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When a bored Holmes eagerly takes the case of Gabrielle Valley after an attempt on her life, the search for her missing husband leads to Loch Ness and the legendary monster. Sherlock Holmes investigates a series of deaths at a castle with each foretold by the delivery of orange pips to the victims.

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In a Manhattan psychiatric hospital a man, convinced he is Sherlock Holmes, is treated by a female doctor who happens to be named Watson. Sherlock Holmes investigates a series of so-called “pajama suicides”.

He knows the female villain behind them is as cunning as Moriarty and as venomous as a spider. Detective Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart partner Watson engages in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England.

Sherlock Holmes investigates the murders committed by Jack the Ripper and discovers a conspiracy to protect the killer. The master sleuth hunts his archenemy, Professor Moriarty, who is planning the crime of the century.

To treat his friend's cocaine induced delusions, Watson lures Sherlock Holmes to Sigmund Freud. A mysterious blonde woman kills one of a psychiatrist's patients, and then goes after the high-class call-girl who witnessed the murder.

He’s been adapted to movies and TV countless times, and we’ve organized all of his works which got a Tomato meter score in chronological order. That includes films from Basil Rathbone’s defining decades-long run accessorized with the deerstalker hat, Robert Downey Jr.’s blockbuster take, and Sherlock‘s modern spin with Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Critics Consensus: Guy Ritchie's directorial style might not be quite the best fit for an update on the legendary detective, but Sherlock Holmes benefits from the elementary appeal of a strong performance by Robert Downey, Jr. Critics Consensus: Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows is a good yarn thanks to its well-matched leading men but overall stumbles duplicating the well-oiled thrills of the original.

Critics Consensus: Mr. Holmes focuses on the man behind the mysteries, and while it may lack Baker Street thrills, it more than compensates with tenderly wrought, well-acted drama. Critics Consensus: Nola Holmes brings a breath of fresh air to Baker Street -- and leaves plenty of room for Millie Bobby Brown to put her effervescent stamp on a franchise in waiting.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson investigate the legend of a supernatural hound, a beast that may be stalking a young heir on the fog-shrouded moorland that makes up his estate. The master sleuth hunts his archenemy, Professor Moriarty, who is planning the crime of the century.

Sherlock Holmes investigates a series of deaths at a castle with each foretold by the delivery of orange pips to the victims. When a valuable pearl with a sinister reputation is stolen, Sherlock Holmes must investigate its link to a series of brutal murders.

When a gentlewoman is found dead with her throat torn out, the villagers blame a supernatural monster. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson must protect a Swiss inventor of an advanced bomb sight from falling into German hands.

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Sherlock Holmes investigates when young women around London turn up murdered, each with a finger severed. Scotland Yard suspects a madman, but Holmes believes the killings to be part of a diabolical plot.

When the fabled Star of Rhodesia diamond is stolen on a London to Edinburgh train and the son of its owner is murdered, Sherlock Holmes must discover which of his suspicious fellow passengers is responsible. During WWII several murders occur at a convalescent home where Dr. Watson has volunteered his services.

He summons Holmes for help and the master detective proceeds to solve the crime from ... See full summary ». Holmes is recruited to escort the heir to a European throne safely back to his homeland after his father's assassination.

Sherlock Holmes sets out to discover why a trio of murderous villains, including a dangerously attractive female, are desperate to obtain three unassuming and inexpensive little music boxes. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson travel to Washington D.C. in order to prevent a secret document from falling into enemy hands.

When a Nazi saboteur jeeringly predicts to the nation new depredations via the radio 'Voice of Terror', the Homeland Security Inner Council summons Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) to help ... See full summary ». Having been portrayed on screen in excess of two hundred and fifty times, producing any list of film titles featuring Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes (who first appeared in print in 1887) is no easy task.

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Billy Wilder’s (who directed and co-wrote) film outing starring Robert Stephenson as Holmes and Colin Blakely as Watson is something of a cult favorite. The plot comprises two separate stories the main one of which involves the apparent sighting of the Loch Ness monster and the covert building of a submarine.

Whilst the plot(s) sound interesting, and the performances are certainly fitting, the finished article is understandably a little disjointed and veers too far into parody. An interesting addition to the list as the lead character, a widowed millionaire, (played by George C. Scott) actually only believes himself to be Sherlock Holmes.

Based on the play by James Goldman (who also wrote the screenplay), the story focuses more on the relationship/interaction between the two leads as ‘ Holmes follows a series of impossible clues. The psychological spin and Holmes search for a ‘Moriarty of the mind’ makes the film in some ways comparable to elements of The Seven-Per-Cent Solution.

