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• Saturday, 16 January, 2021
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The brand, standing beside Canon, is virtually synonymous with photography and makes market-leading models in every class of camera in use today, from point & shoot cameras to DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) and mirrorless models. In fact, Nikon went in the span of just a few years from being a straggler in the mirrorless category to offering some of the best models you can buy.

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Every brand has its fans, and there are people who enjoy debating the finer points of Nikon vs. Canon. Read on to see which of these 11 Nikon's is best for you, and also check out the buyer’s guide at the end of the article.

Cons: No dual SD card slot Limited battery life No in- camera stabilization Using the smaller APS-C sensor, the body is small and light but feels comfortable in your hands.

Cons: Slow burst speed 4K video has 1.7x crop factor Close in price to more capable Z6 The Z50 is an excellent entryway into interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras, but the smaller APS-C sensor size and relative lack of high-end features will stymie truly serious enthusiasts.

This is really a Z6 that Nikon has dialed back to be able to offer at a lower price, and also has some friendlier features. You get the same superb processor and 24 megapixel sensor, but Nikon replaced the top-plate LCD with a more traditional mode dial.

Cons: Short battery life Single memory card slot Minor amounts of lag in viewfinder A step up from the Z5 and its modest 4.5fps continuous shooting rate, this camera offers 12 fps at a resolution of 24 megapixels.

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Cons: Bulky and heavy Sluggish 7fps continuous shooting speed No touchscreen Nikon’s Cool pix P950 looks a lot like an interchangeable lens camera at a quick glance because of the monster of a barrel lens protruding from the front and the traditional DSLR form factor, with a bulbous right-hand grip.

The illusion continues around back with a dual electronic viewfinder and 3.2-inch tilting LCD monitor. But it’s not a DSLR; it’s a friendly point & shoot camera that needs all the runway it can get for the lens–it’s a massive 83x optical zoom.

It’s also not the most feature-packed camera ; the LCD monitor isn’t a touchscreen, for example, and you only get 7fps of continuous shooting speed. It feels like a real DSLR or mirrorless camera but has all the simplicity of a point & shoot, and in fact, makes a great “bridge camera if you’re on the fence and thinking of eventually stepping up to a more advanced model.

The D3500 has a small APS-C sensor, so it won’t capture images as good as the full-frame DSLR models in Nikon’s lineup, and its simpler feature set puts it only a notch or so above a super zoom point & shoot like the Nikon P950. And if you’re just starting out in the world of interchangeable lens cameras, there are a lot of reasons why you might want to go mirrorless, like the Nikon Z50.

If a DSLR is what you want, though, this camera is an affordable entryway, with a respectable 24.2-megapixel sensor, good 5fps continuous shooting mode, and support for Bluetooth wireless image transfers. And the pentamirror-style reflex system means the viewfinder will be a little dimmer than what you’d get in a higher-end DSLR, but I suspect most people won’t really notice what they’re missing.

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On the plus side, you get a long 1,500+ shot battery life, a full array of manual, program, and automatic exposure controls, and lens camp[ability if you later step up to a more advanced model. For example, as a significant step up from the Nikon D3500, it has a denser 51-point autofocus system that, when combined with a 180k RGB meter, makes it excellent at locking focus on faces and other points of interest effortlessly.

The body itself is weather-sealed for shooting outdoors in a variety of conditions, comfortable to hold and puts all the expected controls in convenient places. The camera has all the features we’d look for in a higher-end model, like a tilting touchscreen for the LCD monitor, 8 fps for fast continuous shooting, and even 4K video recording (though the video is cropped, so you don’t get the entire field of view).

Cons: Wireless transfer not robust Live view autofocus is weak Expensive Nikon includes dual memory card slots in the D500, a much-appreciated feature that seems to be getting a little rare these days.

Cons: Expensive Large and heavy traditional SLR body No integrated image stabilization But thanks to an outstanding on-sensor phase-detection autofocus system, it has a Live View mode on the 3-inch LCD that you can use most of the time.

A good point & shoot camera can help you bridge the gap between a smartphone and an SLR. It can deliver much better image quality than a smartphone and offers advanced shooting modes to get creative in ways your phone won't allow.

