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James Lee
• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
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In this Brazilian home, São Paulo studio Jacobsen Arquitetura placed laminated timber porticoes approximately 1.31 feet apart, to create a dynamic linear aesthetics that brings to mind the Tori gates of Kyoto’s famous Sashimi INRI shrine. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1955, the Louis Pen field House is a 1,730-square-foot, residence in Lake County, Ohio, that has details like ribbon windows, “glutenous” offered ceilings, and a floating wooden staircase inspired by Japanese minimalism.

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The Zen style house has become increasingly popular and is characterized by a refined interior and exterior, simple lines, creative light patterns due to unique fenestration, an open floor plan and minimalist ornamentation. In addition, most of our Zen house models include a basement to maximize available space and thus improve the comfort of the occupants.

The ultimate result is a tranquil house environment that feels more like a spa. All house plans and images displayed on Drummond House Plans ® website are protected under Federal and International Copyright Law.

It is therefore, illegal to copy, reproduce, store, transmit or use any part of this electronic publication, in any form by any means without prior written permission of Drummond Designs Inc. ®. In addition, illustrations and photos may differ slightly from the plan that you will receive.

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Floor cushions around a low table are an easy way to create an oriental dining zone, along with high contrast dark wood against a soothing warm cream backdrop. This example of slightly elevated low seating would prove easier on the knees and back than floor cushions.

The shelving that overlaps the edges of the wall column in this design are slightly reminiscent of the silhouette of a Japanese pagoda. Minimalistic lines are the obvious influence of traditional Japanese interiors on contemporary spaces.

Ideally, a zen room would be free from peace disturbing electronic devices. Paper paneled doors never fail to evoke an oriental look, install in doubles for balance.

A low Japanese style platform bed is the obvious winner for a zen bedroom scheme. This is a bold way to bring nature into a scheme with a look of permanence and stability rather than in a moveable pot.

This contemporary Japanese platform bed includes low slung bedside tables. This modern bedroom translates the simplistic lines and warm natural palette of a traditionally zen space.

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This Japanese inspired bed incorporates an eye-catching illuminated platform, but the room is still based on a zen theory of clean lines and warm natural hues. This window seat complete with tea kettle is a zen box.

Paper lanterns are a pretty and cost-effective way to light a zen scheme. These floor level seats are smoothly carved from a single piece of wood.

This highly contemporary straight edged bath tub harks at the minimalistic lines of zen influence. A sunken bath tub takes the minimalistic zen look a step further.

This image has dimension 640×480 Pixel and File Size 0 KB, you can click the image above to see the large or full size photo. Take your time for a moment, see some collection of Philippines house designs and floor plans.

Many times we need to make a collection about some galleries for your need, choose one or more of these beautiful images. As a matter of fact, architects and interior designers in different Asian countries have long adapted Western Modern and Contemporary architecture to local conditions.

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The basic layout of the Baha bubo remains a template in a surprising number of modern houses. Thus, one of the main goals many Japanese contemporary architects try to achieve in their projects is to delight, often by making the impossible possible, creating an unforgettable memory of the experience.

The well-known Minamoto Gina 2 building in Tokyo for instance, has irregularly-shaped exterior windows that do not exactly match the floors inside. However, many ambitious architects in China and the Chinese worldwide diaspora have been responsible for some very remarkable structures in recent years.

Contemporary Chinese architecture is characterized by a flowing, organic feel that flies in the face of the fact that modern materials and prefabrication are the chief ways these buildings are made. It’s not uncommon to see interpretations of Victorian and Gilded Age elements inside a glass and steel house.

Korean residential architecture is particularly noteworthy, as many new examples manage to express both an undeniable modernity and a respect for tradition. While Korean homes run the gamut from micro apartments to large houses, many new ones manage to include such traditional elements such as interior patios.

Polynesian/Balinese-inspired modern & contemporary architecture Bali and Polynesia have strictly different cultures, with one being Hindu and the other practicing a unique form of animism. Architects working on projects in tropical and coastal zones realized the advantages these traditional houses offered in terms of sustainability and aesthetics, and in the postwar period, Polynesian and Balinese architectural concepts were adapted for use in upscale coastal structures the world over.

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This results in great ventilation throughout the compound, which is further helped by characteristic high ceilings and large windows. Outer walls encasing the compound are also a typical feature that is also shared with traditional Philippine homes.

The micro-apartments that have become emblematic of Hong Kong, Tokyo, and to a lesser extent, Manila, have stretched the possibilities of what exactly could be done with a small floor space. Horizontal emphasis when possible Current trends to verticality in Asian homes are somewhat ironic in the historical context.

Palaces, public works, and even houses of wealthy individuals tended to be spread out, to give a sense of space. Thus, in historical Asian cities, the skylines were more often dominated by pagodas and fewer rooms had high ceilings.

In contrast, verticality was already a feature of densely populated European cities even as far back as the Roman times, and rich individuals often had homes where some rooms had high ceilings. Horizontal emphasis continues to be a feature of Asian homes despite most of them being far smaller than was normal in years past.

Historical Asian architecture, in general, is well-known for exhibiting these qualities, with the Pan-Asian concept of harmony often informing design decisions for buildings. In Japan, this idea of structures having organic forms was taken to another level by the Metabolism architecture movement of the Postwar Era.

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Taking cues from how bacteria and fungi propagate themselves, a unique architectural philosophy was extensively tested out in Japan. Metabolism combined emergent prefabrication techniques, Modern architecture trends, and a Japanese take on harmony with nature, creating unique, flowing structures that were specifically designed to easily expand in either vertical or horizontal axis as needs change.

In other Asian countries, architecture also tends to blend with the environment or have forms that evoke living objects. On the other side of East and Southeast Asia, the Burn Dubai and Jeddah Tower have decidedly non-regular forms that are far and away from the usual box-type buildings we see the world over.

Cultural and religious influences No discussion of Asian Modern and Contemporary architecture would be complete without mentioning Fend Shoo. Indian contemporary architecture is likewise affected by ancient ideas on house design called CASHU Santa.

Fend Shoo is quite popular in the Philippines and is sometimes even implemented by non-Chinese homeowners seeking to have better fortune and perhaps a better edge in their business and day-to-day life. Others are just things that were novel hundreds of years ago, but just make good sense today, such as avoiding building homes near mosquito-infested wetlands.

To achieve this, workers knowledgeable in traditional carpentry and stone masonry need to be employed for a truly authentic look. Similar trends are happening all across Asia, including the Philippines, where homeowners are increasingly looking towards native cultural heritage in order to create inspiring homes that look different from the often all-too-similar buildings found the world over.

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After emigrating from Vietnam with her family when she was just three years old, Christine Allay grew up in New York City. Her mother, who was a self-taught tailor and worked in factories in the Garment District, introduced her daughter to the art of sewing.

This young experience, combined with natural-born creativity, has shaped Christine’s successful career as a fashion designer and boutique owner. Design is about piecing together different influences, so it’s not surprising that Christine’s Brooklyn abode is an eclectic mix of cozy furniture classics, global accessories and the occasional toy or two.

Flirty florals mix with delicate Asian influences, which balance out sturdy wooden furniture and powerful architecture. Bright red gingham curtains in the kitchen contrast yet complement industrial and rustic elements.

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