefighter and EMT in North Syracuse and then the Town of Cary, NC.

Subsequently, beginning his journey into the culinary and wine world by managing across a number of restaurants and country clubs, he eventually attained formal training through the Court of Master Smelters, Society of Wine Educators, and the Cicerone Certification Program. After graduating from Penn State with a degree in Public Relations, Owen moved to San Diego, California with a few college friends to “live the dream.” During his time in San Diego, Owen truly learned the value of food and the works it takes to put food on the table by working on a 140-acre organic farm.

From his experience at the farm, Owen joined the Urban Kitchen Group as Marketing + Social Media Manager. After 16 years in San Diego and one engagement later, Owen has moved back to the Main Line.

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They are grown about a mile from the Island Creeks right off of Squish Beach (technically a part of the town of Plymouth) on the tidal lands next to Skip’s cottage. The cottage has been in the family since the days of the pilgrims, and he actually has a deed that proves that he owns the tidal area (only an oyster farmer would really care about this!).

Anyway, the Aunt Dotty’s are also grown in trays, but are much more exposed at low tide, and for a longer period of time. They are named after Skip’s great aunt Dotty who was the last relative to live in the cottage year round.

Summer stones are beautifully cupped with a delicate frill at the edge, evidence of their bag-to-beach grow out method. These are ocean oysters, fed on cold water recently up welled from deep in the Pacific.

Tumbling gives these oysters deep cups and smoother shells for easier shucking and better presentation. Raw Blue Pool oysters tend to have more body than beach grown varieties.

About: The Disco Ham is grown in Discovery Bay, just off the Strait of Juan de Fuca. All summer long the North wind blows down the strait, causing nearshore upwelling that brings cold, nutrient rich water to the surface.

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Disco Hamas are grown in bags on top of cobbled beaches, giving them a nice deep cup with a bit of frill, on a point on the western side of the bay. The farm site has swift currents, for ample food, and heavy southwest winds, for shell conditioning.

Tasting Notes: These are salt-forward oysters, mellowing to a crisp sweetness with a finish of fresh spinach, green olive, and light smoke. × Isaac started working in fine dining and brew pubs in Portland, Maine.

His enthusiasm for wine, spirits, beer, and saké keep him engaged and excited about Cornerstone’s exceptionally cultivated and curious guests. About: Established in 1878, the Olympia Oyster Company began when commercial fishing and lumber businesses were in their infancy.

Fearful of overharvesting, which wiped out San Francisco’s stock, the Puget Sound harvesters invented a crop management system to ensure a sustainable supply of oysters. Dike construction, as it was referred to, covered the seabed with a series of man-made terraces, filling and leveling the tidelands with shell and gravel, retaining two or three inches of seawater at low tide.

This buffer provided natural insulation, protecting the crop from extreme temperature variations. × Prior to Cornerstone, Marc was Head Bartender at the Marion Cricket Club in Haverford, PA; Bar Manager of Dan’s flagship restaurant in Rittenhouse Square, Bar Manager of Han Dynasty of University City and Old City; and the Master Biologist of Softer Philadelphia.

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Returning to Philly in 2010 with his family, Marc wasted no time and entered area bartending competitions, attaining accolades such as finalist for “Bacardi Rum’s Piña colada National Competition” at the annual Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans; and at the annual “Philadelphia Whiskey fest” event, he was bestowed the title of “Woodford Reserve’s Master of the Manhattan”. × Raised in Reading, PA, Sarah attended Penn State University before making the move to Washington D.C. to work her way through the city’s restaurant ranks.

This was followed by an exciting role as the Events Coordinator and HR Director position at Proof, Studio & DOI Moi, and finally being an integral part of the opening team of restaurant Chloe by Haida Karo um. After spending almost a decade in the DC restaurant scene, Sarah relocated back to her roots in the Philadelphia suburbs.

There was an immediate connection at her first meeting with Christine where it was clear the two shared a serious passion for food, wine, and genuine hospitality. With Sarah’s 10+ years of restaurant management experience, she looks to bring fresh enthusiasm and ideas to the already successful Cornerstone family.

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