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Around girls, however, Lance tends to focus on flirting, sometimes neglecting his teammates, as shown through his interactions with NMA. Lance is shown to be quite homesick, deeply missing the Earth and desiring to return to his family, reminiscing on the beach near his home, splashing in puddles, and experiencing rainfall.

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He is often impulsive, not very in control of his emotions and often loses the gravity of the team's mission to dreams of glory, praise, and being the center of attention. Lance reacts angrily when Keith doesn't prioritize the shows Vol tron is putting on to gain support, and he is easily the most enthusiastic of the Paladins about performing in front of a crowd.

Contrasting, Lance often shows a high degree of situational awareness and tactical skill while on missions, as shown when he corrected Keith's errors twice to protect the Balm era from harm from Keith's reckless attacks. When meeting the Blade of Marmara for the first time, Lance pointed out to Shirt that Keith would become angry and attack someone if taken on the mission.

Following Shirt's disappearance after the temporary defeat of Carbon, Lance matured rapidly. Although initially desiring to be leader himself, Lance accepted the Black Lion's choice of Keith as Paladin.

Lance's acceptance by the Red Lion as its new pilot echoes King Alford: acting as a right hand, trusting the Black Paladin to be a better leader than himself in battle, giving assistance when needed, and supporting his friends. In Season Six, this could be seen as he was able to quickly assess the situation and give practical and intelligent commands when the clone Shirt went on a rampage.

Lance is a skilled improviser when it comes to battle, even directing Keith without speaking to get the drop on their Gala enemies. His piloting skills are not on the same level as Keith's, but are good enough that he was able to instinctively control the Blue Lion without any prior idea of how to do so, showing an instant close bond between them.

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Lance is also likely the strongest swimmer on the team, as he is often casually comfortable in aquatic environments that disorient his teammates rather easily. This talent is further backed by his precision timing on the battlefield, as during the mission to rescue Slav, Lance was able to calculate his final shot in such a manner that it allowed Slav to escape the airlock by waiting till the last minute to shoot the warden's mechanical arm at a critical area, securing the mission's success and the scientist's freedom.

Like Hunk, this rounded set of skills allows him to both literally and figuratively support his teammates. Lance has been shown to be a naturally skilled swordsman, having an innate proclivity for the Altman broadsword style, able to slice several training drones within fractions of a second of unlocking the Red Bayard's sword form.

However, he slowly and steadily gained ground, bonding deeper with Red and accepting this change for the better. The Vol tron Coalition Handbook states that a year has passed since Shiro's return to Earth, making Lance 18 at the youngest by the time season six ends.

The Paladin's Handbook official guidebook gives garlic knots as Lance's favorite food. It was revealed on the 100th episode of the Lets Vol tron Podcast (released June 14, 2017) that Lance's birthday is July 28th.

Lance's use of a double-edged broadsword is reminiscent of a battle in the classic Vol tron series in which he fights with a similar weapon. The new series, developed by DreamWorks Animation, follows the same beat and shows five unlikely heroes become the Paladins in a galaxy that is struck by war.

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The series brought in a ton of fans, as the show was widely loved after the release of the first two seasons. Netflix started releasing much shorter seasons and the direction just got incredibly derailed.

For starters, it is one of the shortest seasons in the series, with only six episodes that run for a little over 20 minutes each. Keith is absent for the majority of the time as he begins his training with the Blade of Marmara, leaving the team and naming Shirt (whose return in this season is super funky) the leader of Vol tron once again.

Fans were incredibly disappointed as season seven managed to bring back hope for the show to return to its former glory. The show could've ended after season seven and thus leave many fans a lot happier.

This season had its perks, it introduced Motor, a fan-favorite character, but it also was the first to be totally lacking Shirt. The team struggled for a while to figure out how to form Vol tron, which feels overplayed since fans had already seen this before when the original five were still learning.

Shirt is still weird, the Lions are still all out of funk, and Motor is suddenly an ally. Aryan is finally defeated in the middle of this season, and Motor and Allure also start this interesting yet bizarre romantic relationship, while Hangar spies on the Paladins through Shirt.

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It consisted of thirteen episodes and reminded fans why they originally fell in love with the series. It wasn't perfect, but its return to form was definitely appreciated and brought back hope that the series might end on a high note.

Fans also learned about the galaxy's lore as we met all of these amazing new characters and see how this series adapted from the original. She is a writer and podcaster and has been published in the Spring 2019 and the Summer 2020 editions of the Sartorial Geek Quarterly Magazine.

We are going to play a game of Truth or Dare,” Shirt said. Keith and Lance were thinking that same thing when they started, only to be embarrassed and pushed to their limits by the end of the rounds.

Consumed by guilt, none of the team notices Lance's wound. Lance can't feel the pain in his side, but somehow, Keith sees it.

Treasure Keith lives in a world where love is judged by a simple locket that hangs around humanities neck. Inside contains the picture of their soulmate, but the catch is that it only opens when you have a certain interaction with the other person that creates a spark between the two of you.

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A simple task for these troublesome two: Discover who the murderer is and locate them. They don't follow orders, and as they don't get told the full story; run...

TRAPPED Lance x Shelter AU If you haven't already watched the new Shelter music video by Porter Robinson go right now and watch it, or it's in the first chapter, so you can watch it there, and prepared for one of the most cliché and corny Vol tron fanfic one could only hope to see ~ Lance, ” I yawn as I awake from my slumber... You're Welcome // Lance Lance and Keith are mortal enemies, and their constant snide remarks and bickering are beginning to annoy the other Paladins.

When Shirt and Ridge are taken by Gala soldiers, the remaining three Paladins have to bring them back. Ardor | Lance /'ardor/ (n.) A flame, a fire, a burn of heat.

