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• Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
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It is the fourth largest in the world behind Tokyo, Mexico City, and São Paulo, Brazil. Regardless of how the area is defined, New York is among the richest and most complex places to live in America.

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Much of Lower Manhattan consists of narrow, haphazard streets, dating back to the city’s earliest days as a Dutch colony. Except older areas, such as Greenwich Village, the rest of the city follows an orderly grid pattern of avenues and streets laid out in 1811.

Midtown is the commercial center, with corporate headquarters, various media businesses, and world-class shopping along Fifth Avenue. Large skyscrapers dominate Lower Manhattan, then retreat as does hard bedrock to build on in those areas, then reemerges in Midtown.

“Hip” residential areas lie east and west, mainly popular with young single professionals. North and west is Hell's Kitchen, in the “40’s” (most Manhattan area locations are so approximated by their east-west numbered streets) is an old ethnic area and warehouse district enjoying a residential renaissance, to soon be aided by an elevated bike way and commercial corridor along an old rail line.

The Upper East Side also contains posh enclaves unaffordable for most, outstanding museums, and the designer boutiques of Madison Avenue. The Upper West Side is dotted with large apartment buildings and is a favorite for working professionals and families.

Farther north above Central Park, neighborhoods start to decline, although Harlem is undergoing a rebirth. The boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx are a patchwork of residential and commercial areas and parks.

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All are close to the city and offer relatively more living space, and all are experiencing varying degrees of economic and residential revival. Brooklyn shares the western end of Long Island with Queens, with excellent transportation service into the city by rail and subway and numerous beaches, parks and residential neighborhoods south and east towards the large JFK airport.

Staten Island, a mainly-residential borough to the south, is connected to Manhattan by ferries and the Serrano Narrows bridge. Finally, the New York metro area includes northern suburbs stretching up into Westchester County between the east bank of the Hudson River and the Connecticut border.

White Plains is the largest city and a modern corporate center with large facilities for IBM and a number of companies relocating north from Manhattan. Other suburbs give workers access to New York by freeway or by rail lines across the Hudson or to northern New Jersey.

The New York area offers a rich assortment of amenities, with world-class dining, shopping, and performing arts including theater, symphony, opera, and live music. Museums and architectural attractions, large and small, draw global audiences.

Numerous major-league teams play in the area, including the MLB Yankees and Mets, NBA Knicks, NFL Giants and Jets, and NHL Islanders and Rangers. An extensive public transit system with subways and buses serves the urban core and links the boroughs.

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A suburban rail and ferry network services surrounding communities in Connecticut, Long Island, and New Jersey. Rail lines on the Northeast Corridor make such cities as Boston and Washington, D.C. easily accessible.

Median home prices of half a million or more don’t buy much, especially in Manhattan. Home prices there can be five to six times higher for comparable properties in surrounding boroughs.

The New York City area exceeds 300 square miles and is located mostly on islands. Sea breezes occasionally moderate summer heat and winter cold in Lower Manhattan.

Washingtonians is so far uptown that it feels a little removed from the action, which translates into affordable rents and large apartments in predominately prewar buildings. At its core, the neighborhood has always been diverse; throw into the mix plenty of Columbia Med School students in scrubs and off-duty cops, and that will round out the scene at many a happy hour in the Heights.

Residents put down roots here and enjoy the vibrant street life with their neighbors at cafés, and on stoops. Regulars include hospital workers from Columbia University Medical Center, runners from the Armory Track, and local old-timers.

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The Biggest Downside Washingtonians is far from the center of Manhattan: Convincing friends to visit may be a challenge. Residents put down roots here and enjoy the vibrant street life with their neighbors at cafés, and on stoops.

The Best Perk You can't outdo Washingtonians spectacular views of the George Washington Bridge. Fort Bryon Park, home of The Cloisters, offers fantastic views of the George Washington Bridge spanning the Hudson River and the cliffs of the New Jersey Palisades.

Although it's removed from the action of Downtown Manhattan, Washingtonians provides enough character and local culture to make residents want to put down lasting roots. 710 Yelp reviews Latin American, Breakfast & Brunch, Dominican go-to Dominican spot in Washingtonians, Male con is decidedly no-frills and delicious.

90 Yelp reviews Mexicans is not a sit-down place, but the tacos, burritos, quesadillas and guacamole are all outstanding. Washingtonians is a nice place to live that still has the city feel but is more of a neighborhood.

There are a lot more drug users in the streets, and it is unsafe for children to be outside. A young woman like myself and others can no longer walk in the street without the fear of being followed or seeing someone use drugs.

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Bodegas are decent. The neighborhood is REALLY loud, especially in the summer, which really bothers me personally. Music blasting from the street and apartments, loud talking, cars/motorbikes revving, fireworks, shaking bass. People congregate and drink on the sidewalk all night when the weather is nice.

Also means there’s loud music and broken beer cans and trash the next morning.All in all. Found the neighborhood frenetic, chaotic and dirty. White male in his 20s.

When taking a stroll in Washingtonians, you're sure to receive a head nod from the three elderly men who have set up a table and chairs are playing card games. There is always Latin music playing somewhere in Washington heights, which is one of my favorite aspects of the neighborhood.

As soon as you walk outside you are able to enjoy different type of music genres. There's exciting food spots historical locations and key components to a thriving neighborhood.

The neighborhood is pretty safe in certain areas, but I wouldn't want to step foot in others. The only thing is that it is either really quiet at night, which is nice, or really loud with fireworks and motorcycles revving.

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Since we moved here I have had no complaints, although I do miss Brooklyn and the diversity I found there. It is a community that embraces all of its cultures and strives to see their children succeed and enjoy life.

I like the diversity and how there is a lot of college students in the area. Washingtonians is brimming with diversity and is in proximate distance to everything in both Manhattan and the Bronx.

It has a rich history as a neighborhood and has largely preserved that heritage. The neighborhood's affordability has been shifting for the last few decades, becoming increasingly gentrified.

Dominican and Latin American businesses and restaurants are in ample supply in Washingtonians. There were lots of places for me to eat lunch and I did feel safe for the most part when commuting to and from Soho.

I have lived in Washingtonians for 18 years and I still very much love it to this day. While many safety issues could change, I think the neighborhood is unique and can continue to grow in many ways.

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