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While we anxiously await for Season 5 of Nation to begin, let’s look at these ten most outrageous moments from the show! The writers push the envelope and seal the show’s fate with the first every zombie baby.

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When Doc gets trapped in and airshaft and decides his time is due, he lights up. As the troupe hits Wisconsin, they stumble upon a huge wheel of cheese.

The next outrageous moment in the same episode is how the team leads the tsunami into the Grand Canyon. Nation, courtesy of Safe A few members get stir crazy; in a cuckoo’s nest sort of way.

Nation, courtesy of Safe As Murphy heads to a tanning bed, a zombie pops out, and she’s been there a long time. The wrinkled brown folds of skin is enough to keep a valley girl out of the sun.

David Williams, 'Fasteners' Cast and More Pay Tribute to Late Barbara Windsor Brandon Christensen’s Z, ” premiering May 7th on Shudder, is a vicious little movie that recalls “Poltergeist” and The Barbados with its story of a possessive force that destroys a family.

The first act's gaslighting creepiness becomes something more like “Poltergeist,” especially after Josh draws a terrifying vision of Z on his wall and, well, violence happens (I won’t spoil the aforementioned jump scare, but mine was accompanied by an audible exhalation and I believe a curse word). Without spoiling anything, a doctor who also treated a young Elizabeth, played by the always-reliable Stephen Mattie, reveals a family history with this particular problem that the Parsons are having.

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