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Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 23 January, 2021
• 8 min read

Map updates are paused. Sorry, Justin, that's plugging the beer-i-tude of an effete Euro-trash yuppie socialist pinko commie.

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Jill Molina: Amazing ham and cheese Quiché, great coffee options. Busy on weekend mornings/afternoons with people on their laptops so never really room to sit and relax.

Kurtis Shank: Scones, muffins, and cookies are all exceptional! Cities Goddard: The staff, the food and the coffee are all great.

Breakfast Quiché (with sausage) and hash browns were delicious too. Tim Chimney: Grilled cucumber and watermelon salad.

Brian T.: Tornado and a slice of Quiché make for a great afternoon snack Ben Hudson: Ample and diverse seating is the name of the perfectly laid out game here at Colony Club.

Ryan K.: Vol Au vent and cheese Quiché were great. Nicolas Durand: Friendly place with top-notch service and delicious dishes and drinks.

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Fernando Gonzalez Safe: For breakfast try the muesli, the Quiché ant the Almond Croissant, yummy Hallie Swift: We also got the traditional type breakfast with the ham and eggs.

Map updates are paused. If you’ve wandered into Amsterdam Falafels late, you’re probably under the influence of Adams Morgan, so you won’t notice that the employees are unamused by your presence.

2425 18th St. NW.1830 14th St. Adams Morgan location open until midnight Sunday and Monday; 2:30 a.m. Tuesday and Wednesday; 3 a.m. Thursday; and 4 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Red lettering glows from the neon sign in the window, pulling customers off the street near Dupont Circle and into one of Washington’s better bookstores.

Served on a platter of tangy injury bread, the vegan combination ($18) includes deft takes on curry-stained cabbage, berbere-spiced lentils, a hearty mix of potatoes and carrots, and more. A mound of chilled ground beets was a welcome surprise, and crisp kale leaves brimming with garlic were a highlight.

It’s 10:40 on a Friday night and at the Green Zone, everyone is shouting, joyfully, as they crowd around the dance floor or watch the bartender shake up two cocktails at a time. You forget you’re in Washington, thanks in part to the food, which includes many Iraqi and Lebanese dishes you won’t find elsewhere in the city.

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D.C. Café’s extensive menu has American staples, such as burgers and meatball sandwiches, but you should try the Syrian cooking of owner Amman Almoualem instead. Go for the combination platter (moist chicken, big flakes of gyro, fresh veggies, rice, hummus, sour cream and pita for $12.99), the falafel or moussaka.

When hunger strikes after last call in Georgetown, broke and inebriated college students know where to satisfy their cravings for Lebanese comfort food. Late-night drop-ins dive into the chicken shawarma ($8.19) that’s slathered in a garlic whip and topped with french fries and pickles.

Others opt for the Lehman manatees ($6.50), a Byzantine flatbread with ground beef, diced tomatoes, onions and lemon juice. Both dishes come tightly packaged in to-go wraps for convenience and feature made-to-order bread that’s thin, crispy and hot.

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