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Wallflowers flower from early spring and can linger long after Midsummer’s Day and some forms are sweetly scented, too. Choose from our list of favorite Elysiums or wallflowers to suit your planting scheme.

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A robust wallflower cultivar with strong, woody stems and an upright habit. Spikes of light and dark mauve flowers that age to a paler lilac.

This wallflower was probably found in a garden owned by the Parrish family (close to bathe), it forms a large curtsying plant that billows over paths. This classic long-flowering mauve Elysium forms a tall, upright plant that stays erect.

The flowers of this Elysium are a spangled mixture of pink, brick red and dark orange. Another foot-high Elysium with vivid apricot flowers emerging from dark buds against dark-green foliage.

A new and unique wallflower cultivar with faded, pastel flowers in pink, gold and apricot. Looking mellow in sunlight, but the leggy, lax habit means this Elysium has to be cut back hard once flowering is waning.

One of the oldest wallflower cultivars, producing flowers over many weeks on a compact plant. The brick-pink Elysium flowers age to mauve above dark-green narrow leaves which have a wavy edge.

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This compact wallflower is a parent for many, including Elysium Walkerton’s Fragrant Sunshine (=‘Palfreys’). Like a brassier run to seed, this Aegean wallflower has provided the genetic injection of bright yellow in many named hybrids and cultivars.

Elysiums left to their own devices have a tendency to become woody and leggy and then fizzle out within four to five years, usually succumbing over winter. The way to extend the lifespan of wallflowers and keep them compact and vigorous is to give them a yearly midsummer trim by cutting into the foliage.

By early to mid-July your Elysium will have bushed out to provide plenty of cutting material. Trim under the node and plunge them into small seed trays filled with damp horticultural sand, or gritty compost.

The name Characters is thought to derive from the Greek for hand (char) and flower (ant hos) and the heavily scented flowers were carried as nosegays to smother the stench of Elizabethan streets. However, wallflowers contain a cardio tonic glucoside known as cheiranthin or Charlton, which is a toxic substance.

He wrote about a tragic accident that occurred at Namath Castle on the banks of the River Tweed in Scotland. The Earl of March’s daughter, Elizabeth, had fallen in love with a young nobleman from a rival clan, Scott of Susheela.

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The handsome Scott disguised himself as a minstrel and serenaded her while they made plans to elope, but when the time came Elizabeth fell to her death, landing close to a sprig of wallflower growing along the tower’s wall. The broken-hearted Scott set off to wander through the land wearing a sprig of wallflower, and this flower still symbolizes faithful devotion.

‘Up she got upon a wall Tempting down to slide withal But the silken twist untied So she fell, and brews’d, she died.’ from How the wall-flower came first, and why so called, by Robert Herrick. Where to buy Hui House Nursery Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 7DA.

Special Plants Green ways Lane, Cold Ashton, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN14 8LA. There are even varieties with color-changing blooms, which open bright yellow or orange and fade in shades of pink to a deep purple.

These plants like well-drained soils so much that it's how they got their common name: Wallflowers could often be found growing out of the mortar between rocks and bricks on the side of the wall. They suit rock gardens, border fronts, raised beds, and containers.

Place wallflowers in an area of the garden where they receive full sun in northern climates. If you plan on growing them as a perennial, shear them back after initial bloom to promote dense bushy growth.

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'Bowles Mauve' is a classic variety with gray-green leaves, pale purple flowers, and a pleasant fragrance. Elysium 'Orange Bedder' bears bright clusters of orange flowers on compact, 1-foot-tall plants.

They get their name from the fact that you can gently squeeze the sides of the intricately shaped flower and see the jaws of a dragon head snap closed. Plant snapdragons in early spring, a few weeks before your region's last frost date.

Plant it in spring several weeks before your region's last frost date; this annual thrives in cool temperatures and stops blooming once hot weather arrives. It's especially wonderful in window boxes and planters at nose level, where its sometimes subtle, spicy scent can best be appreciated.

It makes a great cut flower, perfuming bouquets as well as the border. It grows best in full sun or part shade and moist, well-drained soil.

The simple pleasure of meandering through a garden bursting with different hues gives me a warm glow, brightening my spirits on even the dullest of days. Perennial flowers that bloom from spring to fall are the secret of achieving long-lasting garden color.

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BELOW / PixabayThe key to successful year-round garden color is to be specific about your plant choices. They work their magic alongside trees, shrubs, biennials, annuals and bulbs, resulting in a succession of spectacular displays throughout the seasons with relatively little maintenance.

Cooler / PixabayChoose “Rudbeckia laminate Herbs tonne” for a tall, showy specimen that’s perfect at the back of a border. Its large, lemon yellow, daisy-like flower heads stand up to 2 meters tall on giant branching stems throughout the summer months.

Positively small in comparison at just 60 cm tall, it packs a colorful punch. Photo credit: Max Pixel Also known as “Beard tongue”, the trusty pension is a familiar friend to many cottage gardens.

These will open to a rich crimson color, and mature to a deeper shade of red. It’s hardy in most areas with prolific flowering, and will eventually reach a height of around 90 cm.

Their big, beautiful sky- blue, cup-shaped flowers have a white center and dark purple veins. This is an essential ground cover plant which is a vigorous grower and will reach a top height of around 20 tall.

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Therefore, it’s a really unusual, attractive addition at the front of a sunny or partly shaded bed. The Elysium “Bowles’mauve” is a semi-evergreen perennial that has an exceptionally long flowering period.

This plant offers mounds of simple violet flowers amongst smooth bright green foliage. Along with the well-known varieties, other such as E. martini Ascot Rainbow”, (which has the most beautiful contrasting scarlet red and lime green colors), and “E.

Being evergreen, this Euphoria provides year-round interest and is easy to grow in almost any soil. Hans / PixabayBetter known as “Lady’s Mantle”, this is a commonly used ornamental ground cover plant with slightly textured, bright green foliage.

This plant boasts pretty yellow flower clusters atop slender stems. SJ Price / PixabayFinally, I couldn’t leave out the Verbena varieties which make an effortless show of lasting color in every garden.

Growing to 1.2 meters with stout stems and nettle-like deep green leaves. The “Rose” is fully frost-hardy with slender, branching spires of upright lilac pink flowers.

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In addition, this delicate, structural plant is ideal to use for floral height at the back of any border. From May through November, you’ll have a garden full of color, and armfuls of beautiful blooms for your indoor vases as well.

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