Best Restaurants Near Watergate Hotel

Brent Mccoy
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
• 5 min read

But, due to the pandemic, outside dining was the only option, there were tents, but then heat wasn’t enough, so it was kinda chilly. The food is delicious, the drinks are perfection, the service is on point.

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We ate dinner outside and were cozy with the warm cocktails and space heaters. Delicious food, excellent staff and great for outdoor dinning in DC during cold weather.

Servers allowed us time to enjoy each dish without rushing us. REALLY impressed with how they are handling seating during COVID-19; “outside” but still warm and incredibly safe.

There were some menu limitations (no asparagus, e.g.), but understandable-- the kitchen was willing to work with the customers on their requests. I've been dining at Le Causerie since I moved to Washington, DC in 1997.

#41 of 56 Restaurants in Autumn PS Arcade JP Rosales Ave #2 First Floor at the back of East West Bank Restaurants in Washington DC | The Watergate Hotel 1-844-617-1972 In our lobby, you'll be drawn to the soft amber glow of The Next Whiskey Bar, considered by many to have the best whiskey bar menu and design in D.C. Outside in the garden, experience one of our Private Igloos designed for small groups to enjoy drinks and tapas.

When you look for a good stay within a budget, this is the most ideal place Very good location specially for people who are on a business trip.

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Shopping center, pan tip plaza, platinum mall, street shopping everything at just 5-7 minus walk. Everything was good at that price. Bad experience will not suggest anyone else to stay.

Everything is fine I don’t face any kind of problem. Very bad experiences no cleaning, and nobody was care for guest.

No staff understands English. As there was no soda opener, I requested the receptionist to arrange. Again next day requested for the same he advised me to open in instruments available in the room.

There are other similar budget hotels with better rooms that I saw for the same price. Many markets around just walk 200 meters, and you will find almost everything Thailand is famous for.

I was happy staying in that hotel because it was near all shopping center, hotels, restaurant and massage center hotel staff are also very good they kept it neat and clean and very good value for money all kinds of things are available in walkable distance its very good Location is little inside, about 1 km Indra square, Room was old.

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The management is excellent and the was very clean good welcome by staff thanks to make my trip for arranging excellent hotel in very affordable price. Overall is good every thing . Home just walking distance to all sh oping area like Indra square.

We’re looking forward to brightening your stay every day. We’re at the center of it all, in the heart of the vibrant Platinum neighborhood in downtown Fitchburg. Atari Watergate Bangkok offers a home-from-home warmth with beautiful touches to the decor that are uniquely Thai in inspiration.

The financial district, Silo, and Bangkok’s hippest neighborhood, Honor, are easily accessible via the nearby Ratcheted BTS Sky train or the Fitchburg MRT Subway. And true to our Harness, the interior design in each room is thoughtfully curated for your comfort, complemented by hints of color.

Enjoy up to THB 1,500 discount towards your reservation when you book your stay direct with us. Discover the re-imaged Atari Watergate Bangkok with special opening offers and benefits.

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