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• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
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I already enjoy watching BestInSlot's videos, and he does give me some good ideas. I'm looking for a channel similar to EvolutionSquare, to give you a rough idea.

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Such as Geek ism, Rudi Renamed, Deladysigner, I also watch Thrive a lot. Deladysigner (I think that's how you spell it, excuse me if spelled it wrong XD) is a great YouTuber with inspiring builds.

Audi puts out tutorials, showcases his experience in franchise mode, and has created his very own Yosemite Valley Zoo. One of the coolest builds he has ever done is in his video called Planet of the Apes, where he creates a giant bridge where guests can view the animals in an amazing display of artistic expression.

This streamer understands how to create some epic buildings and the way he alters the terrain is unbelievable. The great thing too is that he struggles with the bathing system like the rest of us and can help us figure out what we might be doing wrong by watching his mistakes.

He also has habitat speed builds where he creates amazing landscapes for specific animals and provides you background details on the creatures and politics surrounding them. He has over 40 for you to choose from that showcase his private Punch Sanctuary, to several videos with tips and tricks for the development of your zoo.

He does a lot of live streams of his builds where viewers can ask questions as he creates beautiful scenery that leaves fans of the game drooling. The best videos to watch on her YouTube channel are those included in the playlists called Speed Built Series and Main Zoo.

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She is from the Netherlands, and she is an official ambassador for the game, and she also streams live on Twitch mostly in Franchise mode. When you are done binging her videos, you will be inspired to create your own habitats based on her builds, and you might even have a sketchbook filled with some of her own designs.

Raptor live streams an honest gaming experience where he consistently admits he isn't after perfection, and yet, he somehow achieves it. You will be inspired by his designs, and he even recommends you spend some time in career mode if you want a creative push when you have hit a roadblock.

One of his best qualities is the ability to use decorative objects to his advantage by placing them in a way that looks natural and exactly how we would picture an upscale zoo to look. This streamer also knows how to expertly use the terrain tool and create mountains or other exhibits that we love, and he makes it look easy.

The biggest project he is currently working on is an Islamic style zoo with giant habitats that involve a lot of small details. She enjoys starting fires in her kitchen and collecting pins when she's not writing for Valet, Inc, as an Organic List Writer.

Planet will attempt to be both educational, yet entertaining and attract younger and older players. Planet will immerse players in a 3D world zoo where they must not only learn how to acquire and take care of animals but also how to manage and budget a zoo, respond to guest wishes and desires, as well as participating in conversation efforts.

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Upon achieving a new level, new items and objects including animals are available for purchase. Players, by purchasing a Species Survival Plans Coordinator (S.S.P.C), can participate in various programs that will help bring in new and more exciting animals.

Researches will often reveal what kind of landscaping the animal prefers, what type of food it likes, what kind of enrichment it needs, breeding habits, and other various information. As well, completing the research will also open the animal up in the game mode: The Library which is discussed down below.

Players can “paint” the terrain into the exhibit according to what they find in their research, create cliffs, valleys, hills, rivers, lakes, ponds, beaches, etc. As well as place foliage, rocks, and other items the player discovers while researching.

Planet Zoo also has various animal houses for purchase upon unlocking certain levels. The player can expand each animal house three times adding three more exhibits and enlarging the house Planet Zoo offers an internet capability that allows players to connect with each other and visit each other's zoos, compete in challenges, and trade animals/objects with each other.

Basically, the player must choose to downsize the exhibit to please the guest thus making more money or keeping/increasing the size of the exhibit, possibly loosing money but keeping the animal happy. Firing staff members decreases efficiency while selling five animals may disgruntle your guests.

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There are various game play modes that can be accessed in the main menu screen. Sandbox Mode: The player can choose a location from the world map and begin to build a zoo without any goals or missions.

The player is given three common animals to start off with and can gain more by unlocking levels. They include interviews, stats and data, pictures and videos, maps, and other goodies provided by the zoos.

Once a rather dull port and industrial center, Seattle has undergone an astonishing transformation into the largest city in Washington State. Driven in part by its flourishing economy, it is today an energetic, forward-looking city at the forefront of innovation.

The city is rich in culture and easy-going lifestyles, and it's no accident that Seattle is the “Coffee Capital” of the United States, with an espresso bar on almost every corner. In addition, the city boasts a magnificent mountain setting: to the east is the ice pyramid of Mount Rainier National Park, rising out of the Cascade Mountains, to the west, the partly snow capped peaks of Olympic National Park.

Tempting nature lovers with moss-laden trees and winding trails, the How Rain Forest in Olympic National Park is not to be missed. Seattle Center, along with its iconic Space Needle and the Monorail, was originally built for the 1962 World's Fair.

