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Alabama Giant TortoiseGeochelone gigantic Vulnerable Find out more... Leaf cutter cantata Colombia Crocodile monitor Var anus Salvador Fiji Banded IguanaBrachylophus fascists Endangered Green anacondaEunectes Marines Frilled lizardChlamydosaurus king ii The Least Concern Radiated tortoiseAstrochelys radiate Critically Endangered Rhinoceros iguanaCyclura cornea Vulnerable Utica spiny-tailed iguanaCtenosaura Baker Critically Endangered Recently, we set up an initiative with the Seychelles Islands and received an Aldebaran Giant Tortoise as a gift from their government. When we arrived at the reptile museum I was a bit skeptical as it is essentially a warehouse in an industrial estate.

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There were lots of different reptiles and the keepers were very knowledgeable and happy to talk about their animals. The proximity of these incredible creatures is a joy and the knowledge of the keepers was second to none.

You don't need a million dollar budget to create a wonderful experience for adults and children alike. Kiddo ages 8,7,3... We spent just under an hour here, highlight for the kids was the play area... Would not recommend it for a day trip. Entrance fee was steep.

I highly recommend this zoo for a visit, especially for a rainy day. All the staff we met were very friendly and knowledgeable and took time to listen to young children's questions.

Thanks to Roald Dahl and numerous wildlife documentaries, it’s generally accepted that crocodiles aren’t the fussiest of eaters. But in the UK’s only crocodile zoo, set up by British crop obsessive Shaun Forget a decade ago, the lunch options are surprisingly gourmet, and include a feathered quail.

One leaps out of the water at dizzying speed and snatches it with its jaws, sounding like somebody slamming a barn door. Crocodiles Of The World, where I am having a VIP keeper experience, operates out of a converted former warehouse in Prize Norton, Oxfordshire.

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It houses a café, playground and more than 150 cross, along with alligators and caimans, many of which have been rescued from private collections where they had been mistreated. I watch, astonished, as Terry calls out the names of Hugo and Rebecca, two Siamese crocodiles who are nearly 10ft in length from tooth to tail.

You don't have to pay to get in, however you have to pay $10 to go in the second part of the building which contains the bigger reptiles like lizards, huge snakes, and crocodiles! The first part of the building has a turtle pond and contains small reptiles such as geckos, frogs, and some little snakes.

So many reptiles to see & we got to feed some lizards turtles & tortoises. We will be heading back this summer break. This is one of the indispensable things for the reptile breeding environment, providing and supporting the best conditions to maintain good health for pets.

Without enough vitamin D and calcium, reptiles will affect the shape of growth, movement and reproduction. That\’s why reptile UVB light is the tool that helps your pet get the most vitamin D and calcium supplement.

Reptiles can immerse themselves in UVB light instead of sunlight, and will still be able to absorb essential nutrients through their skin. This article will list some best UVB light, so you can make easier choices, saving pet care time.

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This product receives a lot of appreciation from customers and is undoubtedly one of the best reptile lights available on the market today. This UVB light bulb has a fairly long life span, can last up to a year without replacing it.

If you are looking for the best UVA, UVB reptile light for your bearded dragon then don\’t miss the Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb. This product can provide full UVA, UVB and heat bearded dragon effectively.

However, you should note that this product is stronger than conventional fluorescent bulbs, so set it up on the top of the enclosure. This is also a safe choice for bearded dragons if you need a pet product that converts UVB into calcium.

This is just a light bulb that provides heat and UVB rays for your bearded dragon and of course, its longevity is also an issue that you don\’t need to worry about. However, some previous customers reevaluated that its lifespan may be a bit lower because this UVB bulb emits a little heat.

The product is made of durable and high quality material, so you do not need to worry about its longevity. Zoo Med Reptiles 10.0 UVB T5 HO Lamp is a product you can trust to care for your bearded dragon.

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Many customers shared that their bearded dragon completely became more active and happy after only a few days of using this product. Ex Terra Solar-Glo Mercury Vapor Lamp is made of durable material, and it has a long life span compared to the general ground.

If you are looking for a cheap UVB light bulb for your baby bearded dragon then don\’t miss this product. One of the advantages of this product is that it provides the UVB needed to help bearded dragons transform into essential nutrients for the body.

It\’s not exothermic, so its lifespan is also greatly enhanced, and above all it won\’t burn bearded dragon if it accidentally comes in contact. UVA helps provide a warm temperature suitable for cold-blooded reptiles, such as bearded dragons.

And UVB helps bearded dragon to be provided with calcium and Vitamin D3, contributing to improving strong bone health and maximizing the movement of pets. However, it is considered to be quite fragile, and the temperature also makes its life significantly reduced compared to the manufacturer\’s recommendation.

If you are looking for a light bulb that provides just the right amount of heat and can still solve bearded dragon bone problems, then this is what you need. It confidently provides the amount of UVB that bearded dragons need to maintain their healthy state.

