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While some can be important centers of research and conservation, others make headlines for less than satisfactory animal conditions. The most popular exhibits of the Beijing Zoo include the species that are endemic to the nation of mainland China, such as Giant pandas, Chinese giant salamanders, Chinese alligators, South China tigers, Tibetan gazelles, kings, and others.

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Berlin Zoological Garden was founded by the Prussian King Frederick William IV, and formally opened operations for the first time in 1844. World War II had a devastating impact on the zoo, killing most of the animals, with only 91 surviving the bloody conflict.

The rebuilding of the zoo began in 1952, and today it houses around 16,000 animals belonging to some 1,500 distinct species. The aquarium at the zoo exhibits unique and elusive aquatic species as well, including piranhas, sharks, and fish, with many of the latter belonging to coral reef ecosystems.

They thrive within their suitably recreated habitats, ranging from the African grasslands to the tropical rainforests of Asia. The Congo Gorilla Forest, with its animal feeding and species demonstration sessions, is one of the most popular attractions to be found at the Bronx Zoo.

The most popular attraction at the zoo includes the habitat there recreating a large watering hole akin to those on the African Savannah. This award-winning zoo, situated a mere 12-minute ferry ride away from Tonga Quay, houses over 4,000 animals.

Australian native wildlife species, including kangaroos and koalas, call this zoo their home, alongside many imported animals as well. Tonga admissions tickets fees include talks conducted by its zookeepers, as well as a ride on Sydney’s only cable car, the Sky Safari, and various forms of entertainment.

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More than 500 species live at Targaryen, with Siberian tigers, hippos, pandas, and rhinos being at the top of most people’s watch lists. Currently, the North of England Zoological Society, an organization financed by charitable funding, operates this zoo.

Such animal-themed areas as the Spirit of the Jaguar, the Realm of the Red Ape, the Save Rhino Experience, the Chimpanzee Breeding Center, and the Somali National Park Painted Dogs Conserve are some of the most prominent exhibits of this zoo. The zoo is divided into 11 ecological zones, with recreated habitats to house the respective species of each region.

The Fragile Forest (mimicking the rainforest habitat), the Frozen Tundra (housing the polar bear and other Arctic species), the Primate Kingdom (with its 39 primates on their own, separate islands) and the Reptile Garden (housing giant tortoises, Komodo dragons, and venomous snakes) are some premiere attractions of this spectacular Asian zoo. The zoo is an ideal venue for family visits, with special programs geared just for children.

The zoo occupies an area of 100 acres within the city’s Balboa Park, itself lying nestled amidst a picturesque landscape of hills and canyons. The zoo serves as the breeding grounds for a number of exotic species, including koalas, tigers, gorillas, giraffes, bonobos, Galápagos tortoises, and others.

Watch the Sea Lions perform at Lord Marque, a 33-acre zoo with an extensive and diverse reserve of animal and plant species. A zoological garden, Lisbon Zoo has around 2,000 and 300 species including 114 mammals, 157 birds, 56 reptiles, and five amphibians and arthropods.

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A visit to Henry Poorly Zoo provides you with the chance to see elephants, white rhinos, cheetahs, sable antelopes, bongos, ostriches, and impalas. From Aardvarks to Eastern Bongos and King Cobras to lemurs, there’s a variety of animals to discover.

It houses 673 species, with exhibits including Land of the Lions, Gorilla Kingdom, and Tiger Territory. See a range of animals at Bronx Zoo, including the most extensive displayed collection of origami elephants in the world.

Billed as the “home of the crocodile hunter”, Australia Zoo is synonymous with the late Steve Irwin and his family, who have helped rescue 90,000 animals. See a variety of animals, including the diving otters, pandas, and koalas.

These include Indo-Malaya, Africa, the Americas, Tundra Trek, Australasia, Eurasia, and the Canadian Domain. As one of the most diverse zoos in the US, visitors can expect to find African lions, Asian elephants, and giant pandas at Smithsonian National Zoological Park.

The Zoological Gardens of South Africa is the national zoo and covers 200 acres of land. One of the world’s best bird zoos, Marque was Ave's has blue-and-yellow macaw, parrots, and too toucans amongst others.

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See the animals on land and water at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, which was once named the best zoo in the US. Make sure you check out the Polar Frontier, as well as the Asia Quest and North America region.

The zoo also studies animal behavior, feeding, and reproduction, and breeds rare endangered species. The most-visited wildlife attraction in Britain, Chester Zoo sees 1.9 million visitors each year.

There are more than 500 animals and an array of exhibitions, including Grassland Cats and Monkey Island. Zoo La Palmyra lies in the heart of a forest and features 145 species and 1,600 animals.

You’ll find several threatened species at the zoo, including the Asian elephant and White rhinoceros. Home to more than 500 animals and world -class habitats, Dublin Zoo is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

It’s known for its Elephant House, which was designed by famous British architect Norman Foster. Exhibits include Alga Bay with its harbor seals and La Terry du Droid with its reindeer and American bison.

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Part of the original Villa Borges estate in Rome, Bismarck Zoo is among the largest and oldest Zoological Gardens in Italy. There is a wealth of animals to see at Miami Zoo, including the African lion, giant otters, jaguars, and more.

The only AZA-accredited zoo in Argentina, Remained specializes in Argentine wildlife and exotic and threatened species. Home to 2,000 animals from 400 species, Dallas Zoo has exciting exhibitions like Zoo North where there are otters and Galápagos tortoises.