Unfortunately, no matter how much Ridge teases them about it, it seems as though Lance will never, ever be canon. Stars // Lance AU There were two things that Keith disliked the most about college: 1.

Keith and Lance become texting buddies thinking they have never met, but they do in fact know each other and dislike each other with the passion of a thousand stars. Klance Au's me and my friends make really dumb vol tron Au's . All the time they're here in case u need material to shitpost or whatevs.

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I can't get better Lance has been training every night in secret; he believes he isn't good enough to be a paladin of Vol tron. I don't know... the white walls of this hospital seem realer than the vibrant worlds I've visited... inside a flying lion.

A few years later, Hunter assisted Leo Fitz escaping from the United States Armed Forces custody to make sure Fitz would be able to reach the year 2091 in order to save the rest of the team. The son of a police officer in Kent, Hunter was a lieutenant in the Special Air Service (SAS) of the British Armed Forces.

In 2008, he participated in an operation in Basra, Iraq and another in Sierra Leone in 2011 before becoming a mercenary for hire. During this time, Hunter worked undercover with a low level HYDRA operative named Spud, whom he considered to be a psychopath due to witnessing him bite a man's nose off in a fight.

Eventually, Hunter married Morse, but their relationship was unsteady due to trust issues and the two divorced. Traditions and all that nonsense, and personal reasons for being dedicated to the cause, but you've known me a long time, Izzy.

And what gets me out of bed in the morning...” Lance Hunter to Isabelle Hartley and Phil Colson During negotiations, the meeting was interrupted by a HYDRA assassin who killed Browning and stole the file.

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Base, they were informed by Sam Koenig that they were due for a debrief meeting with Director Colson. Hunter constantly drank his beer and reminded Colson that he was working for the money.

Melinda May arrived and confirmed that their attacker was an Index member named Carl Creel, who had the power to absorb any substance and transform his body into that substance, which explained how he was able to absorb the bullets and protect himself. Learned that Creel was planning on attacking Brigadier General Glenn Talbot for HYDRA, they set about protecting him and his family while also attempting to kidnap and question him.

Hunter assisted by taking the name of US soldier Tyler alongside Hartley. Hunter was sent with Melinda May, Skye, Antoine Triplet, Idaho, and Isabelle Hartley to obtain the artifact.

As she tried to defend herself against Creel, she touched the Obelisk bare-handed; it began to turn her arm into stone. Hunter was able to shoot at Creel causing him to flee; as the Obelisk began to kill Hartley.

The military soon arrived, so Skye called Colson for orders on whether to seek medical care for Hartley or to continue the mission, effectively sentencing Hartley to death, Hunter chose to disobey Colson's orders to get her medical attention. SUV driven by Idaho, Hartley felt the Obelisk was killing her, and they would not get medical attention soon enough, so she handed Hunter her knife and ordered him to cut off her arm.

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Creel transformed into concrete and caused a major car crash. Hartley and Idaho were killed due to severe head injuries, but Hunter survived.

Hunter called out to Idaho to see if he was alive, but his friend did not answer. May managed to find Hunter, and he reported of Hartley and Idaho's deaths.

The soldiers dropped Hunter in a field where he was confronted by General Glenn Talbot, who offered him a lift via helicopter. Hunter seemingly agreed in exchange for two million dollars and a proper burial for Isabelle Hartley, claiming her family deserved to know what happened to her.

After arriving at the Playground and being checked by Antoine Triplet, Hunter was called for a meeting with Director Colson. Hunter demanded to know why the other agents were not out searching for Carl Creel and why Colson did not abort the mission when Hartley's life became endangered.

Hunter was honest, telling him it was two million dollars and a proper burial for Hartley. Hunter demanded Colson give him the money he was owed, and the money he owed Idaho and Hartley, intending to give it to their families, Colson agreed to the deal.

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Hunter talked to Skye and shared stories about his time with Isabelle Hartley. When the team finally tracked Carl Creel down, Phil Colson ordered Hunter to stay at the Playground.

However, Hunter begged Colson to let him go into the field again, promising to follow orders. Knowing how important Hartley and Idaho were to Hunter, Colson agreed.

As the team prepared to initiate the plan, Hunter knocked Melinda May and Skye unconscious with an I.C.E.R. Creel chased Hunter and almost killed him, revealing that he could push a small amount of the Obelisk through his palm to petrify whomever he wanted with a touch.

Approached by Phil Colson “I need skilled assets in the field who are willing to step over the line. Hunter went to watch Isabelle Hartley's funeral, keeping his distance.

After some consideration, and despite the loss of the two million dollars and the warning that Melinda May would “savor” a grudge after Hunter had shot her, he accepted the offer and officially joined Colson's team. The Moroccan Mission While working at the Playground, Hunter made a bet with Alphonso Mackenzie that Skye had attended S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Academy ; however, when they asked Skye, she revealed that she had not, meaning Hunter lost his bet and as a result was forced to do inventory work for Mackenzie, much to his annoyance. Later, he, Skye and Melinda May were sent to Morocco to apprehend Donnie Gill on a HYDRA freighter.

With everyone on the Bus and on their way back to the Playground, Hunter approached May and informed her that he was feeling alright despite a large painful bruise on his shoulder. Looking at Antoine Triplet, she said that she was even with a smile on her face, indicating that Triplet still intended to shoot him as well.

As Triplet and May laughed, Hunter walked away frustrated and nervous about working with the team he had annoyed so much already. “ Bridget said Soto's sending out the painting for verification first thing in the morning.

Hunter was given an undercover mission to seduce Bridget, the executive assistant of Gabriel Soto, so he could pick her purse and steal a ticket that Skye needed to duplicate to give access to a fund-raiser organized by Soto. The fund-raiser was dedicated to the Santa Maria de las Flores church that once housed a 500-year-old painting with the Words of Creation inscribed on its back; Phil Colson and Melinda May wanted to infiltrate the fund-raiser in order to retrieve the painting.

