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Yet, he has the proven ability to write about any topic imaginable, including some you wouldn't dare dream of. Like selling crack to your mother or shooting your brother (he detailed both on the same track).

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Just Jay rep pin' the streets of Marcy and embracing the notion of being stuck in “This Life Forever.” “Can't Knock the Hustle” is a bona fide hip-hop classic, not just because of Jay's smug rhyming but also because Mary J. Blige's cameo is purely magical.

In which two of the greatest MCs team up to salute their hood and throw barbs at rivals. Ever the shrewd businessman, Jay capitalized on the song's popularity by naming his album Vol 2... Hard Knock Life.

Back when Dirty South was but a blip on the rap radar, Jay-Z connected with UK on a blockbuster Timberland beat. A gripping tale in which Jay admits hurting his loved ones for selfish reasons.

This is the side of Jay that was tucked away for years, but he opened up a real scab and created a gem in the process. This pure, uncut slice of street hop triggered the campaign for American Gangster.

“Blue Magic” wound up in the Bonus Tracks section, but it still jams harder than most lead singles. Give Jay-Z a hard body beat, and he'll reward you with quotable rhymes.

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The Na's sample on “Rap Game/Crack Game” would eventually overshadow Jay-Z 's performance on the song, thanks to its role in that famous battle. Venues basically pay Jay to show up and watch the crowd rap the entire song.

He “went out” on a high note, but “the Michael Jordan of rap” would soon bounce back like round ball. Jay-Z dotes on the Big Apple and ends up with his biggest smash yet.

Word has it that “Can I Live” marked the last time Jay-Z put pen to pad. The song is meticulously crafted with layers of internal rhymes and ruminative thoughts.

With scholarly focus, Jay-Z dismantles Na's' earlier attacks on “Stigmatic” Freestyle while launching a few insults of his own. The road to “Dead Presidents II” was paved with trial and error; hopes and disappointment; toil and joy.

The first, slightly subpar version of the song, didn't make the final cut for Reasonable Doubt. To add to the uncertainty, Na's is said to have been booked for a cameo, but he never made it to the recording studio.

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In the end, Jay-Z only needed a mic and a Ski beat to make his greatest song ever. Throughout the classic track, he spells out his lofty goals while kicking some of the worst lines he's ever coined.

No other anime has had as big a ripple in the world of gaming as Akira Oriya's Dragon Ball. Updated by Michael Connor Smith on February 7, 2021: With Dragon Ball being such an enormously important franchise in the entertainment industry, it only makes sense for there to be a lengthy list of games to accompany the series.

We thought it's best to update this list with a few fan-favorite games that didn't make the cut on the original, and most importantly, include the addition of the recent Dragon Ball Z : Apart to create a more accurate list of the Dragon Ball games we all know and love. Raging Blast attempted to take the formula for 3D, action-packed fights to the next level with more cinematic elements and big, flashy, fitting attacks.

For the time, and even now, the game is a graphical beauty that does well to capture the feeling of the manga and anime. It's a perfectly suitable arena fighter with RPG gameplay elements.

It exists as the ultimate Dragon Ball Z toy box game. Dragon Ball: Fusions is a wild video game that no one expected to like.

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As a Dragon Ball RPG, it is already a rare beast in the DBZ Universe. It is a crazy RPG game that focuses primarily on fan service, full of references throughout the universe.

It serves as a unique RPG experience, offering fans the sort of stuff they have never seen before. The fast-paced gameplay of the Buddha and Buddha Tenkaichi series left fans hoping Super Dragon Ball Z would be a fun, exciting action game...but what they got was a far slower-paced, technical fighter...with FAR fewer characters than expected or wanted.

Which is why many fans made a huge mistake overlooking Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure, a Game Boy Advance beat-em-up game where you play from the start of the series to the final fight with King Piccolo. For the fans who appreciated it in its day, it came right when over-saturation of Dragon Ball Z was hitting its peak.

