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The key to its success is not just its rapid-fire dialogue, dizzying array of double (or even single) engenders, and mildly surrealist overtones, but the diverse assortment of characters (the hicks, the skids, and the jocks respectfully) whose Seinfeld conversations often, and quite cleverly, lay the groundwork for storylines that defy comparison too much of anything else on TV. Just in time for Halloween, the second of these specials is a ghost story of sort, with Gail (Lisa Covington) and the hicks investigating an apparent paranormal entity at Modern’s II, while Daryl and Squirrel Dan (K. Trevor Wilson) consecutively mistake Bonnie Murray’s (Kamila Wall) increasingly suggestive outfits whilst participating in charity for just another sexy costume.

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Structured by an honorably rigid commitment to the comedy rule of three and incorporating many hysterical horror movie tributes, “The Haunting of Modern’s II” is exactly the treat you would expect and want from an Hallow’s Eve in Lettermen. Despite being the hicks’ unofficial leader, it is difficult to imagine someone like Wayne in a position of authority, yet, that is just what he attempts to achieve when he accepts a nomination against Murray (Dan Petronijevic) as Letterkenny’s Agriculture Hall President, but not without some reluctance.

He never has proved his initial hesitate as warranted, however, since Stewart’s attack ad for him, including some hilariously uninspired recreations of iconic commercials (i.e. “Chassis!” ) and an immaturely profane campaign slogan, costs him the election. Fortunately, it never costs this episode any laughs, for it has some of the finest pop culture parody on Lettermen, a healthy dash of political commentary, and sees fan favorite Murray and his wife (Melanie Romano) in a moment of hilarious competitiveness.

It is oddly satisfying when Coach (Mark Forward), the bumbling mentor of Letterkenny’s hockey team, suffers so much embarrassment, as he calls it, despite all his life’s tragedy, but never has he deserved such ridicule more than when he schemed to keep Canada goose droppings off of the local golf course by pouring oil on their eggs to prevent hatching. The group spends the entirety of their day harassing Coach and his golf buddies over their handling of the goose situation, even their own well-thought-out solutions, in this funny sight of good triumphing over manic aggression that also serves as a meaningful message against animal cruelty.

We see Daryl at peak insecurity pleading against his traditional birthday party, the skids enjoying dance sessions outside the dollar store, Wayne defending his title as the toughest guy in Lettermen, Jones (Andrew Herr) and Reilly (Dylan Play fair) auditioning for Canada’s The Amazing Race in a post-credits sequence, and the birth of one of the series’ best running gags: talk of the Ginger’s lewd act with an ostrich (“allegedly”). Few series poke fun at pop culture the way Lettermen does and the means of which they take a shot at reality television in this particular episode, in which Wayne and Katy try to decide on a way to benefit the community with heir inheritance, is breathlessly funny and original.

The bulk of the episode resembles how entrepreneurs present their business ventures to the hosts of Shark Tank and each side characters’ pitch is pretty much identical to certain popular reality series, with some unsubtle jabs at any logical flaws in their concepts and even any controversies they may have faced. There is even more of that to be found in the Season 4 episode in which Wayne and Katy become judges for a town’s own talent competition, hosted by the auctioneer Jim Dickens (Alex Mucosae) whose talking speed puts new meaning to Letterkenny’s unequivocally quick dialogue.

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We have covered Letterkenny’s style of parody plentifully, but not so much its incomparably glorious use of double entendres, of which the series’ crowning achievement, in my opinion, comes from the eighth and most recent (and, potentially, best) season. The episode is also one of the few that is told mostly through flashbacks, since the gang has to help fill in the blanks of what took place at the previous night’s St. Patty’s celebration for Daryl who, despite his friends’ assurance of his “legendary” party goer presence, cannot remember a thing.

I mentioned how the most recent season of Lettermen may be its greatest, and my top reason is its finale in which Wayne and Katy's respective romantic arcs come to momentous conclusions. Being the Publisher of this very website gives me access to all the most interesting granular data.

For example, I know that only about 5% of the people (or bots, however you identify) who visit this website are located in Canada. Down here, we’re only about to fully realize Letterkenny’s destiny as the great comedy show of its generation.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let me give you the scoop on Lettermen : it’s a situational comedy about a fictional town in rural Ontario, Canada. It revolves around the lives and problems of several social groups: The Hicks, led by leading man and show creator Jared Keep as Good Ole’ Boy Wayne ; The Skids, led by night-walking meth prodigy Stuart; The Hockey Players, a sneaky-great duo named Riley and Jones who endeavor to wheel, snipe, and cell, and occasionally they explain what some of those things mean; and a revolving carousel of small-town denizens, each of which is never what you might expect.

Step 2: Come back to this guide and watch the sets of episodes by character. Having watched him in numerous interviews, I’m convinced that who Jared Keep is, as a person, is essential to what makes Wayne a special character.

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“Relationships” (Season 2, Episode 3) In a brilliant re-envisioning of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Wayne gets signed up for a dating service and painfully scrapes his way through all manner of romantic comedy trappings in a matter of maybe 12-minutes of screen time. But in the second episode, The Lore of Wayne is built in a miraculously short amount of time.

He fights a bunch of guys, co-authors what almost was the softest birthday party on record, and has the time of his life with frosting. When we first meet Daryl, played by Nathan Dales, he’s a bit of a punchline for all the best Wayne and Katy jokes.