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They have since been turned into an entertainment complex and park area with theaters, sports facilities, and restaurants. And though it's a locals' haunt, the futuristic steel and glass structure of the Seattle Central Library is worth seeking out.

Tourists can take an elevator to the 360-degree-view Needle Observation Deck to look out over the city, Elliott Bay, and Mt. The Seattle Center itself, however, offers one of the city's best places to visit in winter, with seasonal events like the annual Winter fest featuring family-friendly and free attractions.

On the two floors of picturesque Pike Place Market, vendors offer a wide range of wares for sale. This busy area near the waterfront is a popular tourist spot throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Market tours are an ideal way to cut through the bustle of Pike Place and hear some unusual stories. Fish, fruit, vegetables, and all sorts of odds and ends tantalize the taste buds and camera lenses.

If you don't have the hotel facilities for cooking up some seafood, head to one of the 80 local restaurants and bakeries, or pick up goodies to bring home from one of the specialty food stores. The historic nine-acre shopping haven also includes a crafts market that features 225 local and regional creators.

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In addition to eight galleries, visitors can admire one of his largest works in the Glasshouse, where the installation's colors and appearance change with the moving sunlight above. In the garden, visitors will find his work presented within a natural environment that enhances the flow and depth of the glass.

There is also a video presentation about the artist's life and craft, as well as daily gallery talks and tours. Seattle's Museum of Flight is home to a wide array of airplanes, educational exhibits, and flight-related historical objects.

Alongside general admission, the museum offers premium experiences that lend access to behind-the-scenes exhibits. An outdoor gallery displays the largest aircraft in the collection, including a Concorde, the first jet Air Force One, and military planes like the B-17F Flying Fortress.

The indoor Great Gallery at the museum gives onlookers the thrill of seeing many of the planes suspended in flight. History buffs will especially love the Personal Courage Wing, which is dedicated to remembering the important role of aviation during World War I and II.

Exhibits include 28 restored fighter planes, personal stories of pilots and air support troops, and interactive experiences like a flight simulator. Those fascinated with modern aircraft and flight innovation will want to take the Boeing tour from Seattle, a convenient way to visit the company's facility.

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The Olympic Sculpture Park is free and open to the public year-round, positioned at the edge of Elliott Bay. Some of its more remarkable sculptures are the Eye Benches and a glass bridge titled Seattle Cloud Cover.

Many Seattle residents and tourists come to the park to wander the day away and photograph or admire the installations. The museum's collections include artwork from around the globe and across millennia, as well as an extensive gallery dedicated to the art of Native Americans in the northwest.

Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo is a 92-acre facility with many threatened and endangered species from around the globe. Immensely popular with families, the zoo was the first to create naturalistic exhibits, and its 300 different species range from Asian and African elephants to snow leopards, jaguars, lemurs, and grizzly bears.

Check a current schedule for daily programs, animal feedings, and educational lectures or find hours for the solar-operated carousel. This education facility also catalogs the events that led to Seattle's rise as an important port city.

Visitors also enjoy the 360-degree views of the city using an authentic WWII-era Tang periscope in the Maritime exhibit. The museum's third major gallery focuses on how local inventors have put the region at the forefront of innovation and new technology.

Permanent collections in the museum's main gallery include a wide range of historical objects, from vintage clothing to locally invented products. Besides watching the boat traffic move between Puget Sound and the lakes, visitors can seek out the fish ladder, where salmon struggle upstream.

Look for the large glass art sculpture by Dale Chiefly, featured prominently in the lobby. Whatever show brings you to Binary Hall, the decadent 2,500-seat auditorium itself adds to the experience of visiting.

To the east of Pioneer Square is the colorful International District, where Japanese and Chinese shops and restaurants dominate the street scene. This hands-on museum doesn't just relate the colorful history of these popular arcade accessories, it encourages visitors to flick the flippers of countless pinball games.

The museum's philosophy is that visitors cannot fully appreciate technology without experiencing it, so the majority of exhibits encourage interaction. Visitors can experience cutting-edge virtual reality, take a simulated drive in a self-driving car, and even sit down to write some code for their very own video game.

The park encompasses coastline, forest, and meadows, offering a nice escape from the city and providing a habitat for wildlife. An environmental learning center hosts interactive exhibits and information about the park as well as education programs for all ages.

In central Seattle, Volunteer Park features a century-old conservatory with tropical plants and trees. Visitors can also find simple attractions within the park like walking trails, sports facilities, a children's play area, and picnic grounds.

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