Despite a few near misses which almost destroyed the Bus, they were successful in stopping the cascade effect and restoring power. To celebrate a successful mission of defeating HYDRA and saving the Bus, Hunter brought beer for the others to drink, although Fitz hesitated, Hunted insisted that he had saved the team and reserved to enjoy a beer with the rest of them.

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Colson met Rain at La Corteses Furious while Hunter, Melinda May and Skye watched from other positions within the restaurant. Turning the tables on Rain, Colson got her to admit where Skye's father was and had her agree to draw out Daniel Whitehall in exchange for protection.

Back at the Playground, Hunter was horrified to be reunited with his ex-wife, who had just returned from an undercover mission where she had saved Simmons from HYDRA. Shocked and surprised to see her and not liking her new dyed hair, he furiously asked Colson what she was doing there, to which he responded that she was there because she was one of their best agents.

Hunter vouched for Morse's skills in espionage when they decided to use her undercover identity as a HYDRA Laboratories head of security to get the information, risking More's security discovering her betrayal. He intercepted a file transfer that More received, showing Morse betraying HYDRA, and helped save her from assassination.

Colson learned that Julien Becker's had been working for HYDRA all along and had led Scarlatti to the S.H.I.E.L.D. The trio went to Bruges and Hunter acted as distraction to Scarlatti and his mercenaries as the women crashed through the windows of the safe house and engaged them in a battle.

During the fight, May fought Scarlatti while Hunter saved Morse again when he saw a mercenary attempting to kill her with a Splinter Bomb. General Glenn Talbot arrived and took Scarlatti and his mercenaries into custody while Hunter started to gather his things to leave.

Hunter called on to hunt down Grant Ward after he escaped federal custody and went on the run. Once they arrived in Boston, Hunter then watched Ward enter Goldbrick Tavern and reported this to field commander Melinda May.

Hunter then joined May, Morse and Antoine Triplet in the raiding party as they entered Goldbrick Tavern and searched for Ward. When they entered they discovered that Ward had murdered all the HYDRA agents inside and escaped, as Hunter and the team continued to search they discovered Lakshmi, unconscious and tied to a chair, left as pick-up for Colson by Ward.

As the others researched Daniel Whitehall and what possible connection he had to the Red Skull, Hunter helped Bobbi Morse with her interrogation of Sunil Lakshmi, providing her with updates on the latest discoveries about Whitehall and HYDRA based on Lakshmi's comments. However, when the interrogation became more intense, Lakshmi threatened to expose a truth about Morse's actions while working undercover at HYDRA before he attempted to commit suicide with a cyanide pill embedded in his cheekbone.

Morse assured Hunter that she does not keep secrets from him, especially when they have started to grow closer. Afterwards, Hunter and Morse laughed and smiled as Alphonso Mackenzie watched.

When Hunter arrived at the safe house, he found Skye being attacked by an assassin. When he saw her disfigured face that looked exactly like May, he was horrified; Skye explained that she was formerly Agent 33.

He and Skye moved Rain outside to the extraction point; Hunter located Agent May. Ward ordered Skye and Rain to leave with him; Hunter and the others had no choice but to allow it to prevent a fire fight, as the plane was surrounded by four HYDRA Quintets.

In San Juan, Hunter and Morse avoided HYDRA long enough for Diego to relay to them that the terrorists were stationed in Ponce de León Theater. Hunter, May, Morse, and Colson then prepared for the Battle for the Free City.

When Hunter and Morse got to the bottom of the theater, they found May outside the hole created by the Plasma Drill. She told them to flee because there were explosives set to destroy the Free City beneath them.

Once the quake had stopped they regrouped with the rest of the team and learned that Triplet had been killed in action while attempting to save Skye. Upon return from the Free City, Phil Colson had a late night meeting with his senior agents on what to do with Sunil Lakshmi.

During the meeting, Hunter showed hesitation to following Colson's plan. Ultimately, an argument began when Alphonso Mackenzie challenged Colson's orders as unsound.

When Melinda May told Mackenzie to respect the Director's rank, Hunter joined the squabble, disbelieving that May invoked such a position. Colson ended the argument by telling everyone that the newly deceased Antoine Triplet would have just followed orders.

The next morning, Hunter pretended to be a mercenary hired by HYDRA to free Lakshmi from S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV, Hunter allowed him to contact one of the heads of HYDRA, Octavian Bloom.

Once contact had been made, Hunter lied to him that he was to be terminated by Hunter's employer, allowing Lakshmi to beg for his life and offer a large sum of money and a high position in HYDRA in exchange for letting him live. Lakshmi took Hunter to the estate of Octavian Bloom, but told him to wait for the proper signal before entering.

Hunter asked her, wondering if they were allies in some scheme, why she was trying to keep Mackenzie quiet during the squabble; Morse told him that she and Mackenzie were in a support group for those emotionally scarred by the betrayal that happened in the HYDRA Uprising. Hunter activated the vehicle's offense systems and killed them, before crashing the gate and entering the mansion.

Inside, Hunter killed Bloom with a single gunshot to the forehead as Morse arrested Lakshmi. Lakshmi then realized that Hunter's lie caused him to have three leaders of HYDRA killed.

Later, Hunter was at the vigil the senior agents had for Antoine Triplet, sharing memories and silently withholding tears. Hunter then went to Portugal with the other senior agents to investigate who was battling Sigh on a beach there.

He told Leo Fitz and Alphonso Mackenzie that he was a permanent member as he enthusiastically helped in the investigation. Later, Hunter stormed onto the Bus and confronted Alphonso Mackenzie, wanting full disclosure on his mission with Bobbi Morse.

