Best Mini Z Upgrades

Daniel Brown
• Sunday, 01 November, 2020
• 13 min read

Our goal is to have good clean fast and inexpensive fun racing. However, we have found a few inexpensive parts that once upgraded increase consistency, speed, competition, and our overall fun.

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We'll leave more modifications for mod classes and discussions at the club. We have three classes in PDX Mini, stock, modified, and open.

This guide is going to help you set up a stock car, so you can come race with us. Those are all great, but we have chosen and race together the MR-03 Sport cars.

These are Ready To Run cars, just add batteries, and they are fast and fun. There are cool looking RM (rear mount) cars with 86, 90, and 94 mm wheelbases, but these do not perform as well for our interests.

Since Kyoto does not show which motor mount a car comes with, you can use WWW. The LM cars have a different tire and rim combination than the racer style.

Racers use about 4 packs or 16 batteries during a race night. The general rule with other clubs in the “sport” class is 900mah Nigh rechargeable batteries.

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Getting a car purchased, basic setup options, a couple sets of batteries, charger, and transponder will run $250-$350, and you are ready to race. $35 well spent These are the most common and successful parts that work for almost every sport 2 cars.

Semiautomatic rifles are an indispensable part of most American gun aficionados arsenal. Bill Ruler, as a skilled manufacturer and marketer of firearms, realized Americans were leaning towards auto-loaders.

Due to its size, capacity, caliber, and ruggedness, the Mini 14 is widely used for hunting, competitions, and defense, especially in the countryside. Upgrading to a better trigger, adjustable gas block, and scopes/sights largely improve the accuracy of a Mini 14.

The rail has been secured by steel grommets which don’t strip out under sheer pressure. It fits both the 14 and 30 models, and allows you to convert your simple mini -14 into a deadly tactical weapon.

First, this stock is composed of space-age Hotel with a carbon fiber core for extreme durability, weather resistance, and lightness. Pro Mag has even thought to ensure that the rail’s height off the bore is identical to that on a standard AR-15, making it much easier for most shooters to get accustomed to whatever sighting option they choose.

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The fore-end is molded to accept two additional lengths of rail with only minor drilling needed. It even comes with an adjustable cheek rise, a collapsible butt stock, and a removable recoil pad.

The storage grip compartment allows you to carry extra stuff for your hunting and camping trips. Plus the adjustable cheek weld and LOP is also quite helpful to make it a subsidiary tactical rifle.

The Archangel Sparta is by far the best stock upgrade for the Mini series rifles on the market. It converts a simple ranch weapon into a deadly tactical rifle.

Many shooters complain about Mini’s lack of serious competitive accuracy, and the reason often lies in the gas block. This helps reduce the violence of cycling, decreases shock to the scope, and controls the distance that ejected empty cases are thrown.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design, Available in 2 Colors Improves Accuracy By Reducing the Vibration of the Weapon The gas block reduces vibrations to a significant level and prevents the optics from getting knocked off.

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Plus it allows you to adjust the pressures, so the brass falls close to you and not too far(which is an issue with the mini -14). In fact, it serves the maximum number of uses for an adjustable gas block.

For taming down the cycling action and regulating gas pressure for different loads, the adjustable gas block from Accuracy Systems is superb hardware for Ruler Mini 14 and Mini 30. This Gen 4 adjustable gas block will improve accuracy by reducing the harmonics of the guide/operating rod.

The device is made from 7075 aircraft grade alloy and comes with a sling swivel stud. The gas block will not only improve the accuracy of the weapon but also help you with switching shooting modes.

It attaches firmly to the weapon, and has a total of 14 slots to offer ample space for mounting scopes. Additionally, the rail need not be dismounted while removing the bolt for field stripping.

One thing that the Mini -14 woefully lacks when compared to most contemporary semi-auto rifles or carbines is a single slot mounting rail. Luckily GGG has a way of rectifying this situation without making radical and costly changes to your firearm.

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This Pica tinny rail clamps to the notches on the receiver for accepting the factory scope rings, no gunsmith required. With that trade-off you get 5.7 inches, that is, 14 slots of rail to adjust the eye relief of your scope to your liking or attach an alternative such as a low-profile reflex sight.

One nice feature is that installation of this rail does not require the removal of the rear sight, although it does block it. Carefully designed relief cuts have been machined out of the underside of the rail to allow for unimpeded shell ejection.

The rail has been meticulously designed to be sturdy, and prevent any ejection issues with the rifle. The best feature of this rail mount is simply the ingenious design that allows it to be attached to the gun with no gunsmith.

Another is an over-travel stop screw to limit the distance the trigger travels after it has been pulled. The Accuracy Systems trigger job is not cheap, but it brings the Mini 14 closer to being a tack driver, with shooting groups in the 1"-1.5" range.

According to recent reviews, these magazines work flawlessly with the mini -14, with zero feeding issues. Plus, the low price is also a good selling factor, since it allows you to purchase more magazines on a budget.

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The magazine has block-shaped grooves on the lower surface, which makes it easy to grip, even under sweaty/wet conditions. Also, the mags have a removable baseplate that enables easy disassembly for cleaning.