It offered variety to remember that, yes, Roku's adventure didn't just start with Rad ditz and end with BUU. Dragon Ball Z : Legacy of Roku II almost made this list.

Plus, it has digital renditions of Bruce Falconer's Dragon Ball Z music, which, for many growing up with the series, is a huge dose of nostalgia. Dragon Ball Z : Attack of the Siemens for the DS is often forgotten by fans of the series.

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As the PlayStation 2 neared its demise in 2008, one last Dragon Ball game was released to add to the already fantastic lineup the PS2 was known for. The exclusion of the “Dragon Rush” feature from Buddha is entirely left out here, which is seen as a huge plus.

To many modern players, it may seem borderline blasphemy to place some ancient, 2D fighting game above the like of Buddha Tenkaichi or Genovese. Other people who might've been on the old school internet might recognize the sprites as being omnipresent on forum signatures since the early '00s.

While it features far fewer characters than modern Dragon Ball Z games, none of them feel like model swaps. It also features a unique story that leads to some strange plot threads involving Back.

Apart is a fantastic single-player experience that really appeals to die-hard fans, and one of the few downsides is the lack of content for players who haven't grown up with this anime titan. The RPG elements are fun and intuitive, but get extremely repetitive and stale pretty quickly.

It featured a terrific balance of characters, gameplay mechanics, fast-paced action, story mode, and just plain fun of any Dragon Ball Z game around. No other game (save for the final one) has featured a cast of well-balanced Dragon Ball Z fighters like Buddha 3 has.

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It offered fans a way to compete against one another (in a sense) in the preconize heavy days of video games. About The Author Anthony Ganglia (10 Articles Published) Earned my MFA from Farmland Dickinson University.

Edit Cast overview, first billed only: Charlie Hanna ... Percy Fawcett Robert Atkinson ... Henry Costing Sienna Miller ... Nina Fawcett Tom Holland ... Jack Fawcett Edward Ashley ... Arthur Manley Angus MacFadden ... James Murray Ian McDermid ... Sir George Goldie Clive Francis ... Sir John Scott Kellie Pedro Cello ... Tattoo Matthew Sunderland ... Dan Johann Myers ... Willis Aleksander Jovanovich ... Urquhart Elena So lovey ... Madame Fuel Bobby Aldridge ... Jack Fawcett (7 Yr Old) Tom Lutheran ... Jack Fawcett (3 Yr Old) View production, box office, & company info. Edit The Lost City of Z tells the incredible true story of British explorer Percy Fawcett, who journeys into the Amazon at the dawn of the 20th century and discovers evidence of a previously unknown, advanced civilization that may have once inhabited the region.

Edit Trivia Charlie Hanna and Robert Atkinson both lost around 20-40 lb by only eating the minimum per day while filming in the jungle. Goofs During the battle scene taking place in 1918 in which Percival Fawcett got wounded you see German machine gun nest with soldiers wearing Pickelhaube (spiked helmet).

The Pickelhaube was replaced in 1916 by the Stahlhelm since this was better suited in the demanding conditions of trench warfare. Quotes Percy Fawcett : We all made of the same clay.

Through manga, anime, and video games Dragon Ball Z has covered so much ground as a franchise that it’s almost impossible to be unfamiliar with the martial arts epic. From the Super AMISOM in Japan to the Nintendo Switch in a few months, the Dragon Ball Z video game scene has no intention of slowing down.

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While a good chunk of Dragon Ball Z games have been exclusive to Japan, there are plenty great ones that have made their way to North America. Like any thirty year franchise, Dragon Ball Z has had some ups and downs, and you can see that clearly in its games.

It’s no surprise that the Kine ct didn’t take off the way Microsoft wanted it to, but the quality, or lack thereof, of games available for the motion sensor, is baffling. Dragon Ball Z : For Kine ct could have been an interesting attempt at a first-person fighting game, but it’s little more than an advertisement for Super Taiwan Burdock.