Explore Woodland Park Zoo’s 92 acres and meet a bunch of furry new friends that include African Savanna lions, rhinos, and grizzly bears. Eight hundred fifty species live at Zoo Leipzig, and you can see them at the six authentic themed worlds that include Founders Garden, Pong land, and Gondwanaland.

Edinburgh has many popular tourist attractions, but the city’s zoo is right up there at the top of the list. More than two million people visit Houston Zoo each year to see the 6,000 animals from 900 species.

When creating this list we considered the zoo’s conservation efforts, the visitor experience, as well the variety of species offered. Trip Advisor rated this zoo as the best zoo in the world based on millions of reviews and considering the conservation, research, and experience that visitors have, it is, therefore, no surprise it remains at the top of the list.

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Omaha’s Henry Poorly Zoo is renowned worldwide for its leadership in conservation and research and the remarkable exhibits back these claims up. Visitors love the tide pool touch tank where they can get up close and personal with sea creatures.

Shows, feedings, education, conservation, and research make this the number one zoo in the world. Animals range from giraffes to gorillas to giant pandas to pavilions full of nocturnal creatures and even a Komodo dragon.

Additionally, there are also a ton of dining options, picnic areas, kid’s playgrounds, and behind-the-scenes experiences that will enhance your visit. The Basel zoo is largely dedicated to its animals, keeping close attention to their diets and behavior.

This dedication has led Basel Zoo to become a leader in breeding endangered species such as cheetahs, Indian Rhinos, and okapi. Popular animal exhibits are rhinos, hippos, apes, cheetahs, okapi, and flamingos.

There is plenty of open space for the animals, well-kept clean grounds, and the park isn’t too big which means you can easily walk around the entire zoo. You will have the opportunity to observe and learn about a variety of species including Amur tigers, snow leopards, and more all the while being able to take in the luscious green Finnish landscape.

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This is in large part due to both the commitment it has made to developing a long-term conservation strategy for animals in Africa and its focus on research and education. The Chester Zoo has put a big focus on giraffes and their closest living relatives, the okapi; both of which are largely endangered.

Furthermore, about one-fifth of the species here are threatened or endangered and this was, in fact, one of the first zoos to create a scientific research program. This remarkable zoo is open 364 days of the year, is free to get in, and puts a big emphasis on animal welfare.

The Irwin family has made sure the Australia Zoo follows Steve's’s mission of “Conservation through exciting education”. The Australia Zoo offer’s many hands-on experiences from learning how to safely feed kangaroos and wallabies to encountering wombats, tigers, elephants, and so much more.

Furthermore, this impressive zoo also features a state-of-the-art chimpanzee enclosure that has been endorsed by experts such as Jane Goodall. Daily presentations and tours are a large part of the visit to this zoo and there is certainly no shortage of animals to look at and things to learn during a day here.

Today, the zoo allows guests to explore the state-of-the-art exhibits that are designed to simulate the natural environment for its 1,300 animals including many rare and endangered species. The exhibits are designed to reflect the natural habitat of each species which ensures the animals are placed in the best environment.

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Don’t worry about walking the entire 210 acres because the zoo offers golf carts that you can rent by the hour. It also happens to be full of amazing architecture as it is located on the grounds of the famous Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria.

While taking in the scenic grounds, you will have the chance to see giant pandas, monkeys, penguins, elephants, and so much more. This picturesque zoo occupies 37-acres of lavish green landscape and overlooks Column Bay and the Carnelian mountains in North Wales.

You will have the opportunity to witness over 140 species including otters, California sea lions, Humboldt penguins, and more. But above all else, the Welsh Mountain Zoo’s mission is to protect the animals and raise awareness of the world’s impact on wildlife and the environment.

Over the years, the zoo has evolved from an entertainment destination to a mature conservation and education hub. This award-winning zoo believes that we hold a responsibility to protect the world’s precious wildlife and because of this, their team of scientists uses a combination of their existing knowledge as well as new data to determine the most effective conservation actions they need to take.

Further, you’ll also get to see many other popular animals such as lions, giraffes, hippos as well as rare deer and pigs! The San Diego Zoo is known around the world for pioneering the concept of careless, open-air exhibits that help re-create the animal’s natural habitat.

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The zoo houses over 3,700 animals including Giant Pandas, gorillas, monkeys, elephants, and so much more. This zoo offers a slew of extra experiences for visitors including special morning visits with the pandas as they eat their breakfast, backstage access to trainers and animals, and sunrise walking tours.

There are also plenty of dining options, kids play areas, shows that will keep you and your family busy! Since the beginning, the zoo has focused much of its efforts on protecting and breeding endangered species, making it the go-to for orphaned animals in need.

Recently the Bronx Zoo has been focusing its efforts on making itself more eco-friendly, installing compostable toilets that will help to conserve water. Visitors will find plenty of big animals including giraffes, lions, bears, and tigers along with monkeys, leopards, and much more.

The Singapore Zoo uses a series of moats and glass to enhance both the experience for visitors and to recreate the natural habitats of the animals. This zoo has invested in rescue and conservation efforts to protect wildlife and the late Steve Irwin (aka the Crocodile Hunter) greatly admired them for their work.

The lush rainforest setting that surrounds the entire zoo encourages animals such as free-ranging kangaroos and flying foxes to interact with the public.

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