Best Places To Hide Zombie Apocalypse

Ellen Grant
• Monday, 14 December, 2020
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Some diseases like Sleeping sickness, Rabies and Necrosis show signs that are eerily close to what you’d expect a zombie to be like. I mean come on, Donald Trump is an actual candidate for presidency, so it would be no surprise if the next worldwide outbreak was a bunch of zombies.

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Last time I checked the zombies weren’t walking the streets but if they do, here are the best places you should hide during a zombie apocalypse. Every location on this list of zombie hideouts have their pros and cons but be reassured they would be your best bet.

This is your obvious choice to hideout at, but only if you can get yourself a reliable boat, especially one that will help you escape to your island getaway. You must also be able to bring equipment, supplies, lots of water and food to last you while you wait out the zombie apocalypse.

Being in a jail might have not completely turned out like the characters in the Walking Dead thought, but they did last a long time there. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon a minimal security complex like those fancy one’s in Norway, you’ll be staying in the lap of luxury.

You’ll feel like you’re some 4-star hotel compared to being out in the element with those killer zombies. If history can teach us anything, castles have always been a wise choice when trying to keep your enemies at bay.

The land enclosed by the castle could be used for planting some food and raising livestock, if you can get your hands on some. You will be out of reach from all the flesh eaters on the ground, but don’t be surprised if you get a couple of floaters occasionally.

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If you can get your hands on a lighthouse you’re in luck because zombies, according to TV and the movies, can’t walk upstairs all that well. A lighthouse is also a safe place to hide out during a zombie apocalypse because it’s mostly surrounded by water and its height gives you a better vantage point with a 360 degree panoramic view.

Assuming you could find a bunker that is properly ventilated to breathe, and have enough time to gather supplies like food, water, and fuel to generate electricity, waiting out a zombie apocalypse in an underground bunker would be one of the safest and most sensible strategies. Propped up on stilts high above the waterline, sea oil drilling platforms would be another great find if you could get yourself there.

These structures could provide an almost perfect strategic refuge in the event of a zombie outbreak. Just like the lighthouse and a deep sea oil rig, a treehouse provides you isolation and the advantage to see the zombies or anyone actually alive that is trying to get at you.

A high mountain, most times, are uninhabited and that would mean your probability to survive the zombie apocalypse would be greater. Due to the geographic distance from most cities, a mountain can allow you to bite your time in hopes others will contain the outbreak by killing off some zombies or slowing down the rate of infection.

9 ways to stay safe10 photos “We build up to a full scale simulation of an outbreak in the United States, and discover that for 'realistic' parameters, we are largely doomed,” the study's abstract said. Major cities would fall quickly, but zombies may take weeks or even months to penetrate into the less densely populated areas of the country.

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Ever since George A. Romero released Night of the Living Dead back in 1968, the world has been gripped by the fear of a real zombie apocalypse occurring at any given moment. But others have either been abandoned entirely or have been sold to private companies who often allow people to visit them as a tourist attraction.

Image by The G from Apixaban Being high up off the ground would certainly give you a vantage point for spotting zombies, survivors and potential locations to scout for supplies. The problem is that being pretty high up it’ll be quite chilly in the winter months, and I wouldn’t really advise lighting a nice, cozy warm fire inside what's effectively a large, flammable matchbox.

Another problem is that trees can be damaged by moisture, fungus, insects and wildlife as well as pushed over by very strong winds, taking your treehouse tumbling down with it. Mountains are also usually, but not always, a considerable distance away from large, populated areas, meaning there’s also a very low chance of a zombie accidentally finding its way up one.

Image by Julius Silver from Apixaban There may sometimes be abandoned buildings in the mountain that you could occupy for the time being. The isolation could probably ensure it’ll be a long time before you see a zombie, provided that you have ample supplies.

Though the isolation of a mountain would likely keep you safe from having your brains nibbled on, it’s a very illogical choice of shelter. Being in the middle of the ocean in a sea-worthy vessel would be a pretty safe place to wait out the zombie apocalypse.

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Image by Meredith from Apixaban You won’t have a place to grow your potatoes (sorry Matt Damon), but the ocean would provide you with an infinite source of food anyway, so make sure you pack some fishing gear. Larger modern ships have the ability to convert saltwater into drinkable water, but such technology would likely be near impossible to find on a yacht or trawler, in such cases, you’ll have to go back on dry land to find some.

