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Throughout her career, she has worked with brands such as AETNA, Amazon, Ben and Jerry’s, & more. Thrive Nation, on today’s show we have the honor of interviewing the incredible Ms. Karen Walker.

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Karen, throughout your career you’ve been able to achieve massive success, but before the success, I would love to ask you about how you grew up and what your life was like as a kid growing up? I grew up in west Texas with oil, sand and Friday Night Lights football.

I went over and interviewed at Compaq and said “I don’t think I can do this job.” and they disagreed and asked me to join on. Karen, at one point during your career, my understanding is that you actually had to ask for $25 million from venture capitalist which, was a huge number at that time.

Approximately, what year was this and what was going through your mind when you were asking for $25 million of venture capital investment? My job was to get far enough ahead of the curb to be ready for whatever happened in the future.

We were hiring hundreds more people every month than we forecasted. When I walked in that board meeting, I saw Ben Rose sitting in the back of the room relaxing.

Karen Walker, from my understanding you were employee #104 at Compaq Computer. Karen, my understanding is that at around the age of 25, you were able to grow your team to around 300 people.

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I ended up having thousands of employees and contractors worldwide. I was very young and didn’t know a lot then, but I learned that you can’t just hire to fill a seat.

The strategies in there are mostly form what I learned at Compaq and the years of consulting I have done. You have to dumb town to the lowest performing team members abilities and I really break down how to do that the best way possible.

Karen Walker, in your book you warn about placing “An emphasis on the short term and the urgent, at the expense of the long view, and the nurturing of scalable, replicable success.” I would love for you to break down for our listeners what you mean by this An organization will suck your time if you give it. Many people in organizations are just running around solving problems but never step back and look at the bigger game.

It is very important to look at the long view and deep dive into the bigger picture. Senior leaders really have to focus on this because they are responsible for the big picture and not just one small department.

The world is changing too fast to go a long period of time without refocusing. I review my calendar the night before In the morning, I wake up with the sun.

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I don’t have a lot of calls or interactions in the morning. The next hours, I do the big things that requires a clear mind.

This brings me the clarity to my mind and refreshes me when I come back to the workday. Be intentional about planning your day which needs to include “meta time” where you can think about the future of your business.

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What came out of the joint design process was a collection that is a culmination of Walker's most beloved pieces, Made well's denim expertise and their combined effortlessly cool aesthetic. Karen has been in a somnambulist state in an asylum ever since, but Mitch slowly begins to realize that she was not abused: indeed Uncle Alexander was trying to help her as she was possessed by an ancient demon.

Enlisting the help of Alexander’s one time colleague, renowned psychic Ada Severe, he brings Karen back to the house for a terrifying confrontation with the entity trapped inside her. Written and directed by Steve Lawson (Essex Heist), the film stars Shane Taylor (Band of Brothers, Devil’s Playground), stunning newcomer Janine Nerissa (The Rays: Dead Man Walking), Denise Moreno (Vultures) and, in a career-defining performance, much-loved television actress Rule Len ska (Coronation Street, Inside No.

The Exorcism Of Karen Walker is produced by movie veteran Jonathan Scott, the man responsible for popular Brit flicks such as Vendetta and the Still Kill The Old Way series, and something of a closet horror fan. Raising a toast to the revival’s final 18-episode season, the NBC sitcom has opened the library to release a wig-snatching new highlight reel featuring some of Karen and BEV’s most memorable rivalry-fueled jabs.

That is why, after consulting with the cast, we all have decided this will be the final season of Will & Grace, ” creators Max Matchlock and David Khan said in a joint statement with director Jimmy Burrows. Even though the Will & Grace revival started out with a political bang, it’s been a minute since the sitcom went for biting social commentary.

In “Tex and the City,” three fourths of the gang travels to Texas, where they confront the conservative beliefs of the state and the border wall, which Karen’s money helped to construct. During her excursion to the border wall, Karen runs into her beloved foe Beverley Leslie, and their feud sends them on a humbling, sobering trip behind bars.