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However, you should change the bulbs every 6 months to ensure every element that bearded dragon is guaranteed at the best quality. MAKE is famous for products that are highly applicable and convenient, this light of the company is no exception to those criteria.

This light bulb comes with a sturdy clamp, so you can fix it wherever you want, like the edge of the table or on the sides of the bearded dragon cage. The special thing is that you can easily and quickly adjust the light bulb to the area or height you want.

It has a fixed lamp bulb made of plastic, so that the bearded dragon is guaranteed to be safe when in contact with it. This is a compact and convenient bulb combo designed to give bearded dragon a great experience without you having to invest a lot of equipment.

However, a black stamped aluminum lamp does not appear to be very durable because it is easy to be scratched with a light touch. If UVB is not provided, bearded dragons may experience bone problems and negatively affect its functioning.

When choosing a UVB light bulb, you should first check the manufacturer\’s specifications such as material, capacity and durability, in order to estimate whether it is suitable for the condition of the cage as well as the bearded dragon. Different types of reptiles require various optimum temperatures (night or daytime) to keep their metabolism, digestion, and health at its best.

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Ordinary analog thermometers include liquid in glass (use mercury or alcohol expansion), gas (uses volume or gas pressure), and bimetallic (use metals of different expansively index). Digital thermometer use sensors, which are either solid-state, thermostats, resistance temperature detector, or thermocouple.

All these produces either a current, resistant, or voltage change to detect the temperate variation. The digital thermometers are accurate, safer, and produce results faster compared to analog types.

Since all objects above absolute zero temperature emit heat (thermal radiations, infrared energy, or black body radiations), the infrared thermometer detects the extent of thermal emissions from a body to determine its temperature. Infrared thermometers have a lens that helps them focus thermal radiation to their detector or thermocouple, which then turns them to an electrical signal.

By now, you know some basic science jargon on thermometers, it is time to look at some of the best brands to use in your pet’s tank (cage, vivarium or terrarium). Specially designed for dry or wet enclosures including your terrariums, aquariums, or incubators.

It comes with a digital LCD readout, which you can switch to Fahrenheit or Celsius and an on/off power button and comes with batteries. Unlike most of the other brands, Lucky Reptile comes with dual probes making it measure the temperature of two different zones inside your vivarium.

Has long sensor wires (1.5 meters) making it ideal even for bigger cages Most users and experts hail Lucky Reptile Thermometer for its dual function, affordability, and easy to use features.

This digital infrared (no-contact or gun) thermometer with a minigun for pointing on surfaces is suitable for places where you want to measure temperature accurately. It is ideal for routine spot-checking of your terrarium temperature at different spots such as the basking place, thermal gradient, cremation or hibernation areas, or even in your incubators, shelters, and so on.

It gives instant and very accurate temperatures at a click of a button, thanks to the infrared technology. Has a wide range of temperature, i.e., -28° to 230 °F (-33° to 110 °C) Easy to read digital readout that in either degree Celsius or Fahrenheit.

What we liked most about this Eternity Laser grip 774 thermometer is its durability, long battery life, quality material of construction, accuracy, and easy usage. Instead of buying a thermometer and hygrometers separately, go for this combo device that will help you take temperature and humidity.

Being small, it will not take much of your space Features a digital LCD readout Not setting required. The LCD readout for humidity is smaller when compared to that of temperature, making it difficult to read it if you are far away.

It keeps the highest and lowest readings (has a programmable maximum and minimum memory) Easy to use as it features only a single button to operate. It has a long sensing probe cable with a suction cup for easy attachment.

Features we bet you will like about this temperature meter include it being easy to read, accurate, and straightforward to use. Villa gives you the option of buying a digital thermometer alone or a combo that has a hygrometer too.

Fluke’s equipment is an excellent addition to your terrarium or reptile tanks, as it will measure temperature and humidity. It has a memory that stores minimum and maximum temperature and humidity Easy to mount with a glued magic sticker.

This digital device will measure temperature and humidity accurately Has a visible, large easy to read digital readout Come with an extra battery giving you up to a year of usage before you can buy another battery. Most users are happy about its large easy to read display, its compact size, and value for money.

Temperature and humidity are two vital parameters that must be accurately measured, controlled, and closely monitored. This Zoo Med analog equipment measures both temperature and humidity at the same time.

This brand uses thermochromic liquid crystals ideal for enclosures for amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates or even aquariums. It can measure temperature from 70 to 105 °F (21 to 40 °C) The colored liquid crystals make it easy to read inside a plastic strip.

Alternatively, buy them online on Amazon, PetS mart, Pet Mountains, eBay, among other places. Depending on the type you choose, you need to correctly mount or install them in a manner that they measure the temperature at various points in your vivarium.

Ensure your pets or other objects don’t touch them as they will give false readings. Once you have set them correctly, don’t forget to install and adjust your thermostat to help regulate temperature.

Finally, specifics including minimum and maximum temperatures will be pet dependent, i.e., the temperature will depend on whether it is a bearded dragon, turtle, leopard gecko, skin, frog, snake, or what you have.

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