Plus, the 20 round capacity makes it a good self-defense weapon magazine for some extra firepower. The Pro mag magazine for Ruler Mini -14 is a lightweight, affordable, and flawless piece of equipment for your rifle.

It offers a good grip and can be disassembled with ease for cleaning and maintenance. While the Mini 14 comes with an M1 Carbine cotton sling, the market is flooded with large quantities that go from downright junk to high-quality steer hide.

The leather used is a bit elastic and is durable enough to withstand the weight of the rifle under normal conditions. It is an exact replica of the standard military sling, and has been made from the best quality materials and procedures to ensure strength and durability.

This superbly functional, 54" front strap increases usable length while maintaining the high level of comfort and mobility associated with leather. The Brown ell’s sling is 1 1/4'' wide, and it comes with forged, extra-tough, steel hooks attached with three rivets.

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The sling being durable, lightweight, and adjustable allows a hunter to carry the weapon all day long with ease on his/her shoulders. The hooks and rivets have been properly embedded and positioned to give you the best sling for the job.

Ambidextrous; Allows the User To Switch Sides Allows You To Carry 1 or 2 Extra Mags For the Mini -14 Contains Molly Straps For Better Compatibility With Your Gear The laces are elastic and have plastic keepers, which can be adjusted to attach it firmly to the rifle.

The ammo pouch improves the tactical ability of your Mini -14 by letting you carry one or two extra mags. This pouch fits snug on the stock and can be carried with other gear using the D-rings and Molly straps.

The pouch allows you to carry extra mags, which can be handy on a hunting trip. Similarly, you can mount the pouch on the mini -14 and equip it with an extra mag, for a possible home defense situation.

The pouch is a must-have for mini -14 users who like to wander the woods with their gun. If your target shooting or hunting, a iPod is a great addition to make life easier.

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It allows really fine adjustments for the user and is quite stable due to the extra hardware. These are by far the most functional and aptly priced bipeds on the market from a renowned manufacturer.

The legs and the hinged baseplate can both be adjusted to even the smallest measurements, which makes the iPod quite precise and stable. If you are looking for one with the longer legs for hunting in the woods or for using the extended 30 round magazines, the HARRIS S-L iPod sling swivel mount is the perfect item for you.

In other words, the swivel type iPod will enable your shooting from an uneven surface. The Harris iPod attaches securely to the stud of Mini 14 rifles with conventional stock design.

It allows the shooter to carry their gun with a sling, and it won’t impede shooting off-hand. These ultra-light bipeds are made from an aluminum alloy with some steel parts and hard rubber leg caps.

Made of heat-treated steel, the Harris iPod Adapter Stud is a quality part. In some cases, these adapters will require minor stock or for end insetting for proper fit.

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It can be adjusted for all kinds of prone shooting stances and offers precision to the shooter. The iPod works best under rocky and rough terrain to let a hunter find the proper shooting level and stance.

It can be adjusted to minuscule levels and allows the shooter to have a stable and reliable platform for taking accurate shots. For those who expect a higher level of precision, investing in optics is worth considering.

Specially Designed For Models With Removable Bolt Stop Covers It fits snug over the weapon after replacing the plate, which also allows it to retain its position under rigorous maneuvers.

Additionally, the extra 1-inch scope rings also save you some money and protect you from the hassle of buying them separately. The B-Square Sport Rifle Mount is installed by replacing the stock bolt-stop cover plate with a threaded one.

The B-Square scope base for the Mini 14 comes with a pair of 1” Interlock rings constructed of anodized 6061-T6 aluminum. However, for specific reasons the scope is good for hunters and competitive shooters.

The Ruler Mini 14 has long suffered from a reputation for poor accuracy, but after a few modifications and the addition of a good scope, this proven platform becomes more appealing and versatile. This hunting rifle scope is built from the durable 1-piece aluminum main tube with integrated saddle.

It has upgraded, fully multi-coated optics to enable a brighter, more transparent image in any weather condition. The scope comes in at 3-9x magnification and a 40 mm objective lens, presenting an unbeatable combination of edge-to-edge clarity and best -in-class light transmission.

For safety and protection, it has front and rear Butler Creek flip-up scope covers. Advertised with a 4" eye relief, shooting from Ruler Mini 14 is quite comfortable leaving an overall impression of a generally good rifle scope in this price class.

Plus, the standard GI type aperture makes shooting even more comfortable. These are more likely to be used by people who shoot at close range or are just fond of using iron sights.

These Ruler Mini -14 OEM sights are good for backup and replacement. Installing a newer, smoother trigger will ease the functioning of the rifle.

The original gas system of the Mini 14 operates with a lot of force, which impacts the receiver and pushes the spent cartridge too far away. But remember to upgrade the gas system as it already has enough stroke to shake your scope off zero after every shot.

So much so, that it might be helpful in eliminating the cost of replacing the adjustable gas system. Buffers eliminate the violent metal-to-metal slamming of the op-rod to the receiver and the gas block.

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