The story mode is one of the worst in the series, and gameplay comprises throwing around random punches and jumping around. Takes is an ugly, little 2D fighter for the Game Boy Advance that’s more Taken than Dragon Ball Z.

Now, a traditional DBZ fighter could have been incredible, but Webfoot Technologies obviously didn’t care about making a good game, they just wanted to milk that sweet Dragon Ball utter. Battles are sluggish, the story mode is downright abysmal, the graphics are hideous, and the combat is not responsive whatsoever.

Webfoot Technologies made Legacy of Roku II and BUU’s Fury, so it’s not like they were unfamiliar with the series, and they had a decent track record. As it stands, Takes is a downright shameful stain on the series’ video game legacy.

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Based off one of the worst adaptations in the cinematic medium, Dragonball Evolution strips away all the charm, nuance, and passion that makes Dragon Ball such a fun series and repackages it into a disgraceful attempt at exploiting the franchise for profit. Sure, Dragon Ball has a lot of merchandise, and you wouldn’t be wrong by saying the series has probably sold out, but at least the countless spin-offs try to offer something in the way of quality or fan service to make up for that.

Evolution, however, does not care whatsoever and is content in being a mediocre fighting game that barely understands the series it’s based on. Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout was the last entry in the original Burden sub-series and was the first one to be released in the United States.

The earlier entries in the series are all excellent games but Final Bout, perhaps because of its source material, failed to live up to any and all expectations. Bordering on the horrifying, Final Bout was the first fighting game in the series to be released in North America.

Roku versus Veg eta just feels like two muscled men slowly punching each other in the air. Infinite World is Buddha 3 if the latter never bothered trying to be a fun video game that also played like an episode of Dragon Ball Z.

In a situation like this, where a pre-established game is shamelessly being rereleased, there’s no reason to get rid of content, let alone playable characters. Perhaps most offensively, Buddha 3’s RPG styled, character driven story mode has been completely neutered and replaced with a shallow mess that has more mini-games than it does engaging combat.

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Buddha 2’s CEL shading is downright gorgeous, the combat is nice and fluid, and it increases the roster by a respectable degree, but it also has own of the worst story modes ever to grace Dragon Ball Z. Combining the worst elements of Mario Party with the worst qualities of an anime or manga adaptation, Buddha 2 follows up the original Buddha’s fantastic story mode with a board game monstrosity that butchers its source material for little reason other than to shoehorn Roku into every major battle.

When it comes to fighting mechanics, Dragon Ball Z tends not to shine, so the stories need to do the heavy lifting. Buddha set such a strong precedent, properly adapting the anime with full cutscenes up to the Cell Games, but Buddha 2 ends up resetting the plot in favor of Mario Party shenanigans and a story that gets just about every major detail wrong.

Raging Blast is basically what you get if you strip down Buddha Tenkaichi to its base parts and release it before putting back the customization and roster. It’s still a good game, mind you, but it’s missing a lot of what made Buddha Tenkaichi a fun series.

Perhaps the best things Raging Blast brings to the table is fully destructible environments, battle damage, and even mid-battle facial expressions. It really is a shame Raging Blast didn’t go further with its premise since just a bit of character customization would have gone a long way to help.

If it’s your only option for a Dragon Ball Z fighting game, it’ll get the job done, but it won’t be the best you can do. Raging Blast 2, while fixing just about everything that was wrong with the original, takes a huge step back with the story mode, opting for a few loose missions for each character.

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If Raging Blast 2 had just added some context, it wouldn’t have been so bad, but neglecting to do so hurts the overall game. It’s a shame too, because Raging Blast 2 comes very close to hitting the mark, but fails miserably in translating the plot.

Maintaining the same three-dimensional combat from Buddha Tenkaichi, Tag Team translates surprisingly well to the handheld although not without its faults. Part of the appeal of Buddha Tenkaichi was its massive roster, which Tag Team is simply lacking.

While it may not do anything new in terms of story presentation, a decent amount of care has been put into the gameplay to at least make it unique and stand out. To accommodate the heavy emphasis on team-based combat, the story mode is actually slightly adjusted to make the major battles feature multiple characters fighting at once.