Mackenzie tried to calm his friend down, then panicked, placed Hunter in a choke hold, putting him to sleep. With no other options, Mackenzie put Hunter into the boot of his car and drove him away from the Playground.

Safe House ; when he heard Alphonso Mackenzie speaking to Bobbi Morse on the phone, he yelled out how furious he was. Morse lied that Hunter ran off when she ended the relationship and Mackenzie went to find him.

Gonzales explained that he once knew Isabelle Hartley, and she had saved his life during the HYDRA uprising. Gonzales reminded Hunter of how Colson was responsible for the deaths of Hartley and Antoine Triplet and caused the mutations of Rain and Skye, all because of his relentless pursuit of the Obelisk ; although Hunter remained loyal to Colson, he found it difficult to disagree.

Hunter learned that both Mackenzie and Morse were loyal to Gonzales and had been tasked with gathering intel on Colson. Later, Hunter was visited by Bobbi Morse, and they discussed their own history together and whether Gonzales was right in his mission to stop Colson's leadership.

When the escape pod finally came ashore, Hunter found Phil Colson waiting for him at a beach bar. Working with Phil Colson Stealing a car from Honest Eddie's Car Dealership, Hunter and Phil Colson went to the Retreat to find Skye, only to find a field of devastation.

Finding a bloodied piece of wood, Hunter wondered whether Gonzales' agents harmed Skye or the other way around. Hunter assured the Director that he was not at fault, blaming Morse, Mackenzie and Gonzales for deceiving them.

Though Colson reasoned that Gonzales' people believed they were doing the right thing, Hunter was unsympathetic. He then suggested that they flee to Mexico, but Colson refused, before admitting he could not think of a good option.

Forces attacked, deliberately alerted by Colson, who decided to take Hunter's advice, as he wanted to steal one of their Quintets. During the altercation, Hunter repeatedly voiced his displeasure with the plan, even though Colson assured him backup would be coming shortly.

Both men managed to escape the cabin thanks to a diversion involving Holographic Cards from a “21st century Howling Commando Gear “. When their luck seemingly ran out right after, with them being held at gunpoint and taken prisoner aboard a Quintet, Hunter stated that he doubted Colson ever called for anyone to help them, only to be proven wrong when Decathlon, their backup, came to free them and help them take over the Quintet.

With the Quintet now under their control and being flown by Decathlon, Hunter asked Colson why he neglected to mention that their backup was a super-powered cyborg, with a smile Colson said he just couldn't resist seeing Hunter's reaction. Colson went on to tell Hunter that Decathlon, whose real name was Michael Peterson, had been hunting down the HYDRA scientist Doctor List.

After settling in at a safe house, Hunter was surprised to find Leo Fitz appearing on Colson's personal tablet. Colson then realized that Fitz managed to open Nick Fury's Toolbox to have contacted them.

While Colson and Peterson tracked down Ward and Agent 33, Hunter stayed onboard the Quintet with Fitz. Fitz expressed his uncertainty of the plan, Hunter tried to comfort him by reminding him that it was part of the job to form questionable alliances.

Despite the tensions in the group, the plan went ahead and Sunil Lakshmi was sent in for a meeting with List with Mike Peterson acting as his bodyguard. Colson, Ward, Hunter, Fitz and 33 watched the mission unfold from Peterson's video feed in his cybernetic eye.

When Lakshmi announced that he would be trading Peterson for List's experiments in exchange for a meeting with Wolfgang von Trucker, Hunter called Ward a traitor and a standoff ensued, with Hunter aiming his gun at Ward's head. Eventually the situation was calmed down and Fitz was able to order Peterson not to fight back and go along with the plan.

When List became aware of the location of some enhanced individuals, he turned the plane around to track them down. Hunter joined Colson, Ward and Agent 33 in searching for the enhanced as they learned that Skye was present.

They engaged in a firefight against the HYDRA soldiers and before long Hunter was shot in the shoulder, he was saved by Agent 33, and they regrouped with the rest of the team. I maybe wish you'd chained me up somewhere not in a men's restroom, but...”" I swear I looked for any other place–”"The point is, Mack...

While Colson was being questioned by Robert Gonzales, Hunter remained on the Quintet with the rest of the team, caring to his injured shoulder. Eventually they were contacted by Phil Colson who had made a deal with Gonzales to work together to bring down HYDRA, and they flew the Quintet back to the Playground.

Hunter later reunited with Alphonso Mackenzie, who was working on a television screen, so the other Agents could watch the mission to rescue the enhanced individuals from the HYDRA base unfold. Hunter asked if he needed any help and Mackenzie took the opportunity to apologize for the recent events.

Mackenzie promised to buy Hunter a round of drinks to make up for what he had done, but Hunter assured him that it would take more than just one round of drinks to make up for being handcuffed to the floor of a bathroom. While on board the Iliad, Hunter chanced upon Rain and the eyeless teleport er exploring the ship.

After the pair were found trying to steal the Monolith that was being kept in the cargo hold, Gonzales called for a meeting to discuss the next step, Hunter tried to learn more about the stone but received no answers. As the mission to travel to the Inhuman home to speak to their leader Playing went underway, Hunter and Leo Fitz spoke to Phil Colson in his office.

Hunter expressed his concern at the fact that Robert Gonzales had been selected as the one to speak to Playing rather than Colson. Hunter was present with Colson when they were informed that the Inhuman had handed over Calvin Zibo to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Colson received a video call from Melinda May from Afterlife, asking what had happened to Bobbi Morse as she was no longer answering communications. Hunter suggested that they look at the footage from before Morse left the Playground to see if they could find any answers there.

With no doubt that Grant Ward was behind the kidnapping, Colson approved of Hunter's request to save her. Hunter requested a pilot to join him on his rescue mission and Melinda May volunteered.