Whilst a more recent Netflix screening apparently features this scene but still runs short (91mins) compared to 96min televised versions from the1980s. Famous mouse detective Basil is assisted by Dr Dawson to foil a plot by arch villain Rattan to take over England using a mechanical queen.

Basil in the film is voiced by Barrie Ingham with Vincent Price well suited to supplying the tones for arch villain Rattan. It followed on from the financial disaster that had been the previous year’s The Black Cauldron, Basil the Great Mouse Detective was a thankful success at the box office, despite the failure of its predecessor leading to the slashing of its own budget during production.

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However, regardless of the engaging plot, the treats for both Holmes and film fans, fine voice performances and a score from Henry Mancini, this final traditional cell animation from Disney does betray itself with evidence of financial caution and corner cutting. Although the thrilling final ‘Big Ben’ clock tower action sequence (possibly drawing from 1979’the Thirty Nine Steps) does feature Disney’s first use of CGI animation (The Black Cauldron was however the first to be released) as part of its impressive moving clock cog scenes, this does leave one to speculate if more CGI had been planned in with the original budget.

The teaser trailers for director Guy Ritchie’s first Holmes film which featured Sherlock stripped to the waist bare-knuckle boxing, and then describing via narration and slow-motion replay the effects his blows were having on his opponent, sent purists into fits of disdain. However, the finished film starring Robert Downey Jr with Jude Law as Watson is a commendable production and enjoyable Victorian adventure.

Rachel McAdams also features as a love interest and former adversary for Holmes, named and developed from Irene Adler the woman who outwits him in Conan Doyle’s A Scandal in Bohemia. The film was followed by a sequel ‘ Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows’ in 2011, this arguably lacked the same balance of action and plot and weighed too heavily on stunts and spectacle.

Although, in a story with some enjoyably gruesome hallucinations, the opening one of which attracted a series of complaints when the BBC screened it on UK TV one evening in the run up to Christmas, just how young its intended audience were at the time is questionable. Visuals aside, there is some genuine character and depth to the script, the young Holmes of this story possesses all the powers of deduction fans are familiar with but here he is frequently emotional and impulsive with the outcome of a romantic subplot going someway to explain the cool nature of the older Sherlock.

This Billy Wilder film stars Robert Stephens as a more complex Holmes beyond the suave observer depicted in Watson’s (Colin Blakely) tales. Multiple Shylockian admitted to having a soft spot for this “hilarious” reimagining that flips the personalities of its dynamic detective duo, featuring Ben Kingsley’s Watson as the brain and Michael Caine’s Holmes as the bumbling student.

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For one of the most recent big-screen adaptations, Linger paid particular kudos to Jude Law, who plays “one of the very best Watson sever” opposite Robert Downey Jr.'s Holmes. Shylockian and film historians agree BBC nailed this serialized, updated take on Conan Doyle’s mysteries, featuring Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch as a Holmes with “a kind of arrogance that ... is actually not very sympathetic but that made the role interesting,” according to UCLA Film & Television archive director Jan-Christopher Hora.

Jonny Lee Miller, left, as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson in CBS’s “Elementary.” That’s the premise for this buzz CBS series starring Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as a rare female Watson.

The program’s success, Hora said, proves “great capacity” for change in the Holmes canon as long as “the essence of the characters remains.” With the Sherlock Holmes spin-off Nola Holmes now streaming on Netflix, critic Sarah Ward heads to 221B Baker Street to determine the best and worst movies ever made about the famous sleuth.

In 2012, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famed detective even earned a Guinness World Record, marking his status as the most portrayed human character from literature in both film and television. New Netflix movie Nola Holmes brings the beloved figure back again, but he isn’t the film’s main focus.

Played by Henry Cavils, he’s the brother of its eponymous protagonist, aka his equally canny 16-year-old sister (Millie Bobby Brown). Across 14 films between 1939–1946, Basil Rathbone donned a deerstalker cap and solved complex cases, with Nigel Bruce by his side as Dr John Watson.

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Plus, the combination of Peter Cushing as an enthusiastic Sherlock, Andre Morel as the ever-trusty Watson and Hammer regular Christopher Lee as Sir Henry Baskerville is a stellar as it sounds. With Nicole Williamson as the detective and Robert Duvall as Watson, the tale charts the latter’s efforts to get his friend and colleague to Vienna for treatment by Sigmund Freud (Alan Akin).

Peter Cook plays Sherlock and Dudley Moore stands by his side as Watson, while Paul Morris sits in the director’s chair. The idea that Sherlock Holmes could simply be a fictional character conjured up by Watson isn’t without merit, but it repeatedly falls flat in the 1988 comedy Without a Clue.

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