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Elsewhere in Texas, Jack and Will support Skip at his talent show, where he’ll be performing a song that won’t win over the conservative crowd. There’s never a dull moment in Will and Grace’s apartment, so it’s no big shock when Jack and Karen waltz in donning their Southern best.

While Grace shares her sexual frustrations about Noah with Will, Jack and Karen announce that they are off to Texas for two very different reasons. Later, they try again, but Grace tells Noah she once slept with Brian, the guy who works at his favorite sandwich shop.

But just when they thought the mood died for good, one final and ultimately successful attempt gets the train back on the tracks. When she stops pea cocking her worst self, Karen learns that the woman was trying to flee from the violent cartels and join her husband and daughter in the United States.

In a temporary display of humanity, Karen gifts the woman her expensive bracelet to sell and come to America. Will accompanies Jack to Texas, the boots he bought for A Star Is Born’s opening night in tow.

When Jack learns that Skip will be performing “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” at a talent show… in Texas… he worries what the reception might be. Jack expects homophobia to crush Skip’s spirit, but Will shares his own story about his mother squashing his dream of performing “Bohemian Rhapsody” at a talent show.

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Almost exactly 20 years ago to the week, Eric McCormack, a 34-year-old jobbing Canadian actor best known for his role on the TV western Lonesome Dove, and 29-year-old New Yorker Broadway actress Debra Messing, who had played Jerry Seinfeld’s girlfriend in two episodes of Seinfeld, auditioned for the roles of gay lawyer Will Truman and his BFF flatmate Grace Adler in an NBC sitcom to be called Will & Grace. Also auditioning for the parts were Sean Hayes and Megan Mulally, both of whom lost out to McCormack and Messing, only to be called back to play Will’s flamboyantly gay neighbor Jack and Grace’s dipsomaniac socialite “employee” Karen.

To say that Hayes and Mulally stole the show from the titular leads is the sort of understatement that would be alien to either Jack or Karen. “I’ll never forget when we shot the pilot and the minute he walked out and said his first lines the audience went ape.

At a cast Q&A at BAFTA, titular stars McCormack and Messing had to dash off early to appear on The Graham Norton Show : to judge by instinctive and uproarious comic timing of Hayes and Mulally, Norton booked the wrong guests. The original Will & Grace screened in the UK on Channel 4 and ran for eight seasons between 1998 and 2005 and is credited with changing the perception of gay people by no less than the then US Vice President Joe Biden, who said in 2012: “I think Will & Grace did more to educate the American public than almost anything anybody has ever done.

Indeed, when the show began in the Bill Clinton era, gays were outlawed by the military, gay marriage wasn’t legal and that there was something called the Defense of Marriage Act to “express moral disapproval of homosexuality”. Hayes believes that why it’s s important that NBC has now sold the revived show to 153 territories, including, for the first time, Russia and the Middle East.

It’s interesting and not entirely coincidental that Will & Grace has returned at a dark time for liberal Americans of all sexual persuasions. It followed the show’s co-creator Max Matchlock’s reclaiming the original set, which he had donated to his alma mater, Emerson College in Boston (they no longer had room for it).

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Megan Mulally was the most experienced sitcom actor of the quartet, having appeared in ‘Seinfeld’, ‘Fraser‘ and ‘Mad about You’ The set safely transported back to LA, Matchlock then invited the former Will & Grace stars to slip back into character and use the set to film an online short in favor of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election against Trump.

In the end, Will reveals that singer Katy Perry is a Clinton supporter, which is enough to persuade Jack to vote for her also. Roseanne Barr openly and vocally supports Trump, as will her character when the blue-collar comedy returns next month after an even longer hiatus of 21 years.

“She came in, did the table read, and I knew she was nervous so to make her feel good I was praising her and saying ‘it’s funny when you do that’.

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