Once they had suited up and gotten their weapons, they were sent out on their mission to rescue Bobbi Morse and kill Agent 33 and Grant Ward, something both Hunter and May expressed pleasure about. Hunter and May eventually found Bobbi Morse's Quintet abandoned in Spain and searched the interior for clues.

Although the Quintet was empty, they found a series of bullet holes which revealed that Morse had put up a fight before being kidnapped. Back on the Quintet, Hunter found Morse's phone had activated again, allowing them to trace her location.

Although they knew it was very likely a trap, Hunter demanded they go in nonetheless; May did not argue as she wanted the chance to kill Grant Ward. Hunter and May arrived at Morse's location and with a team of agents, began searching the rooms for her.

The moment he opened it however, he found Morse throwing herself in the path of a rifle which had been rigged to fire at anyone entering. Morse took the bullet to her shoulder and Hunter ran to her aid, begging her to stay with him as he untied her.

They flew back to the Playground where Emma Simmons immediately took Morse into surgery to save her life while Hunter could only look on helplessly. Once the surgery was completed and Morse's heart rate was stable, Hunter stayed by her side and held her hand while waiting for her to wake.

At the Playground, Hunter, Mackenzie, and Phil Colson researched Rosalind Price, leader of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit. When Colson asked him to convey to Bobbi Morse technology he obtained from the ATC, Hunter refused, citing that he wanted no contact with her.

Later, Hunter and Colson boarded a subway train in Washington, D.C., hoping to take Rosalind Price by surprise and talk to her without her entourage; instead, they were surrounded by ATC soldiers at gunpoint, as Price and her soldier Luther Banks had set a trap. Hunter listened as the leaders of the two organizations exchanged quips and eventually information about the deaths of newly-transformed Inhuman.

They admitted their love for one another, but Morse convinced him that marriage again was not wise at that moment, especially with him actively hunting Grant Ward. Morse asked him to wait until she was healed enough to assist him; Hunter listened, but decided that, first chance he got, he was getting his revenge.

Mackenzie then arrived and alerted them that the President of the United States was having a press conference. Assassination Mission Hunter and Bobbi Morse ran past Alphonso Mackenzie and Daisy Johnson, alerting them that Leo Fitz had opened the container holding the Monolith.

The four quickly pulled Fitz out the container and slammed it shut before it turned to its liquid state. Hunter watched as Phil Colson entered and berated Fitz for his emotional carelessness, while Morse wiped a speck of sand from his cheek.

Hunter attended the meeting where Fitz explained that the sand predated Earth by a billion years, proving that Emma Simmons was transported by the Monolith. When Colson gave out assignments to his senior agents, Hunter was told that he was to continue his pre-discussed mission.

She wished to be with him as he hunted Grant Ward ; Hunter reminded her that she already worked as a spy in HYDRA and her face was too recognizable, noting that her body looked good as well. Before he could knock on the door of William May, Melinda abruptly opened it and put a knife to his throat, before demanding to know why he was there.

May refused, stating that her father needed her; Hunter told her how to contact him if she changed her mind before leaving. While Hunter was doing mechanical work and preparing the guns he had gotten from gunrunners for their mission, May received a phone call from Andrew Garner ; once she put the phone down, she told Hunter that Emma Simmons had been found alive and was reunited with the others.

Hunter screamed for joy, noting how smart Leo Fitz was and demanded that they get a beer to celebrate. Hunter got in contact with a former colleague named Spud, who worked closely with HYDRA and arranged to meet him in a bar with Melinda May.

Eventually Melinda May managed to get their conversation back on track and told the drunk Spud that they had weapons they were looking to sell to HYDRA. Spud explained that HYDRA's new leader had major trust issues and a recommendation from him would not be enough, Spud explained that he would only meet with Hunter if he proved himself in a fight club by killing his opponent, which Hunter commented sounded like good fun and agreed.

Back at their safe-house, Hunter spoke to Bobbi Morse on the phone while Melinda May checked their weapons. Morse updated Hunter on Emma Simmons mental and physical state and Hunter told her that he was having a very boring time hunting Grant Ward by chasing leads without much luck.

Upon seeing Spud, Hunter stepped into the ring ready to meet and fight his opponent, however he was shocked to discover that Spud was the man he would be fighting, as he wanted revenge for all the years of mockery he had endured from Hunter. As the fight went underway, Spud proved himself to be the superior fighter with more strength and endurance than Hunter.

While he was getting beaten, Hunter questioned why it was happening as he had always believed that he and Spud were just joking around, but Spud made it clear that he was never joking and proceeded to throw Hunter across the ring while mercilessly beating him, even picking him up and slamming his body through a wooden table while the audience cheered. Before long Hunter was so badly beaten he could barely stand as he fell to the ground and Spud kicked him repeatedly.

While Spud roared to the crowd, believing himself to be the victor, Hunter reached into his pocket and pulled out some knuckle-dusters. Hunter was announced as the victor as he made eye contact with Melinda May, blood covering his body and face as the HYDRA spectators watched and cheered at the display of such brutal and bloody violence.

Keno explained that Ward did not want it to be easy for people to get into HYDRA, but was always interested in meeting those who could prove themselves to him in combat. Having secured his place in HYDRA, Hunter began to await orders from Keno about his first mission under their command.

Hunter met with Melinda May who questioned him over his orders, getting annoyed at the knowledge that he was not being given any information beforehand, but Hunter insisted the chance of finding Grant Ward made it worthwhile, expressing his desire to kill him before Bobbi Morse was cleared for field work. Keno eventually called and offered Hunter the chance to join them on a HYDRA mission.

Hunter waited until Keno and his men collected him and once again searched him, destroying his phone before putting him in the boot of their car, despite Hunter's protests due to the lack of trust and the bad smell coming from the inside of the car. Keno drove Hunter to their base, which he noted was currently unnamed.