The story takes place a few years after the defeat of Main BUU and sees our heroes dealing with the demon Anemia. If you’re clamoring for a Dragon Ball Z title for your PSP and for some reasons don’t have access to Another Road, Shin Buddha is your best bet at a good time.

It was such an exotic and strange show that only got stranger when Veg eta’s son came from the future to warn about an impending Android attack. Before Dragon Ball Super came along and explained what has been happening to him, the video games had to fill in the blanks.

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It’s been wholly reconned by Super, but it’s a nice story that plays with Trunks’ arc with some solid Buddha action. It came out at the right time, had plenty of polish and charm put into it, and did a fantastic job adapting the anime into a video game format.

Using an episodic structure, battles felt just like the anime right down to title cards and a “Next time on.” The cutscenes may not hold up terrifically well, and they’ve been wholly outdone by Burst Limit, but the gameplay is still there and there’s plenty of fun side-content to play around with.

Playing through the Cell Games as Hercules (Mr. Satan if you’re nasty) is ridiculous in the best way possible. Buddha also introduced the capsule customization system which still stands as one of the best features of any Dragon Ball Z game.

Instead of capsules, Burst Limit uses a drama piece system where mini cutscenes can be trigger mid-battle for damage adding a new level of theatrics to combat. Burst Limit, weirdly enough, also has one of the best soundtracks of the Dragon Ball Z video games and sports some strong voice acting, particularly from Sean Scheme as Roku.

You’re going to have to forgive a horrible translation, probably the worst ever in a Dragon Ball Z game, before you get anything out of the story mode but if you’re able to overlook it you’ll find a lot to enjoy. Going through Trunks’ timeline is a blast and Golan’s entire story mode is a ride from start to finish.

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The writing is honestly a problem, and it’s a shame that the translators obviously didn’t care, but it’s not offensively bad, nor is it enough to detract from the meaning of any given line. It plays just about the same but lacks the customization and huge roster that made those games so appealing, but that’s only at first glance.

A closer look will show you one of the best story modes in Dragon Ball Z, and an original side-story that feels weirdly like a predecessor for Genovese. The story covers all of Z and GT, but from Ra ditz to Main BUU, Ultimate Tenkaichi does an admirable job adapting the plot.

The story features your original character going back in time with Trunks to fix messed up timelines which is a fresh concept as it has you experiencing classic Dragon Ball Z battles with a twist. The endgame can be a pain trying to grind for the right gear, but you at least get to experience something unique with some really fun character building thrown into the mix.

Beautiful sprite work and fast combat highlight every battle, as all your favorite characters pummel each other into dust with the occasional assist thrown in. For those seeking something outside the single player realm, there’s also an online mode that, while not very active, is good fun when you get a game going.

Roku might die for good after Cell, meaning Golan and Veg eta need to handle Main BUU. With fun, fast gameplay as a nice highlight, Supersonic Warriors is a game that any Dragon Ball Z can easily enjoy.

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Unfortunately, the stripped down story mode makes it understandably weaker than its predecessor, but to say Buddha Tenkaichi 3 isn’t a great game despite that would be a bald-faced lie. The Wii version, especially, does a great job at using motion controls in a way that Dragon Ball Z for Kine ct could only dream of doing.

For fans of the original, Genovese 2 might feel a bit like an expansion pack, but it shouldn’t be ignored just because it maintains some content from the first game. Plus, people who sunk time into the original can actually import their data into the second for bonus goodies.

Sure, the lack of a level up system takes away some fun, but it doesn’t mean the story is any worse off. If Buddha 3 didn’t exist, there would be no question about how what the best Dragon Ball Z video game would be.

The capsule customization is at its finest, the roster sporting a very respectable cast, and the content through the roof. Being from an era from before online, you have to trade codes to fight other people’s customized characters, but the sheer fact you can is fantastic.

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