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David Lawrence
• Monday, 14 December, 2020
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For many reasons, princess Allure is the best part of this show, but Lance of the blue (and later red) Lion could make a claim for that title, too. Thousands of years ago, the planet Alter was destroyed, along with all its pristine wilderness, its castles, and most of all, its people.

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But this didn't dampen Allure's spirits for long; she dearly misses her people and her home, but she has found the strength to process that grief and channel it to constructive ends, and that is highly laudable. It takes more than a slick personality to pilot a Lion of Vol tron and save the universe, but it can make the job a little more stylish and fun to watch.

This goes a long way toward cheering up his companions and giving them a few laughs, and it makes for great comic relief for the viewer, too. At first, Allure takes part in team Vol tron as a support member, controlling the high-tech Castle of Lions with Corn to aid her.

She can use Altman alchemy to perform many feats (more on that soon), but she later earned a more direct role in fighting with Vol tron. This left a gap, and despite not being an original Paladin, Allure earned the blue Lion's trust and respect, and she became a valued part of Vol tron.

Lance is an extroverted fellow who has no trouble expressing his love and joy for others, and seeing him reunite with his family, including his sister Veronica, warmly reminds viewers of what the Paladins are fighting so hard to defend. As a princess, she has been educated and trained for statecraft and leadership, not to mention Altman alchemy.

The exact arcane secrets of this alchemy may be too difficult for Allure to describe to a novice, but she can certainly demonstrate her prowess. It is Allure who can open portals to and from any location in the universe, and she has been able to heal Balm eras, transfer energy, and control quintessence like a true master.

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For a time, Allure accepted Lance as a Paladin but thought of him as a goofball who needed a bit more discipline. Lance has a heart of gold, and his serious side will show itself anytime a dear friend is in need.

It is princess Allure who organizes and leads the Vol tron coalition, and it can't be easy, but she pulls it off. But as the adventure continues, Lance's personal feelings grow stronger and more genuine, and his relationship with the Altman princess deepens and matures.

But she doesn't take the extremes of breaking down and running away or hiding behind a shell of arrogance and anger. Instead, she expresses her insecurities and concerns in a healthy manner, and her friends are always able to understand and empathize with her.

By the end, he is the sort of proper young man who can become a symbolic hero, fight with Vol tron and win the heart of princess Allure herself. About The Author Louis Keener (1768 Articles Published) I graduated from high school in Kansas City in 2009, then earned my Associate's in Arts in 2011 at MCC Longview, then my BA in Creative Writing at UM KC in 2013.

I have a passion for creative fiction, and I've studied and practiced my craft for over ten years. The new series, developed by DreamWorks Animation, follows the same beat and shows five unlikely heroes become the Paladins in a galaxy that is struck by war.

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The series brought in a ton of fans, as the show was widely loved after the release of the first two seasons. Netflix started releasing much shorter seasons and the direction just got incredibly derailed.

For starters, it is one of the shortest seasons in the series, with only six episodes that run for a little over 20 minutes each. Keith is absent for the majority of the time as he begins his training with the Blade of Marmara, leaving the team and naming Shirt (whose return in this season is super funky) the leader of Vol tron once again.

Fans were incredibly disappointed as season seven managed to bring back hope for the show to return to its former glory. The show could've ended after season seven and thus leave many fans a lot happier.

This season had its perks, it introduced Motor, a fan-favorite character, but it also was the first to be totally lacking Shirt. The team struggled for a while to figure out how to form Vol tron, which feels overplayed since fans had already seen this before when the original five were still learning.

Shirt is still weird, the Lions are still all out of funk, and Motor is suddenly an ally. Aryan is finally defeated in the middle of this season, and Motor and Allure also start this interesting yet bizarre romantic relationship, while Hangar spies on the Paladins through Shirt.

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It consisted of thirteen episodes and reminded fans why they originally fell in love with the series. It wasn't perfect, but its return to form was definitely appreciated and brought back hope that the series might end on a high note.

Fans also learned about the galaxy's lore as we met all of these amazing new characters and see how this series adapted from the original. She is a writer and podcaster and has been published in the Spring 2019 and the Summer 2020 editions of the Sartorial Geek Quarterly Magazine.

Season 1 played out at a much slower pace and the 90-minute-long intro makes for a somewhat tough entry into the show. But “The Black Paladin” contains the show’s first major plot twist, left us with a massive cliffhanger after really getting to love these characters, and spurred interest in the original series (if only so we could predict Shirt’s fate).

It’s rare for a show to have such a good first season and such likeable, relatable characters that early on. Season 6 brought a massive conclusion to the Motor arc and wow, we needed it.

Seeing Motor’s descent into madness, along with watching another superpowered giant Mecca fight, was truly an experience. The answer was underwhelming for a lot of fans, but nobody can really complain about the flashback episodes detailing the rise and fall of the first paladins and Carbon’s descent into madness.

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This episode also helps renew the efforts of the Vol tron Alliance and gives importance to those that don’t make up the giant mystical robot. The flashback sequences work far better than we should, considering that most of us assumed Motor was half-Altean and half-Galra, but seeing Minerva return for even a moment just hurts.

Obviously, the most important part of this episode is the introduction of the space dog Cosmos, the best boy in the universe. While spending two years inside the quantum abyss, Kaolin and Keith learn more about each other's lives and kind of makeup for lost time.

Overall, it’s a touching story with a twist ending, helping us lead up to some great finale payoff. The stakes were adequately upped from Season 1, including planting the seeds of the Vol tron Alliance via the introduction of the Blade of Marmara.