Powerful storms, rocks, shallows and so on pose serious threats to the vessel and those on board. To be fair, the majority of operational castles and fortresses would probably be occupied by the remainder of the armed forces in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

They’re a defensible building, often located on a vantage point or in a choke point, allowing the easy, mass slaughter of hundreds of undead in a single night as well as providing safe haven for the survivors inside its walls. Image by christens from Apixaban Castles that are surrounded by a moat will provide additional defense.

Some castles are capable of having crops grown inside its walls and still have plenty of room to raise some poultry and livestock, so you should be able to grow a steady supply of food to go around. If those old, crumbling walls don’t fall down in the night, a castle, or fortress, is probably the safest of all places on this list.

But, in case the need does arise, I call dibs on having Matt Damon in my castle bunker. A hard of hearing and socially awkward wordsmith who is addicted to tea and likes animals more than people.

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You’ve been around New Yorkers for a long time. Now, imagine how terrifying it would be to be surrounded by grumpy, New York zombies that are hungry for brains.

But fret not, we’ve compiled a list of places you should avoid, and a list of places to hole up with your Netflix account until the Zombie apocalypse goes away. 5 Places to safely binge-watch all the shows on Netflix ’til the zombies go away 1.

Top of Empire State Building Wreck the stairs to the top and proceed to take all the panoramic selfies you want. You’ll have a great crowd of zombies as your backdrop.

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18th Street Abandoned Subway Stop No one’s there now, no reason anyone should be there when everybody is dead. Liberty Island Far away from the mainland, and only accessible by Ferry: perfect zombie hideout spot.

A screenshot is shown In 2014, scientists from Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, and the University of California, San Diego dubbed the condition of being a zombie 'Conscious Deficit Hypo activity Disorder', or CDD, which they describe as an acquired syndrome in which infected people lack control over their actions. Distract them: Damage to zombies' posterior parietal cortex would mean that they couldn't concentrate and would be at the mercy of whatever grabs their attention.

While the experts advocate heading to remote, rural areas, their study pessimistically notes 'that for 'realistic' parameters, we are largely doomed.' Robert Smith, a mathematician who studies infectious diseases at the University of Ottawa, in Canada, started the trend.

Neuroscientists analyzed the behavior of the walking dead to reveal the inner workings of their mind and coined a diagnosis of 'zombie'. This diagram shows parts of the brain that are responsible for certain zombie behaviors, such as impulsive aggression and difficulty processing emotions In a 2009 paper, he described the first modern zombie model, using popular films such as the 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead to establish the biological characteristics of the slow-moving, cannibalistic creatures.

Two neuroscientists have also used zombies to reveal the inner workings of our brains as well as explaining the behavior of the walking dead, to come up with a comprehensive diagnosis of 'zombies'. Timothy Vestrymen, an assistant professor in the department of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Bradley Vote, assistant professor of cognitive science and neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego, summarized characteristic zombie behavior seen in films, which can be explained by looking at the structure of the brain.

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They have dubbed the condition 'Conscious Deficit Hypo activity Disorder', or CDD, which they describe as an acquired syndrome in which infected people lack control over their actions. In films, the undead display symptoms such as lethargic movement, loss of pleasure, language dysfunction, amnesia and the inability to suppress hunger and aggression.

'Zombies often have difficulty recognizing familiar people and suffer chronic insomnia that results in a delirious state,' they write. Specifically, damage to the fusiform gyrus would impair the undead's ability to recognize faces, while damage to the superior temporal gyrus would hamper their ability to process emotional facial expressions, resulting in apathy to the feelings of others.

But both types of zombie would have sustained 'extensive damage' to the frontal lobe, which is responsible for immediate tasks, planning, and motivation. Scientists have tried a slightly similar approach to cure Parkinson's disease, by replacing a certain type of neurons.

A direct current could be applied to the scalp of zombies using a battery to stimulate tissue, causing neurons to fire and make them more 'human' again. Lesions to the interior frontal cortex, especially Brock's area, which is linked to speech production, would result in communication difficulties.

The cerebellum, a region of the brain that plays an important role in motor control, would likely degenerate in CDHD-1 zombies, explaining their severe coordination difficulties in films. 'Individuals exhibit a wide stance and lumbering gait as well as difficulties reaching and grasping,' professors Vestrymen and Vote write.

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