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Nicola Walker was born on May 15, 1970, in Stephen, London, England as Nicola Jane Walker. Nicola Walker was born on May 15, 1970, in Stephen, London, England as Nicola Jane Walker.

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Hannah meets a TV presenter who needs her help, and a new colleague joins the firm. As Hannah prepares FI Hansen for her divorce, she feels increasingly stressed by the double life she is leading with Christie.

Hannah's personal and professional lives collide as Christie's anger mounts. Secrets come out as Hannah deals with the fallout from her anniversary party.

As the Hansen case escalates, Hannah tries to make amends and rebuild her marriage. After Hannah's heartbreaking confession to Nathan about the night before their wedding, their marriage is in turmoil.

There's chaos at the bungalow as work begins to strip out the old kitchen. Alan's new supermarket job brings an unexpected challenge in the form of Harrison, and an overburdened Celia is ... See full summary ».

Gillian is pushed to breaking point at the farm, and Caroline finds herself at the heart of an unlikely love triangle. Ellie airs PC Cheryl's suspicions about Eddie, and a guilt-ridden RAAF... See full summary ».

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Twenty-five years after the events of Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), Charles, Carrie, Fiona, Tom, David, Matthew, Bernard, Lydia and Father Gerald are back in church. London's detectives investigating the seemingly random murder of a pizza delivery man uncover a convoluted case of interlocking circumstances amid a cross-section of British society.

The Defoe's, a family of female divorce lawyers, are forced to face their past following the return of their estranged father after a 30-year absence. A leading divorce lawyer finds business is personal when she leaves the family firm for a rival and finally faces her estranged father, who walked out 30 years ago.

In South London a young man, Abdullah Asif (Sam Otto), is shot dead delivering a pizza. The detective in charge, DI Kip Lassie (Carey Mulligan), quickly discovers that the pizza manager ... See full summary ».

Hannah represents the fiancée of a Premier League footballer in a prenup but problems arise when Christie gets involved as the opposing lawyer is his pregnant ex-wife. Pizza shop manager Laurie visits Jane to confess guilt for sending Abdullah to his death but disappears shortly afterwards whilst the police find wads of notes at her flat, leading to ... See full summary ».

Hannah represents a woman fighting to save the embryos created during a marriage that is now ending in divorce. Oscar's return continues to impact on the entire family.

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Sandrine returns to the army base, retrieves her gun and disappears. Hannah faces an explosive case when the husband of the Foreign Secretary is caught in a hack of an illicit dating website called Indiana Ray.

A family dinner at Ruth's house proves disastrous. As the net draws in, DI Kip Lassie enters a dangerous power play with MI5.

Nathan has a lot of explaining to do at home, Hannah faces further humiliation at work and demands everyone stops discussing her private life. Oscar's second wife Maya finally arrives in London.

But as the family try to heal divisions and look to the future, Hannah and Nathan are still fighting to save their marriage. When the body of a teenage girl who went missing at the turn of the millennium is found at a building site off the M1 freeway, four men are placed under the spotlight and their relationships are tested to the limit.

Cassie and Sunny learn that Hayley, who was strangled, was a twin with sister Jessica, before they are given a lead linking her to a holiday let where she worked. Cassie and Sunny begin interviewing the four male occupants of The Spinney whilst the rest of the team look at the time-lines and leads from the original investigation.

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Mel Hollis's account convinces Cassie that all four men were lying, particularly Pete, whose criminal past makes him the prime suspect and ends his marriage. Following the murderous attack on Pete, Sandra Hayworth is charged with incitement.

Cassie finds evidence to incriminate Elliot, though only fifteen at the time of Hayley's death, but James... See full summary ». One suspect is now dead and another in custody, but evidence found at his flat is dismissed by Mrs Reid as not belonging to Hayley.

When Adrian's career as a wedding photographer starts to get in the way of his own marriage, his wife Harriet is determined to find out why. A specially made DVD bonus feature to accompany the series.

A specially made DVD bonus feature to accompany the series. A specially made DVD bonus feature to accompany the series.

A specially made DVD bonus feature to accompany the series. A specially made DVD bonus feature to accompany the series.

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Cassie and Sunny join together to investigate when a body is found in a suitcase when the river Lea gets dredged. With their victim now identified, Cassie and Sunny's search for David Walker's killer is underway.

Jason finds it difficult to process his father's death and asks Cassie to see his dad's body following his outburst at stepsister Becca. With Sara's revelation about her past to her husband sending shock waves through their domestic bliss, she fights to make him understand.

Jonathan Creek WPC Fay Rad nor (1998) Walker then attended New Hall, Cambridge, where she started her acting career with the Cambridge Footlights.

Her contemporaries included Spooks writer David Wolstencroft and comedian Sue Perkins, who were all part of the 1990 national tour. Perkins, then an older undergraduate, was assigned to be her “college mother”, although Walker later said: “She was the worst college mother I could have had.

She asked to borrow my bike, got drunk, and I never saw it again.” Walker acted on stage as Perkins's stooge and years later their partnership was resumed when Perkins cast Walker in her sitcom Heading Out.

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In 2003, with the production team of Kudos Television looking to replace the character played by Jenny Gutter in Series 1 of Spooks, the part of Ruth Ever shed was specially written for Walker from Series 2. She remained with the show until the fifth series, during the production of which it was announced she was expecting her first child and would be leaving.

She returned in 2009 and continued until the series ended in 2011. Benji Wilson of The Daily Telegraph praised Walker's performance, stating: “an actress who has squeezed every drop out of TV’s greatest ever largely dumbstruck doormat for the best part of a decade.

Her scenes with Peter Firth, another fine player, have become self-contained little bubbles of weltschmerz within every recent episode”. In 2007, Walker had a prominent supporting role as a child snatcher in the ITV1 drama serial Torn and appeared in the BBC adaptation of Oliver Twist.

In February 2011, she appeared as nervous social worker Wendy in the BBC TV series Being Human. In February 2012, she played a major character in the one off BBC crime drama Inside Men.

Walker was again nominated for a Television BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress” in 2014 for her role in Last Tango in Halifax, but the award was won by her co-star Sarah Lancashire. In 2015, she appeared as Jackie “Stevie” Stevenson, the colleague of DI John River played by Stellar Starboard, in the BBC drama series River.

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She also starred as DCI Cassie Stuart, alongside actor Sanjeev Bhaskar as DS Sunil “Sunny” Khan, in the ITV drama series Unforgotten, which returned for a third series in 2018. From 2018 to 2020 Walker has starred as Hannah Defoe Stern, a divorce lawyer, in the two series of the BBC drama series The Split and as Reverend Jane Oliver in the BBC2 serial Collateral.

Walker was number 10 on the Radio Times TV 100” list for 2018, a list said to be determined by television executives and broadcasting veterans. In film, Walker's roles have tended to be smaller supporting parts.

Her most prominent role has been as the irritating folk singer in Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), who sings Can't Smile Without You at the first wedding. She also appeared in the feature film adaptation of the classic television series Thunderbirds (2004).

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