Best Restaurants Near Washington Heights

James Lee
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
• 7 min read

I was trying to search out reviews for new local Prospect Heights restaurants and I noticed that Yelp dropped them from the listings!! There are lots of authentic Mexican and Latin American restaurants in Upper Manhattan.

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A C: Great café with delicious pastries and fast Wi-Fi during the day, wonderful dinner spot with bomb pizza at night. Kendrick Cato: Great, mixed drinks.

Jennifer Gallardo: The Amsterdam is solidly delicious and always made fresh. Highly suggest you try this place....great gourmet burgers at affordable prices.

Bruce C.: Great produce, perfect emergency shopping. Washington Heights | OpenTable Skip to Main Content Restaurants are struggling due to COVID-19.

Havana Heights is a big, boisterous neighborhood restaurant and bar that opened a couple of weeks ago right in center of Washingtonians. We provide our customers with authentic Jamaican cuisine and a relaxed space for entertainment.

The interior of the restaurant closely resembles many small stores and markets travelers might have seen visiting Naples or Rome. Anchor features lots of small tables for intimate date nights as well as several large, family-style... See More.

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Named after a fort built for Continental Army troops commanded by George Washington during the Revolutionary War, and still largely rural farmland as late as 1900, Washingtonians is a sprawling and nearly mountainous neighborhood that runs from 155th Street up to Hickman Avenue in northern Manhattan. The dominant population has long been Dominican, though African-Americans, Salvadorans, Russians, and Mexicans constitute important minorities; the neighborhood remains one of the last bastions of affordable housing in the borough, though it has pockets of relatively high-priced real estate.

The goat is delicious, but then so, we'd assume, are the oxtails, roast pork, hen stew, spice-rubbed rotisserie chicken, and red-sauced codfish, on a menu that varies by day of the week. Copy Link One of a small handful of grand seafood palaces in Washingtonians, Maris co CENTR offers whole fish and files cooked several ways (but skip the shellfish).

This Dominican eatery has an old-fashioned lunch counter, and plenty of sunny window seating, and it specializes in goat, either stewed or roasted.

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