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Daniel Brown
• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
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A good push toy can help your baby get their footing once they’ve mastered pulling themselves up and supported standing. And, even if supervised, never let them use push toys near stairs, fireplaces or other potentially dangerous obstacles in your house.

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Three alligators take turn chomping when the toy is moving, and the cute ladybugs and butterflies near the handle supply extra giggles. The rubber-trimmed wheels provide grip and protection against scratching hard floors (note: they don’t move well on carpet).

The cook top activity panel removes, so baby can play with the center’s real cooking sounds and egg roller while sitting. When they’re ready to stand, put the activity panel back on and lock the wheels into place for a stationary play center.

It has seven hands-on activities for little ones to play with while seated, and when they’re starting to toddle along, they can push the toy along for fun music and encouraging phrases (there are 75+ sounds, including Spanish words). This bestselling sit-to-stand toy doubles as a portable baby entertainment center with piano keys, a phone, shape sorters, rollers, light-up buttons, sing-along songs and much more.

The play panel can be removed, so baby can use it as a floor toy before he’s ready to walk. With bright colors, cute animals and more than 70 tunes, this is a fun toy that will develop baby’s small and large motor skills and encourage imagination.

While you can’t remove the toys like you can with other more expensive models, baby can still play with this in a seated position. To prevent it from moving in this mode, some inventive parents place it against the wall.

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As a push toy, parents say the broad wheelbase keeps the pace slow and steady, and that it works just as well on carpets as it does on wood floors. Once baby is standing, return the cook top to the grocery cart and lock the wheels for a stationary toy.

When he’s on the go, the wide sturdy legs help keep him stable as he takes those first steps. Finally, remove the cooktop, and he can use it as a shopping cart for pretend play.

This streamlined push toy is made of solid beech wood and will appeal to minimalist parents. You can set the handle straight up when baby is still learning to pull himself up, or at an angle once he’s ready to move.

The large rubber wheels won’t scuff your floors, and the brakes are adjustable, too. The handlebar is adjustable, so you’ll be able to keep it at the right height no matter how fast baby grows.

This wooden push toy is better for walkers rather than those just learning to walk, as it goes faster than plastic versions, even with its non-skid wheels. All in all, it plays a grand total of 100 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases.

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A common complaint about many walking toys is that they can go too fast, especially for beginning walkers. That’s why parents love this Radio Flyer wagon’s “resist push” feature, which allows baby to build confidence and balance.

The molded wheels with grip treads make for a smooth and even ride. Parents also love that this push toy has bumpers to prevent scratches or tears on your furniture and walls.

If your tot loves singing along to “Baby Shark” (and you’re able to put up with it on repeat), this push toy may be the perfect thing to get him moving. Plus, this toy has a sturdy four-wheel base that will help support beginning walkers.

VTechamazon.available in blue, lavender, orange, or pink, this wildly popular learning walker will bring hours of entertainment along wherever your baby goes. The activity center on the front of the walker includes piano keys, a telephone, shape sorters, light-up buttons, sing-along songs, and more.

We sifted through plenty of the 11,000 raving reviews, and it looks like this walker truly doubles as a fully immersive entertainment toy. When your baby starts to push the walker, the lights and tunes will be activated and when they stop, so do the jams.

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This walker by Melissa & Doug features three chomping, wooden alligators that snap with every step! The gentle clacking noise the toy makes as it moves will keep your baby motivated to keep strolling on forward.

With almost 1,000 reviews, some users do note that this sturdy walker is better to use on hard floors instead of on plush carpeting. Bright Startswalmart.this super cute baby-walking toy includes quirky features, like freshly popped popcorn.

Every time the walker is in motion, your baby will get a kick out of the crackling popcorn that looks like it's popping right off of the cob. Your tiny tot, who’s just getting used to those jerking limbs below their bums, will love practicing how to walk without putting too much stress on their legs.

The comfy seat cushions their falls, and the tray gives your little one a place to snack when they've worn themselves out walking around. Your little one can start out in the standard walker to strengthen their legs and fine motor skills in a secure position.

Once your sweetie is pooped from practicing, the middle lights and sounds console can be detached and played with on its own. With close to thousands of positive reviews across the web, this sturdy toy is perfect for tots through the early childhood years.

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This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. So, you might consider a push walker when your baby can balance on their own and pull to a standing position.

Whatever the case, your baby may benefit from some supported walking practice using a push walker. Some walkers fold flat for easy transportation to a sitter’s house or on vacations.

Some walkers are pretty simple, while others offer additional safety options, like rubber and locking wheels. Some walkers have lots of bright lights and music, while others are more muted and made from wood.

Otherwise, it’s a good idea to purchase your push walker new, as older models may be recalled or have other safety issues, like broken parts. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reports that thousands of babies are injured each year using sit-in walkers.

The walkers on this list are highly rated by caregivers for their function, safety, and quality. The Little Times 3-in-1 folds flat for easy storage and transportation, making it a great choice for traveling or taking to Grandma’s house.

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This cute walker has a jungle theme with a sliding monkey, peek-a-boo lion, a toucan ball spinner, animal sounds, and colorful light projection on the floor. The Sit-to-Stand walker features a lightweight plastic body and wheels, allowing it to glide easily over carpeted floors.

It comes complete with a light-up keyboard, play phone, colorful gears, and shape sorter for entertainment (batteries are included). This walker has excellent ratings and parents like that its removable play panel grows with babies from sitting to standing to walking.

The wheels have rubber rings on them to slow your speed racer down on hardwood surfaces (but reviewers say this walker also works well on carpets! The Chomp & Clack earns high marks with reviewers for its stability and simple but playful design.

Worth noting: Several reviewers say that this walker is best for older babies and not those who are just learning how to walk. This is because, despite the rubber rings, it tends to move quickly and doesn’t have any built-in locking or slowing mechanisms.

Another wooden option, the Have Wonder Walker also features rubber rings on its wheels to protect floors and control speed. It’s finished with all nontoxic paints and offers a variety of fun activities to develop coordination and fine motor skills.

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Reviewers share that this award-winning walker is sturdy and suitable for taller babies and toddlers. One person specifically wrote that her son is over 35 inches tall and still regularly uses this walker beyond age 2.

Worth noting: Some reviewers mention that the back wheels tend to scrape the body of the walker, but that Have will send replacement parts if necessary. And many others warn this walker is bulky and heavy, making it too difficult for some babies to turn on their own.

Several reviewers mention that their Balance Box doubles as a small table, meaning it performs double-duty in the playroom. Not only that, but if your small space includes various types of floor surfaces, this walker easily transitions from wood to carpet to tile.

The feet of the box also move up and down to give your baby more sensory input. Reviewers say this is more than just a walker and that it helps babies develop their sense of balance.

Reviewers say it’s super easy to assemble and that all the bonus educational activities are a good value for the money. Worth noting: Several people say that the plastic wheels fly too quickly on wood and tile flooring.

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