We also got some fantastic reveals, like Allure arguably being the most powerful character in the series, the Black Lion’s full wingspan, and of course, Shirt going missing. The payoff of everyone’s efforts and the final battle itself are enough to earn this episode a spot on the list.

Between Shirt’s erratic and out of character behavior, two Paladins for the Black Lion, and the fact that Keith is the team leader in the original series, we were all waiting for the fallout. Thanks to Keith being aged up a bit, he comes back to the team more mature and slightly less impulsive.

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In fact, we get more information about Shirt’s connection with the Black Lion as well as Keith’s knife hinting towards the Blade of Marmara. In early versions of the script, Shirt was supposed to be driving around the mall’s parking lot the entire episode.

You have a heart of stone if this episode didn’t make you tear up at least a little. After learning her brother was rescued from the Gala by a group of rebels, Ridge sets off on her own again to find him.

The last news I've heard of a movie was that it would be done by universal, and that was back in 2016, so the last update was 4 years ago, and the previous update was in 2012, almost 10 years ago. As part of their ongoing effort to pull crazy stunts that normal television simply cannot, Netflix recently revived the 80s classic Vol tron and gave the show an animation budget big enough to purchase Texas.

This ship is about fifty times the size of the lion, but it doesn’t matter as Lance gains some degree of control, unleashing powerful bursts of laser fire that decimate the enemy vessel. Taking advantage of its small size, the lion manages to land on the shop and tear into it as if it were one giant, metal gazelle, once again blowing up a large section as if the ship were made of dynamite.

We then get the pleasure of seeing Shirt go into full warrior mode, deflecting laser blasts with his glowy purple hand, slicing through solid metal and punching through robot torsos hard enough that they explode. Keith is completely unable to land a single hit on his opponent, who uses a combination of teleportation, energy shields and destructive purple lightning to smack the young paladin around like a rag doll.

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So okay, maybe it’s not completely out of left field, but the scene definitely drives home the sinister power of Gala technology in that it can literally make someone appear to have OP magical abilities. Just the fact that Shirt was able to kill one of these things with only his wits and a rusty sword was incredible enough, but the enormous and upgraded version was proving to be more than a match even for Vol tron.

In this case, it was the first time anyone figured out that their Bayard could be used in conjunction with their giant robot, with Keith using his to give Vol tron a massive energy sword. Thus armed, the team were able to make quick work of the Gladiator, slicing it right down the middle and ending in a post-battle pose while the thing exploded behind them.

For someone who was just about to leave the team, Ridge steps up surprisingly well and pretty much saves the day all by herself; this involves shutting down a reactor with all the instructions in Altman, running a gauntlet of security robots, outsmarting said robots using the Castle’s training programs and taking on a veteran Gala soldier with only the resident cute helper drone as an ally. She eventually manages to find her way to the main control room, throwing herself into the fight alongside her fellow paladins and destroying Sendai’s weapon, allowing him to finally be defeated and the castle to be liberated.

The entire climax of “Rebirth” could qualify as an epic moment, or at least a decent collection: Allure’s speech to the downtrodden Cameras, Hunk using his Bayard to turn Vol tron into a laser Hakka machine and the Balm era itself crystallizing the monster into an interesting art piece to finish off the battle. Despite not forming part of Vol tron (not yet, at least), Allure is never shown to be anything other than an invaluable asset to the team, often taking a leadership role and competently piloting their humongous castle ship.

As if all this wasn’t enough, this episode has her using her Alter an heritage to connect with the planet-creature Balm era and perform a ritual to heal the planet from all that harmful mining. Previously only attempted by her father on a small scale, Allure chooses to disregard all of that and heal the entire creature in one fell swoop, despite the chances that it could drain all her Quintessence and kill her.

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In a slightly sinister episode featuring minimal robot action (and no Vol tron), Allure makes a heart-rending sacrifice that saves the entire ship. ‘Malfunctioning ship on a crash course with a sun’ isn’t exactly the most original plot in all sci-fi, but the root cause of the problem stands out as far more unique: their Gala prisoner has become a ghost in the system, trying his best to suck people out of airlocks and murder them with training robots.

Despite the literal image of her dead dad urging her not to do it, Allure still finds the strength to delete the memories, embracing the hologram one last time as he shatters and fades away. It’s one of the few resolutions not solved by Vol tron punching/stabbing/shooting something to death, and for a show that doesn’t often delve into emotional nuance, it’s really a bittersweet moment that highlights both Allure’s loss and strength of character.

All throughout the season, the team had faced either single ships or enemies that were a match for Vol tron, making all this ‘strongest warrior in the universe’ business seem like overblown gossip. Then we actually see Vol tron pitted against an entire fleet surrounding Jargon’s main ship, and it becomes pretty obvious why all the villains want this thing so badly.

Keith may have received a demotion in this series down to red lion, but he proves himself multiple times as one of the team’s best fighters and still capable of being a leader. It’s perhaps a bit of a bone toss to the older crowd that the finale has him taking on Carbon himself, the true main bad guy who apparently earned his position by being absolutely, terrifyingly powerful.

The lions have shown themselves easily capable of taking down huge warships and are pretty much unmatched except against Vol tron -level giant robots. Then Carbon just casually strolls out into space, probably royally ticked off that Keith interrupted him in the process of stealing back the black lion but not showing it.

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Keith takes his chance to end the Gala Empire once and for all, while Carbon shows himself to be all but invincible, transforming his own Bayard into an indestructible shield, an energy-blasting sword and an impractically-large blaster cannon that scythes off a portion of his own warship.

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