It revolves around the gang recounting to Day his blackout-drunk buffoonery from the previous evening’s party. When Lettermen stops and decides to build episodes around him, Nathan Dales is always up to the task.

There’s an authentic enthusiasm he exudes when Day gets the odd chance to lead the way. “Les Piques” (Season 3, Episode 4) On the gang’s trip to a frozen lake in Quebec for some fishing, Day shines with his long-gestating jokes, his anger toward the French, and his ridiculous 180-degree turn in the name of love at the end.

At some point in your Lettermen journey, you’ll meet a man named Bradley. When asked if he was a feminist, Wayne once famously said that he trusts his sister Katy with just about any job over a man.

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In a lesser show’s hands, Katy is an easy character to peg as “the woman in the group who is written like a man,” but there’s so much more going on here. Katy’s best episodes: “Puck Bunny” (Season 3, Episode 2) Upon learning that the puck bunny (aka hockey groupie) that’s causing dysfunction in the local team’s locker room is Wayne’s cheating ex Angie, Katy goes undercover to rid the locker room of its meddlesome lady.

“The Election” (Season 2, Episode 2) If it weren’t for Katy lyrically undressing her adversary (Devon, a skid with bravado) in the Dollar Store parking lot, this episode is otherwise a little of a snooze (at least by Lettermen standards). But she commits metaphorical atrocities that would make any Real Housewife shake in her boots.

The fabulous foursome at the heart of all Lettermen adventures is the show’s sweetness, Squirrel Dan, played by comedian K. Trevor Wilson. And while he may have rightfully earned his nickname and can get quite squirrel from time to time, Dan is also a devout social justice warrior and follower of Professor Trisha, who teaches his Women’s Studies class.

Hopefully we’ll get to meet Professor Trisha someday, but for now, Squirrel Dan is plenty to love. In a moment of sound self-awareness for the show, K. Trevor Wilson becomes the blandest, most delightfully wholesome stand-up as Dan lives out a fantasy.

But when Wayne and Day plan a menu of Sushi and Sashimis, Dan almost keels over. Known as The Skids, this group of meth enthusiasts is often found to be an antagonizing force in Lettermen.

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They game, they dance in parking lots, the commit petty vandalism, and they do it all while conjuring new synonyms for meth. “Super Hard Easter” (2018 Easter Special) With all the other skids visiting their families for the holiday, Roald aspires to drag Stuart out of a depressive episode by celebrating Zombie Jesus Day.

And guess what, that’s all true, because Reilly and Jones spend most of this episode being hilariously knocked around by AFIS. “The Lettermen Leave” (Season 4, Episode 5) While Wayne and Co. are being lured into a polyamorous trap by the Murray, Reilly and Jones accidentally take Ritalin instead of Steroids and yarn-wall an incredible workout plan.

You’re likely to also see Trio Horn, who plays Tanks, breakout in movies soon enough, but for now, she’s busy stealing every scene of Lettermen that she occupies. Tanks’ best episodes: “The Of’ College Try” (Season 5, Episode 2) After a few years of poking and prodding, Tanks finally lands herself a chance to take Letterkenny’s most eligible Wayne for a spin.

In the spectacular failure of their relationship, we learn a lot about Tanks and in the end, it’s hard not to respect her independence here. “Hard Right Jay” (Season 5, Episode 2) In the show’s most overtly political (and current event specific) episode, a gag about a Hard Right water coming to Lettermen to stir up trouble could have gone so wrong.

“Force of nature” is an often used and not-so-often properly applied term in the world of pop culture criticism. But Gail, as played by Lisa Covington, is a real force of nature every time she saunters (or stumbles) into a scene.

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She’s the horny small town bar owner with a heart of gold and a penchant for breeding dogs. Gail’s best episodes: “Uncle Eddie’s Trust” (Season 2, Episode 5) With the whole town trying to woo Wayne and Katy to score Uncle Eddie’s philanthropic inheritance check, Gail pitches what basically amounts to The Bachelor, but with Wayne.

Even if this one is the most obvious type of holiday episode, it also has a storyline in which Gail used to bump ugliest with Letterkenny’s longest running Mayor, Uncle Eddie. “Finding Stormy a Stud” (Season 2, Episode 6) Up to this point, Gail was just the foul-mouthed bar owner.

In this episode, we learn that she’s got a real skill for breeding beautiful dogs and a few hot takes that bring her in confrontation with Squirrel Dan. Here’s my theory about Glen, as played by the show’s co-writer, co-producer, and director Jacob Tierney.

I don’t think Mr. Tierney is as concerned with delivering any sort of complexity with small-town preacher in the sheets, freak in the streets Glen. He’s a very seriously good director and a driving force behind the fact that this show looks way better than it has any right looking.

I’m not sure how accurate Lettermen is, but it paints a hilarious picture of life in the small town. You might have to learn some new phrases, but don’t worry we have you covered with these hilarious Lettermen quotes.

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Chen is the hockey league and rips is a term for weed. Wayne and his friends seem to have a blast, and if you are a fan of the show, you have undoubtedly been left in stitches thanks to their inappropriate sense of humor.

Check out these funny Lettermen quotes, learn some everyday slang, and have a good laugh! “Tim’s, McDonald’s, and the beer store are all closed on Christmas Day.

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