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But by definition, point & shoot cameras generally don't always give you full manual control over exposure. That worked great for well over half a century, but mirrorless cameras are just what they sound like -- it's now possible to use an LCD and electronic viewfinder to show exactly what the sensor sees without the need for any mechanical pentagram to flip out of the way.

The answer is a little disappointing, though: Both companies make superb cameras, and you can be very happy with a Canon or Nikon camera. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur who wants to tap into the world of photography for fun, one thing is certain, you can never go wrong with Nikon cameras.

Well, with the brand’s extensive portfolio of top-notch cameras, it is difficult to crown one specific model as the cream of crop. So whether you are a hobbyist looking to capture fun moments out in nature, or an experienced photographer looking to upgrade your Nikon camera, our list below contains the best Nikon cameras in the market today.

Our selection of the best Nikon cameras offers something for all types of photographers and cuts across a range of budgets. If you just embarked on a photography career, the Nikon D3500 camera makes a good buy.

It combines most DSLR strengths including amazing battery life and good handling into one small, affordable package. While the D3500 is an upgrade from Nikon’s previous model, the D3400 hardly exhibits many changes except an improved refresh rate.

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This means you can capture images in rich detail with results almost similar to those of high-end cameras. It’s also lighter, weighing 415g only and has a lightweight 18-55 mm AF-P lit lens that has a retracting mechanism to enhance portability when not in use.

Nikon also gets rid of the five buttons on the left of the camera allowing the screen to sit flush towards the edge of the body. Since it's specially designed for beginners it comes equipped with simple controls and a Guide Mode to help new users familiarize with the device.

It is one of the best cameras with 4K Ultra-HD video and is compatible with quite a wide range of NIKKI lenses and a variety of Nikon system accessories. It has a wide range of lenses to ensure you get sharper images and faster performances.

The camera also comes with high-performance noise reduction features with more light gathering potential and sensitivities as high as ISO 25,600 and can be expanded to 102,400. Users can easily share photos or images using the Nikon Cambridge app for your Android or Apple-powered device.

Specifications Resolution: 4K ultra-HD Display Size: 45.7 MP What's Included: AN-DC20 Camera Strap, MH-32 Battery Charger, DK-30 Rubber Eye cup, BF-N1 Body Cap, UC-E21 USB Cable Brand: Nikon Among some of its top features include a five-way stabilization sensor-shift, 21x wide-angle optical zoom, game-winning lacrosse shot, convenient HDMI output, and one-touch HD movie recording.

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The incredible camera is capable of capturing superb HD movies and great photos from long distances. It comes with a 25-525 mm powerful zoom lens capable of capturing your entire family or high-quality photos at the touch of a button.

The camera also comes with a high ISO speed capable of capturing low-light scenarios or fast-moving objects. Apart from that, it also allows you to comfortably connect to other devices using the HDMI output, hook up to a computer, or use the HDTV function.

Pros It is ideal for shooting snowboarders, T-ball players, and Frisbee throwers Has great photos and superb HD movies Has a one-touch HD movie recording feature Its 14.1 MP CCD camera delivers quality images If looking for a digital camera with a large optical zoom lens, this Nikon model is a good buy.

In addition, the camera is equipped with a built-in Vibration Reduction optical image stabilization that keeps shots sharp especially when shooting in low lit spaces. Its built-in Bluetooth feature is compatible with Snap bridge software which facilitates image transfer.

You can also use the application to capture images remotely and adjust its optical zoom lens. When used along with its Vibration Reduction feature, you can shoot detailed and accurate video footage.

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The focus speed is consistent whether you’ve reduced the optical zoom or shooting towards a wide-angle end of the lens. The upgrade from 1fps to 5fps and the integration of an RGB sensor for white balance assessment and light metering make it a befitting camera for this application.

The reduced weight makes it easy for people with small hands to grip it. Its high pixel count delivers plenty of detail, but it drops at the highest sensitivity settings (ISO 6400).

While the drop is within acceptable limits, it’s advisable to restrict the expansion settings to ISO 3200 or below. This means if using the Standard Picture Control mode the camera delivers vibrant and accurate colors.

The Landscape Picture Control mode also over-enhances the greens and blues making them appear unnatural. Its RGB Matrix metering system does a pretty good job on most scenes and isn’t tricked into over or under-exposure.

