Best Mode For General Zero Hour

Ava Flores
• Thursday, 26 November, 2020
• 9 min read

If you're looking for a way to revisit Command camp; Conquer: Generals Berthoud in a modern and refreshing state, this might help. This mod revitalizes the visuals of the game in stunning detail.

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Water looks gorgeous and crystalline, buildings look more detailed and better textured, and units look more fierce and animated than ever. If you want a Generals experience that can stand up to the looks of more recent games, this just might be the perfect fit.

The changes are many, but to give you a taste: Complete graphical overhaul, including HDR effects; texture changes; new units and factions; new AI; new maps and much more. It's not necessarily the most balanced as much as it aims to give you a slew of ridiculously good tools in order to kill, maim, and flame your enemies in new and exciting ways.

New units and rebalanced old ones make this an interesting build on top of the original Shock wave mod to say the least. Be aware, it requires the original Camp;C Shock wave mod in order to work properly.

Hey, you miss the Russians in Command camp; Conquer. This mod does just that, making the Russians selectable as a faction with its own unique units, structures, strengths, and weaknesses as well as balancing out all the factions to play in a fair, but fun four-way royale between these mighty foes.

Version 009 improves the graphics and AI, as well as gameplay tweaks to the units and buildings the mod adds. Virtually everything have been tweaked and modified and around 80 new units and 20+ new structures have been added.

hour zero strike ign
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In this mod, China, USA, and the GLA all get their fair share of new units, upgraded tech, and further goods. Harness the sun for USA's Solar-Tech Weaponry, gear up with the best ballistics in China's Heavy Assault, or release new and horrific chemical warfare with the GLA Venom Cell chemical weapons capabilities, just to name a few alongside a trove of cool new units and weapons.

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I don't know about RISE OF THE REDS, but I think the best mod is Contra version 6. Also, the most devastating weapon ever created is accessible in the game.

When that many people like something, that doesn't make it overrated, it means you're in the minority. My vote goes to Shock wave because i don't like what contra made to GLA.

Jan 14 2021Released 2012 Real Time Strategy Old graphic pack for Command & Conquer: Generals Berthoud. Jan 12 2021Released 2018 Real Time Strategy command and Conquer Generals Berthoud MOD:Continued a. New single mission 15 games, and restored many official unused voice dialogue...

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Jan 10 2021Released Dec 2019 Real Time Strategy Bringing a truly unrivalled gaming experience to Berthoud ; Our team has added various modifications which updates the models, new sounds, and balance... Jan 4 2021Released 2015 Real Time Strategy The End Of Days is a “C&C Generals Berthoud total conversion.

Dec 25 2020Released Apr 3, 2021 Real Time Strategy THIS IS A MOD OF RISE OF THE REDS! Dec 21 2020TBD Real Time Strategy This is a total-conversion MOD using the powerful graphics improving by (Made in China).

Dec 19 2020Released 2014 Real Time Strategy Operation: Firestorm is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals: Berthoud. Dec 10 2020TBD Real Time Strategy Death captain.FACTION 1-Iran 2-iraq 3-united states (USA) 4-Nato 5-Russia 6-syria 7-isis 8-Israel 9-United kingdom. Update 1-Global hawk (For NATO and...

Dec 3 2020Released 2017 Real Time Strategy Remember the original Command & Conquer? Nov 12 2020Released Oct 10, 2021 Real Time Strategy Diesel 100% Uncut Patch fur Command & Conquer General Die Sound Null Stella den ursprünglichen ungeschnittenen Husband on Command and Conquer Generals...

Nov 12 2020Coming 2021 Real Time Strategy A Total conversion for C&C Generals Berthoud based off Valkyrie Chronicles. Oct 25 2020Released 2004 Real Time Strategy This is a re-uploaded C&C Generals Berthoud Mod “2015 : Waste Land Conflict” from year 2004.

any please screen steps else drive could into
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I end up choosing the Nuke general for china because I like building 20 nuclear missile silos and blowing everybody up. But I'm wondering if there is a better general out there. Stealth > To in some people (i.e. mine)'s opinion, but really, there the top 3.

I reckon GLA is the worst no matter what. My preferences are 1. Laser General (Has the best defenses)2. Nuke General 3. Tank or Air Force General (I love those emperors and laser point defenses for those planes)But in the end I reckon its just personal opinion. Two players of equal level, one playing USAF and one playing vanilla China, the USAF will win 19/20. I tink it is personal preference, because in my opinion the best general is what ever the hell I feel like at the time.

If I want a rag tag army with multiple types of artillery working together I'm for toxin and regular GLA. Air Force is simply the best army in the game, holding a 1v1 advantage on all but Infantry on small maps, and outmatched by no one on large maps or in team games.

Stealth and Toxin (Stealth is better against USA's, Toxin vs. China's, but t's very close) are just below Air Force in terms of dominance, although they are a bit easier to use. Infantry falls just behind the three behemoths, but has favorable matchups against everyone else, and also is terrific against Air Force on small maps.

