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Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
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We are trying to keep information current, but please check opening times and any important menu details on booking. On Hardens.com you'll find details and reviews of 1 restaurants in Watergate and our unique survey based approach to rating and reviewing WatergateBayrestaurants gives you the best insight into the top restaurants in every area and of every type of cuisine.

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Juicy steaks, wood-fired veg and char grilled fish are a highlight at the Italian inspired, beach side restaurant. Stay for breakfast, lunch or dinner, indulge in the tasting menu or relax at the antipasti table, however you choose to dine here one thing remains fact, the food will be delicious.

The restaurant comprises a series of small rooms over two floors of a Georgian town house, creating an intimate and elegant setting Having opened in 1975, The Seafood Restaurant is still the main hub of Rick and Jill Stein’s businesses in Pad stow.

Well known as one of Cornwall’s best beach-side hangouts where you’ll find a classic dining menu including burgers, steaks and shellfish. Simple seafood dishes and imaginative flavors rule here, with influences from Thailand, Morocco and the Med apparent.

Serving platters, properly filling sandwiches and seasonal salads with Cornish and European flavors. Opened by Nathan Outlaw in 2013, the 15th century fisherman’s cottage turned restaurant overlooks the harbor in Port Isaac.

Mary’s has a charcoal oven at its heart and an emphasis on bold British food. Following the success of her summer pop-up, local chef, Emily Scott, is back and opening a permanent restaurant overlooking the beach.

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Read the article Emily Scott Food first appeared in the Bay as a pop-up restaurant in July 2020. Emily will now become a permanent fixture at the Bay, taking over the space previously home to Watchful Mary.

We asked Emily to introduce herself and share the ethos behind her food, and to give a taste of the ‘hyper-local’ treats you can expect… But swap your beef burger for halloumi, and you've got a surprisingly healthy vegetarian alternative.

Emily Scott has built an impressive reputation heading the kitchen at St Study Inn and will move to the ill-fated Fifteen which closed earlier in December after more than a decade. This summer, together with her partner, Bordeaux winemaker Mark Cellar, she takes over the large building that previously housed Fifteen Cornwall, offering relaxed dining with the safety of social distancing, overlooking the beach below.

Emily’s relaxed ‘hyper-local’ cuisine is built on an appreciation for the natural world and a meticulous search for the highest quality local ingredients, providing the perfect flavor for our times. Says Emily: “My own story began with warm memories of a childhood in Provence with my grandfather, Father, collecting strawberries from the fields to the hum of crickets in the hot sun.

As such this is a chance to reconnect with the majesty of Watergate, to do so in safety, and in company, and share wine and top quality natural food from Cornwall’s finest summer ingredients. The days are impossibly long, spent at the stove, the pass and everywhere in between.

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They spend decades in the kitchen, always chasing the next great meal and keeping up with the times while holding on to a passion that sparked long ago. Here are the stories of six of New Jersey's veteran chefs, the people who shape the way we eat and define the culinary identity of the Garden State.

Jurist is the latter, a tell-it-like-it-is Jersey guy who loves making beautiful food and has been working hard for decades. Now 50 years old, he believes chefs should start at the bottom and put in the work.

He pushes young chefs to master the basics before they try to spread their wings. While in high school, Jurist attended a county culinary program.

After graduation, he went to culinary school at Johnson & Wales University, where he had perfect attendance: He didn't want to miss anything. After culinary school, Jurist hit the road and spent six years traveling across the country to hone his craft.

He returned to New Jersey in 1994 and got to work in local kitchens, eventually landing at Atlantic Bar & Grill, where he was head chef for 10 years before purchasing the restaurant in 2013. Jurist was inspired by Chefs Chris Mumford of Mumford's Unique American Cuisine in Long Branch and Café Mumford's in Hinton Falls, Neil West of Neil's in Brick, and the late Joe Romanowski, who owned Joe and Maggie’s Bistro in Long Branch and Bay Avenue Tractor in Highlands.

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I love the creativity, the colors, the plates, the excitement and the technique. He believes young chefs need to learn and master basic techniques before skipping ahead to what’s trendy.

The chef favors Chile, a result of time spent in kitchens in Arizona and New Mexico. When he goes out to eat, Jurist favors fine-dining restaurants in New York City, Drew’s Bay shore Bistro i n Key port and Jersey Shore BBQ in Delmar, and adds that he loves Asian food, too.

Longtime Monmouth County diners remember Vent, 56, from Anthony's in Braille, where he worked for more than a decade before the Italian restaurant closed nearly 20 years ago. Today, he is a executive chef at The Coal House Bistro, which opened in May on bustling Arnold Avenue.

Customers from Anthony's visit him there, sometimes asking for a dish from the past. At that time and place, it was still all about family and friends, with weekly get-togethers and food culture.

I worked the grill at an open counter at Johnny Back’s on Park Ave in Rutherford. My first job out of Johnson & Wales was at the Waldorf Astoria (New York City).

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I cooked for many celebs and politicians out of the room service kitchen. Frank Sinatra, who I would speak to about his meal, called me “The Kid from Jersey” because I gained his trust to cook Italian food for him.

The restaurant industry has changed so much over the last decade because of social media. So now not only do I perform all my kitchen and office duties as a chef, I spend no less than an hour a day on the computer posting, and I also make a lot of videos that go online.

’’Over 20 years ago (in the mid '90s), the first time I had dinner at Le Bernard in. Both meals really changed the way I thought about methods of preparation and presentation.

Gotham Bar and Grill in the '90s also blew my mind with vertical cuisine plating. Here at Coal House Bistro, I take full advantage of the local fishing trade.