Much to Hunter's shock, Grant Ward appeared behind him, looking to be introduced to his new recruit, unaware of the incoming ambush. Hunter revealed his true identity before grabbing a gun and engaging in a firefight with Ward and his soldiers.

May contacted Phil Colson, who revealed he was still twenty minutes away and ordered them to fall back, but Hunter insisted he would kill Ward with or without assistance. Although clearly afraid of May's arrival, Ward continued to mock the pair for their efforts, claiming he would use the guns Hunter had given him to cause mayhem.

When May insisted that he was trapped, Ward revealed a video feed showing his men were stalking Andrew Garner ready to execute him; Ward informed them if they surrendered, they and Garner would go free. Although May clearly wanted to do what she could to save her ex-husband, Hunter refused and instead made his move towards Ward's position, firing his gun at him.

By the time he made it to the office, Keno had escaped through a window and Ward was close behind. Hunter fired several shots and managed to wound Ward in the shoulder, causing him to fall from the window and land hard on the ground.

Keno was able to get Ward into a truck, and they managed to drive away while Hunter continued to fire. As Hunter watched Ward's escape, he turned back to see Melinda May looking mortified at the possible loss of Garner.

If your girlfriend's ex wants to visit from Phoenix, you do not buy him a plane ticket.” Returning to the Playground, Hunter discovered that Andrew Garner had barely survived his assassination attempt and was being treated by a team of medics.

As Hunter attempted to see him, Melinda May stopped him and confronted him about putting Grant Ward's death over Garner's life. Hunter attempted to defend his actions, but May believed he was blinded by a desire for revenge.

Phil Colson broke them up before a fight could break out and took Hunter off the mission, giving it to May. Hunter stopped the pair outside Zephyr One and asked to speak to his ex-wife, which May reluctantly allowed.

Although Hunter tried to convince her to allow him to tag along, Morse made it clear that she agreed with May that his anger issues had put Garner at risk needlessly. With nothing to keep himself busy, Hunter went into the lab and joined Leo Fitz, who was making fake I. Ds for May and Morse.

Hunter noted that Fitz's monitors were also working on recreating the Monolith's portal, so he could rescue Will Daniels, who had saved Emma Simmons life on the planet where she was lost. As he continued to roam around the Playground looking for something to keep him busy, Hunter overheard a conversation between Alphonso Mackenzie and Daisy Johnson where they theorized that Luther Banks could be the Inhuman Lash who had been hunting down and killing other Inhuman.

As Banks spoke on the phone outside his house, Johnson and Mackenzie discussed what their next move would be, as they could not follow him into his home. Looking to get the mission completed quickly, Hunter walked out with a bandanna over his face and shot Banks with an I.C.E.R.

Hunter then dragged Banks onto the van where he was confronted by the furious Johnson and Mackenzie. When his phone went off, Hunter denied responsibility; Mackenzie looked at it and discovered a text message for Banks informing him that a subject was being moved to a lab.

They researched and traced the lab and decided to investigate, leaving Banks in his car to wake up shortly. The three of them traveled to the base where Banks was due and used a new model of the D.W.A.R.F.s which Leo Fitz had upgraded to search the facility.

They watched on the camera as an ATC van arrived at the Endowed Labs carrying an Inhuman in a coma and in a cage to be locked away; they also spotted Phil Colson watching this unfolds with Rosalind Price. Hunter caught up with Bobbi Morse back at the Playground after she had completed a mission which had resulted in Kebo's death.

Hunter spoke to her in her changing room where he teased her about not wearing a shirt before commenting on how he was glad Keno was dead. Morse told him he had been reckless and stupid and asked what he had done it for, but Hunter insisted that he had done it to protect her from Ward because he loved her.

Morse told Hunter that she needed him alive and did not want to lose him, noting that they should stop before they become monsters like Ward. While sending time in Leo Fitz's lab, Hunter and Bobbi Morse overheard him making a breakthrough in his investigation into the Monolith.

As they were being shown around by Steve Wilson, Hunter mocked their computer systems while Johnson told him what to say via a radio link. They managed to convince Wilson that their systems had indeed been hacked, forcing him to call Rosalind Price to confirm they could log onto their computers.

Wilson was left with no choice but to allow Hunter to log into their systems, although he remained highly reluctant. Johnson continued to feed Hunter the correct terminology, so he could fool Wilson into trusting him.

Hunter informed his team of this and recommended that they finish their work as quickly as possible. He then revealed himself and knocked Wilson's coffee into his face before grabbing Morse's bag and running from Banks.

Hunter eventually caught up with Bobbi Morse, who had already taken down two guards, and they joked about their height difference. They were interrupted by the arrival of Genera ; when Hunter went to grab the guns on the floor, Genera revealed his Inhuman powers and levitated the guns, using them to shoot at Hunter and Morse, forcing them to dive for cover.

Morse opened her bag and revealed that it contained her batons, much to Hunter's disappointment, but she was able to use them to knock out the guards and guns. Morse then engaged Genera in a one-on-one battle where the Inhuman used his powers to gain the upper hand.

Suddenly the door burst open and Luther Banks appeared, promising to help them escape, noting that they had no choice but to trust him. Banks led them to a secret entrance under the North West parking lot where a Quintet piloted by Melinda May and Lincoln Campbell arrived and rescued the three.

While on a date, Phil Colson witnessed Rosalind Price being assassinated by Grant Ward. Once back at the Playground, Hunter tried to offer his condolences, but Colson grabbed him by the throat and confronted him for failing to kill Ward when he had the chance.

When Hunter said he would do anything to get the chance to kill Ward again, Colson recruited him and Bobbi Morse in a new mission to track down their greatest enemy. Hunter pitched a plan to kidnap Thomas by robbing the jewelry shop where he worked.