! Just deploy like 3 avengers and that's it -_-Still I like to use the Air Force general because I like king raptors. Unlike the previous campaigns, which were noted by Command and Conquer fans for not having full motion video cinematic sequences during mission briefing, the Berthoud campaigns return to that Command and Conquer tradition, each showing a live-action video of a news reporter of the respective side giving details about the situation behind the current mission.

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At the beginning of the USA campaign, the Global Liberation Army (GLA) launches a biological weapon using a refitted Soyuz launch station from the captured Balfour Commodore in Kazakhstan at a USA military base located in Northern Europe. The United States Army retaliates quickly, destroying the launch platform, before the GLA can fire another missile.

As the campaign continues throughout Somalia at the harbor, Russia where a GLA research facility is held for both Black Lotus and Colonel Burton to destroy it and the famous airborne operation at the Missed oil fields in Iran, the United States learns that a GLA general code named “Dr. Thorax” (who was the man behind the research factory in Russia and oil funding in Iran) has been developing a more lethal variety of anthrax known as “Anthrax Gamma”. A swift strike by the USA, with the help of rogue GLA forces, succeeds in preventing this atrocity, and brings an end to “Dr. Thorax”.

In the GLA campaign, the GLA, though disappointed by the death of Dr. Thorax and the American victory, receives a boost in morale with the successful appointment of their new supreme commander, General Mortar “Death strike”, who escapes American pursuit. The GLA first attempts to reunite its splintered factions under Death strike's command, which it succeeds in doing after eliminating Prince Assad's forces in Egypt, who betrayed the GLA and would not assist Death strike's forces, and then begins a fervent mission to drive the Americans out of Europe.

Despite their inferior weapons and equipment, the GLA succeeds in inflicting tremendous harm against the USA. They successfully capture an American Particle Uplink Cannon before using it to destroy the USS Ronald Reagan (cutting it in half from starboard to port, as shown in the game's cover) and infiltrating the US West Coast to steal toxins from a chemical storage facility.

Finally, the GLA manages to drive American forces out of Europe completely. In order to prevent the GLA from making use of advanced United States weapons, China launches a nuclear missile at the military base, destroying it.

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The GLA retaliates by mounting a massive assault against a nuclear reactor in mainland China, but the attack is repelled. The PLA forces then advance into Germany, where the GLA invaders are concentrated.

China succeeds in recapturing this base, and finally completely drives the GLA out of Europe. Following the war, the Eurasian Unity League is established between China and the newly liberated Europe, the world looks forward to a new era of Chinese leadership while America adopts a policy of isolationism.

It is also worth noting that his Laser crusaders require one point of power each. Strategies include building power plants and then laser defense turrets to destroy most forces that close in on his base.

One possible strategy is to attack the enemy's base with an onslaught of fully-upgraded King Raptors. Alexander can create a very stable economy and build up a large amount of special weapons and defensive structures quicker than most generals.

He is unable to build artillery units and must pay more to deploy aircraft and infantry. Strategies involving reliance on heavy vehicle assaults and rapid troop movements are suited to General Kwan's forces.

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His nuclear technology enables more output per power plant than that of other Chinese divisions. His Overlord and Battle master Tanks fire shells that release nuclear radiation.

In addition, their movement speed is much greater than that of standard Chinese tanks. Other than these additions, there are no significant changes, and Tao's forces play much like the mainstream Chinese Army.

All infantry under his command start as veterans; He also can requisition elite Minigunners to replace the standard Red Guardsmen. This reliance on infantry leaves his force very vulnerable to the effects of radiation and toxins, and under less common circumstances, mass vehicle rushes, where infantry is vulnerable to being run over, yet, if his abilities and advantages are used properly and efficiently, will bring swift defeat to opposing forces.

Prince Assad : A GLA General specializing in stealth tactics. All of his buildings can be covered in camo netting, making them invisible to most enemy units, he gets an improved GPS Scrambler ability, allowing him to cloak more units than other GLA cells can in a period of time, and has improved stealth Rebels.

Ambush, surprise, harassment and attrition are the optimal strategies for Assad's forces. However, the lack of heavy armor leaves them even more vulnerable than regular GLA cells to direct and concentrated assaults.

Also, the inability to deploy long range SCUD launchers means that at most times, his forces operate without in-direct fire support. Prince Assad hold the weakest point division of any GLA army divisions his arsenals function much like the standard GLA forces but lacked power his army cell has no anything power or any direct difference from Standard GLA other than being stealth, Generals that has ability to detect and avoid stealthy sneak, would be challenging and difficult for him.

Most of his field units and buildings are granted a self-destruct capability, encouraging the use of suicide attacks. She has a massive army consisting of units & structures from all three regular factions, in addition to a Particle Cannon, Nuclear Missile, and Scud Storm.

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