Read More Key Features Varying angle display Built-in HDR Special effects CMOS image sensor It’s a recent addition to Nikon’s D5000 camera series which comes equipped with a variable screen.

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What stands out about this new camera is the wireless Cambridge technology that enables it to maintain a low-power Bluetooth LE connection with a tablet or smartphone. Nikon uses a monologue construction which means the shell of the camera is crafted from one material- a strong polycarbonate.

This construction reduces the weight, the number of parts on the camera, and makes it easy to mount and grip. If used in well-lit backgrounds, the D5600 delivers incredibly accurate images compared to mirrorless cameras.

The Matrix metering system also enhances its ability to capture images in different lighting situations. Alternatively, use its Active D-Lighting system to retain detail especially when shooting JPEG format files.

Pros Comfortable grip Excellent detail Decent AF system It features a myriad of exceptional features such as image stabilization, 4k ultra HD video, full manual control, HDMI output, continuous shooting speed, viewfinder, and many more.

The rock steady dual detect image stabilization feature ensures you enjoy low light capability. This amazing camera is specially designed with a telescopic-like zoom power to ensure you get a new world of shooting possibilities.

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Specifications Resolution: 4K UHD Display Size: 1080p What's Included: MH-25A Battery Charger, DK-5 Eyepiece Cap, AN-DC14 Strap, NikonView NX2 CD-ROM, D750 Body Only Brand: Nikon What's more, it also has an EX SPEED 4 image processor, which delivers amazing performances as compared to the majority of digital cameras in the market.

Technically, Nikon D750 is for those who find inspiration in everything about nature and switches between stills and video without missing details. It also comes with a monocoque design that significantly contributes to keeping the camera compact, lightweight, and remarkably slim.

The autofocus performance can reduce to -3EV and can be paired with a wide range of DX-format NIKKI and full-frame lenses to deliver amazing quality pictures. Accessories that come with the device include an MH-25A battery charger, DK-5 earpiece, UC-E17 USB cable, EN EL15 rechargeable Li-ion battery, AN-DC14 strap, DK-21 rubber eye cup, NikonView NX2 CD-ROM, BF-1B body cap, and many more.

Pros Has a durably constructed mirrorless camera The built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is quite effective Has a 20.9 MP camera with robust 4K UHD video features Has a selfie flip-down touch LCD screen Compatible with F-mount NIKKI lenses It boasts quite a wide range of exceptional features such as a 20.9 MP sensor, built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, flips down touch LCD, a large 55 mm lens mount, and many more.

Specifications Resolution: 1080P Display Size: 4K UHD What's Included: MH-32 Battery Charger, BF-N1 Body Cap, DK-30 Rubber Eye cup, Z 50 Camera Body, UC-E21 USB Cable Brand: Nikon The incredible digital camera offers 16.0 megapixels of resolution, 4K UHD video capture, 2000 max focal length, built-in Bird and Moon modes, and other scene modes to enhance shooting.

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What’s more, the amazing P950 also comes with an 83X optical zoom to guarantee you don’t miss a shot from long distances. The compact body also weighs just 3.5 oz and 2 lb to provide users with the freedom to take their creativity to the next level.

Thanks to the P950 dual detect optical VR (vibration reduction), you can comfortably reduce image blur caused by the camera’s shake when shooting distant objects. It is specially designed for faster AF performance, which makes it easier to nail decisive moments.

But just because they make excellent products doesn’t mean any Nikon camera will work perfect for you. That said, when it comes to sensor size, Nikon cameras fall into two main categories: DX and FX.

They are also smaller, lighter, and have better sharpness and reduced vignette, making them ideal for professionals who are always on the move. Nikon's cameras with FX sensors on the other hand are larger, making them more scalable than their DX counterparts.

They also have higher sensitivity, lower noise and a large dynamic range, which makes them perfect for pro photographers who need high-end cameras to get their job done. Sensor size aside, another important aspect to consider while shopping for the bestNikoncamera is whether it’s a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

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For instance, Nikon’s mirrorless cameras are smaller and lighter which makes them ideal for travel photography. DSLR son the other hand are dependent on through the lens viewing, and are suitable for heavy-duty photography such as professional filming.

Other important factors to take into account include the focusing system, the available ports, battery life, low-light performance, weatherproofing, and the quality of the LCD screen. This won’t affect the price you pay and helps us offer the best product recommendations.

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