As they traveled, Colson got a call from Alphonso Mackenzie informing him that HYDRA had kidnapped Leo Fitz and Emma Simmons. Fueled by rage, Colson followed Hunter as they successfully robbed the jewelry store while armed with shotguns and wearing balaclavas, taking Thomas Ward into custody.

Once back on the Quintet, Hunter revealed to Thomas that his brother was unaware of his location, but they would soon tell him. While Colson spoke to Ward on the phone, he showed him a video feed of his brother, whom Hunter threatened to kill.

To his surprise, Thomas requested that the agents finish off his brother when they find him, stating that all he does is hurt people and lie to himself about it. Hunter then inquired if Ward was telling the truth regarding his traumatic childhood, to which Thomas then explained his past growing up with his family.

Mackenzie then explained his plan that two infiltration teams would enter the castle, one to find Fitz or Simmons and the second to take over the portal chamber. Once the team infiltrated the castle through its aqueduct, Mackenzie took Hunter and Morse with him to take control on the portal chamber.

As they were checking their and the HYDRA soldiers' heat signing, Hunter raised his hand to make sure it was really them, despite Mackenzie's misunderstanding. Mackenzie then said that they needed to go to the chamber through the soldiers as quiet as they could, so Morse pulled her staves and went to fight with them.

After they found Simmons, Hunter led the way to the rest of the group through the bodies trail the had put. Johnson asked how secured were they in the chamber, so Hunter replied that he locked and barricaded the doors, but HYDRA still could break into the room.

Lincoln Campbell asked what if Hive would return to Earth, so Hunter responded that they would shoot him. Hunter suggested that Morse and him would cover the entrances, but Mackenzie demanded they return to the plane, and if the alien or HYDRA would enter the room, they would blast the castle.

He then ordered Melinda May to blast the castle, as he returned to the Containment Module with Colson, Johnson and Fitz. Hunter, Bobbi Morse and Alphonso Mackenzie investigate a weaponry abduction incident in Bogotá, with an Inhuman involving.

As Hunter handcuffed him, Victor Ramon and Lucio from the National Police of Colombia came and refused to leave. The two woke up on the floor of the station, but Lucio entered the room and paralyzed Hunter again.

Later, Mackenzie rescued them and as the team walked with the captive Lucio, a HYDRA QuadCopter flew over them, caught him and escaped. Infiltrating the Taiwan Symposium In Phil Coulson's office, Glenn Talbot, the new ATC head, tried to convince the agents to let Carl Creel join the mission in the Symposium on the Alien Contagion.

Hunter strongly opposed since Creel had killed Isabelle Hartley and Idaho. She said to him that the mission was more important, but he said that he was tired to hear that, since it was not valid when it had come to Andrew Garner.

In the symposium, Hunter, Bobbi Morse and May disguised as waiters and entered the delegates' room to find a clue that one of them was Gideon Malick's inside man. “"You want to assassinate a former member of the World Council on Russian soil, knowing that if we get caught or our actions are tied to the U.S. government in any way, that it'll be considered an act of war.”" So...

After they knocked them out, Morse heard from one of the soldiers' radio that Russian ministers arrived to the compound. Daisy Johnson, Melinda May and Alphonso Mackenzie landed with a Quintet to assist Morse and Hunter.

Morse informed them on what she had heard on the radio and that the ministers were probably meeting with Malice to see the Inhuman. Hunter discovered a body and May told him that it was Prime Minister Dimitri Olshenko's Attaché, Yuri Ruin.

With the help of Morse, the team learned that Malice planned to use the Inhuman, General Android to kill the Prime Minister, as he did with his Attaché. May said that he was willing to kill Andrew Garner to gain revenge on Grant Ward, something that S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Prime Minister arrived to the compound and Phil Colson ordered the agents to go to extract him from Android. Mackenzie asked for a distraction, so Hunter said that he had an idea that included May hitting people.

He explained that his life was in danger, killing Anton Petrov who wanted to shoot the Prime Minister. Suddenly, Android's shadow appeared and Hunter asked for Morse's help.

After a few hours, Duval commented that Hunter was the only person he had seen who had could speak complete nonsense easily. Hunter lied by saying he and Morse were dragged by Russian soldiers to the facility, and they only wanted to get out.

Shorting out the prison's video system, Colson told the two that he would set off an EMP allowing them the pair to escape. However, Morse and Hunter refused to run, stating that to protect S.H.I.E.L.D., they would allow themselves to be disavowed.

Sharing a Drink Keeping a low profile, Hunter and Bobbi Morse went to Teddy's Bar to discuss where they should go on vacation, knowing that intelligence agencies were trailing them. They found Phil Colson, Melinda May, Daisy Johnson, Emma Simmons, Leo Fitz and Alphonso Mackenzie in the bar.

, Hunter began to receive coded messages in the form of fan letters from Leo Fitz. Under Fitz's request, Hunter got help from his friend Rusty Seltzer and disguised himself as an attorney to break him out of his prison, where he was being held after the second collapse of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As Fitz attempted to discuss his own personal escape plan spanning over a month, Hunter revealed that he came up with his own and intended to break him out right then. After blowing out the wall to the prison, Hunter and Fitz left the building to immediately see Rusty accidentally kill himself by crashing the helicopter they were supposed to leave in.

, including their confrontation with the Ghost Rider and Aida, and Hunter in turn caught Fitz up on his relationship with Bobbi Morse. They then began to track the rest of Colson's Team, who disappeared suddenly without Fitz 6 months earlier, using security footage to track the one clue to their disappearance: a moving truck.

Later that day, Enoch led the two to the park to meet the girl who created the prophecy: Robin Hinton, an Inhuman who gained the ability to see through all time. However, they quickly found that they were traced and followed by the officials who arrested Fitz, to which Enoch froze them in place.