I wait to get the call for a scallop or flat-fish boat coming in and getting true “that day fresh” seafood to my guests. It can be a pot of my 18-hour Sunday gravy for the Bistro or chicken and dumplings at home for the family.

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We truly are the Garden State, and I take full advantage of the seasons. And of course, as I mentioned, in Point Beach, my access to truly fresh-out-of water seafood.

Rated one of the top 100 chefs in the world by The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, Cutaneous has had a long and varied career that has seen him as proprietor of the four-star Le Petite Château in Edwardsville, feeding athletes at six Olympic Games, and filming more than 200 food segments as Great Scott on “Fox and Friends” for 10 years. He has worked with acclaimed French chefs Michel Gerard, Daniel Would and Alain Ducats and is one of the youngest James Beard Foundation Chefs to cook at The James Beard House in New York City.

A classically trained French chef, Cutaneous got his professional start in 1995 as a 26-year-old taking over the reins of the now-shuttered Le Petite Château in Edwardsville. Le Petite Château received its first four-star designation in 1998, and Cutaneous was named one of the top chefs in the state and one of the top 100 chefs in the world.

All my side jobs were working in restaurants, from high school on. For my operations management class, they put me at the Royal Windsor Hotel.

They had me in the front office, and I asked the director if I could work in the kitchen. My mom is European, so I had dual citizenship and that’s how I was able to move to Europe after school.

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Whether it’s French cuisine there (at Le Petite Château) or sausage and peppers here (at Old wick General Store), we are responsible for those people during the time they are here. If I can do the best that I can do and always thrive and never rest on my laurels and never believe more than five percent of what I am told in the thousands of articles that have been written about me, then I’m doing my job.

If you are honest with yourself, there are new things and new ways, and a recipe always evolves through the years, and it changes because you just have that feel. As you get older, it’s not about competition, it’s just “Good luck and God bless” and I’m trying to do my thing.

It was called Restaurant John-Louis (for French chef Jean-Louis Palladio) and I ate there early on. I went to True at lunch, and he made a 28-course tasting menu.

Now 74, Chef Fukuyoshi continues to create some of the best at Collingwood’s Salami the way he learned as an apprentice in the early 1970s in a New York City restaurant. Even as the Japanese dish is everywhere from four-star restaurants to food courts, it is Fukuyoshi's sushi that has Philadelphia chefs, celebrities and star athletes crossing the Delaware to savor his creations.

Shiner Fukuyoshi and his wife, Chicago Fukuyoshi, who manages Salami, opened their restaurant in 1974 in a wood-paneled ice cream parlor on the Camden border. Today, the restaurant looks much the way it did during the Watergate years, set inauspiciously beside the PATCH high speed line, and separated from Collingwood’s restaurant row by the divided lanes of Route 130.

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I met her at the same restaurant, and I was in the kitchen helping, and she was attending daytime business school and nighttime she was a server. When it was 1974, we didn’t have a sushi bar (where guests could watch chef at his craft), we had a hot kitchen.

(The couple has one adult daughter, My my, who lives in New York, he says.) (Points again at his wife, who says her husband likes “mostly vegetarian food including an organic vegetable soup, maybe some broiled mackerel, as well as beans and fruit.

We never tried to do this (he gestures in the room in a way that suggests he means its longevity, its great success). It was the sheer love of food that inspired Robin Win zinger to become a chef and later to buy an historic Victorian building in downtown Mount Holly that became her Robin’s Nest Restaurant more than 30 years ago.

It was and still remains the anchor business of the Mill Race Village of antique and other shops that also are housed in historic buildings. Now 56, Win zinger actually began cooking away from home as a teenager at a boarding school and “never looked back,” eventually graduating from the Philadelphia Restaurant School as a pastry chef as well as a regular chef.

She calls her menu eclectic in a unique combination of French and American cuisine served amidst vintage decor, but she is well known for her bakery of scrumptious pastries and cookie varieties that also can be bought as take-out at the restaurant bakery counter. And a chef really learns how to juggle the demands of the restaurant on the job, though getting the food cooked and in the window for the wait staff to bring to the customer is still stressful.

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My trademark dish is honey pecan chicken with New Jersey cranberry cream sauce. My favorite is the entrée salad topped with grilled chicken.

Chef Michael La tour has been an unapologetic champion of old-school French cuisine in New Jersey for more than 20 years. His Ridge wood restaurant opened in 1998 and has been offering rich, classic French food ever since, even as other French restaurants in New Jersey and New York have slowly shuttered due to dining trends moving away from the precise French way of cooking.

La tour, 55 of Ramsay is a Johnson & Wales College of Culinary Arts alum, a member of the Society Culinary Philanthropist, one of the oldest associations of chefs and pastry chefs, and has worked at many fine-dining restaurants, such as the Four Seasons. When you’re a young person and your parents have a profound interest in cuisine, it’s inspiring.

There’s a stigma that when you go to a French restaurant, you leave hungry, or you won’t be seated without reservations. I’ve been using highly hydrated dough that I work into this beautiful product.

At this point in my career, with 21 years in Ridge wood, I’m very proud we’re still busy. My main goal is to fine tune and maintain quality.

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It was the tasting menu at Le Cousin de Mougin in the South of France. I live in Ramsey, and it takes me six minutes to drive into work.

Being in Ridge wood is great; it’s the mecca of North Jersey dining. I’m almost like a farmer, so I do grow a lot of my own vegetables.

The scallops in New Jersey are very consistent, and working with duck is one of my favorite things. When you cook it with the butter, and you get that natural saltiness with the gelatin and champagne and vinegar, it’s beyond good.

I'm Sarah Gruesomer, food writer for The As bury Park Press. If you have a tip on a new restaurant or an idea for a story, please share it with me at sgriesemer@gannettnj.com.

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