The five fled to the Lighthouse, a bunker built for an apocalyptic event, to hide for the time being. Eventually, Robin opened up that Fitz was required to save Colson's Team in the future where they were sent, and Enoch finally agreed to help him get there, revealing a capsule that could take him there.

However, he also revealed it's at Blue Raven Ridge, the facility where Fitz was held for 6 months. Hunter and Fitz then worked together to break back into the facility, using false identities and ferrets as a distraction.

They arrived at the facility saying that they were there to repair the damages from they're the explosion, which Hunter had caused. Back at the Lighthouse, they hid a box full of useful items to be waiting for Fitz once he gets to 2091.

Hunter would meet back up with Morse and the two would look over the Hinton's who were living in the Retreat. A few months later, Daisy Johnson had Davis fly in the Hinton's so Robin could help find Phil Colson, concluding the couples' commitment to watch over them.

Initially, Lance Hunter was only perceived as a common mercenary, only caring about being paid by Colson for the job and possesses a sarcastic sense of humor. After his friends' deaths, he became extremely vengeful against Carl Creel and knocked out Skye, Melinda May and Antoine Triplet in a failed attempt to kill him.

He shares a complicated romantic history with Bobbi Morse as they were both married and separated. Hunter's decision to become a permanent agent surprised many people who knew him for a long time, including Bobbi.

He tried a fish oil pill to find out if he's Inhuman, hoping to gain x-ray vision. Expert Marksman : Hunter is very proficient with many weapons and is extremely accurate with all of them.

He favors the use of assault rifles and sub-machine guns when acting as member of a tactical team, and usually carries a handgun as his sidearm. Hunter killed Octavian Bloom with a single shot to the forehead.

Expert Spy : Hunter maintained a convincing cover and quickly created a romantic relationship with Bridget, in order to pickpocket a ticket for fundraiser event from her. He was able to spot the flash-drive that Bobbi Morse, a professional spy had been hiding from him, and was able to tell her excuse, that she and Alphonso Mackenzie were in a support group for people scarred by the HYDRA infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D.

He was also able to hold his own in a fist fight against the much larger Spud and eventually defeated him, although he used brass knuckles to do so. Hunter held back initially to maintain his disguise as an unskilled common criminal whilst infiltrating HYDRA.

As a former soldier and experienced mercenary, Lance Hunter is proficient with a wide range of firearms. Agents, and, as such, Hunter used it to threaten or shoot most of his enemies, such as Carl Creel during his mission to obtain a file from Roger Browning, Grant Ward when he kidnapped Skye on the Bus, or Gordon and Rain when they briefly infiltrated the Iliad looking for the Monolith.

He carried it to protect Prime Minister Dimitri Olsen during his final mission with S.H.I.E.L.D. Smith & Wesson M&P Compact : Hunter used the compact version of the Smith & Wesson M&P when he accompanied Phil Colson to ambush Rosalind Price, as this weapon was easier to conceal.

However, he was quickly disarmed by members of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, as Price had fed the information that Colson used to plan the ambush as a way to trap him. Beretta 92FS : Lance Hunter used the Beretta 92FS, one of the standard sidearms of the United States Armed Forces, when posing as a soldier to kidnap Glenn Talbot while saving him from Carl Creel.

Hunter used one of these guns when posing as a mercenary hired by HYDRA to rescue Sunil Lakshmi. Salient Arms International Glock 17 : Hunter carried this handgun when he rescued Leo Fitz from Blue Raven Ridge, and used it when both of them broke into Enoch's house, to threaten him for having abducted the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Moss berg 500 Cruiser : Hunter and Phil Colson took these shotguns to stage a jewel store robbery, while their main purpose was to kidnap Thomas Ward in a way that made him fear for his life. That way, Colson and Hunter would make Grant Ward reckless and successfully locate him and get revenge for what he did to Rosalind Price and Bobbi Morse, respectively.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 : Hunter used a version of a Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with a railed foregrip installed, in addition to a suppressor, daylight and an Edtech sight, as part of a three-men tactical unit deployed in Casablanca to either recruit or stop Donnie Gill. Agent Emma Simmons, unaware of her true allegiance, but he was stopped by Melinda May before being able to shoot at her.

Hunter and Joey Gutierrez took many of these weapons from the operatives they had already knocked unconscious in order to barricade themselves inside the portal chamber of the HYDRA Castle, giving them to the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. Daniel Defense DDM4 MK18 : Hunter prepared this assault rifle in order to defend his position inside the Retreat from tactical S.H.I.E.L.D.

Hunter took one of these weapons when he dressed as the tactical agents that were sent by Gonzales to trap him and Phil Colson at the Retreat. He also took one of them as his main weapon went he traveled to rescue Bobbi Morse from Grant Ward and Kara Pajamas.

Agents working under Phil Colson, Hunter was stationed at the agency's main headquarters when he was not taking part in field missions, such as when Colson removed him from his previous assignment of killing Grant Ward. He frequently shared a bedroom with his ex-wife Bobbi Morse after they resumed their relationship.

However, Hunter was eventually forced to leave the Playground after being disavowed by S.H.I.E.L.D., and his belongings remaining in the base were sent back to him. He spent some time in the facility with Polly and Robin Hinton before leaving to take them to safety and return to his former life.

Safe House : Hunter was briefly brought into a safe house by Alphonso Mackenzie after the latter abducted him due to Hunter having grown suspicious towards Mackenzie and Bobbi Morse's actions. Hunter spent several days locked up in the bathroom before Mackenzie took him to come aboard the Iliad.

He was interrogated at length by Duval but denied any involvement in the case, never disclosing his affiliation to S.H.I.E.L.D.

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