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This action of cards excavating by the effect of their Tuners reflects their job as gemstone explorers; they ‘explore’ deep into the ‘cave’ (player’s Deck) to seek for any gemstones they could possibly find (note that the Tuners can Special Summon any Level 4 or lower Rock monsters, not limited to the “Emancipator Crystal” monsters alone). Before you excavate any cards through their effects, you might want to use the effect of their exclusive Field Spell “Emancipator Apatite” first, to guarantee that you will later Special Summon any “Emancipator Crystal” of your choice for the sake of Synchro Summon.

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Christos Georgios’s build that won the main event at a recent Regional in Cyprus then went on to win a post-event Top 4 playoff as well, and it’s a really cool example of that technique adopting Dragon Link as an engine: Georgios used Dragon maids to fuel Guardian combos that are actually pretty similar to the mainstream Dragon Link decks. Regardless of what variant of Dragon Link you’re playing, a lot of the cards are going to function in the same ways.

Dinosaur-Type monsters are very well-supported and high-powered, lacking little other than good effects. “Murray” is a powerful stand-alone archetype that can hold its own against many meta decks if built and played correctly.

Price ~ $300 USD “Crystal Beast” Decks tend to have a wide variety of searching options for putting “Crystal Beast” cards on the field, either Summoned as monsters or placed in the Spell & Trap Zone as an effect-less Continuous Spell Card, and they have a couple of extra drawing options to speed up the use of the Deck. Because of these effects working together, “Crystal Beast” users can wind up many cards ahead of their opponent, and the various searching options facilitate the Summoning of “Rainbow Dragon” far quicker than would otherwise be possible.

There are lots of valid approaches here, and I’m sure that over time we’ll inevitably see dozens of different best Sacred Beast decks with a ton of subjective bias. The two cards I want to highlight in this build are Awakening of the Sacred Beasts and Cerulean Sky fire, because they’re arguably the most meta relevant” of the new material.

Awakening shuts down all activated monster effects your opponent controls if you have two or more Sacred Beasts on your field, while Sky fire shuts off spells and traps with Damon, Lord of Striking Thunder on board. It immediately bagged the trophy from Luxury Gaming’s LCS IX, held last December 12 – 13, 2020.

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Having FD (True King of All Calamities) was, and still is its main win condition. Top Decks | Yugo Top Decks We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

MonstersSpellsExtra Dockside Cards Princess Blue Tang x3Cynet Mining x3Toadally Awesome x2Code Radiator x3Marincess Pascals x3Monster Reborn x1Marincess Wonder Heart x2Sea Archive x1Marincess Seahorse x3Marincess Battle Ocean x3Marincess Marbled Rock x2Marincess Sea Star x1Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3Infinite Impermanence x2Shootingcode Talker x1Profibit Snake x2Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit x2Marincess Wave x3Marincess Coral Anemone x2Paleozoic Anomalocaris x1Swap Frog x3-Marincess Crystal Heart x2Paleozoic Sabina x1Profibit Snake x1-Marincess Blue Slug x2Mermail Abyssalacia x1Ronintoadin x2-Marincess Sea Angel x2Cynet Optimize x1Dupe Frog x2--Infinite Impermanence x1Marincess Mandarin x3--Paleozoic Dinomischus x1Effect Paler x3--Paleozoic Marcella x1---Marincess Current x1 Yu-Gi-Oh! The latter one can become huge if you can link all these monsters together consecutively and create a Crystal Heart effect, which makes you invincible, and you can take no damage anymore.

That's why the main deck includes 15 Ten monsters and extra deck holds eight more, including the newest Shaman of the Ten, which works really well with the two copies of the Mare monster. Waterfall of Dragon Souls is especially valuable, as it allows you to get access to all your Ten monsters, and then you get to draw some cards.

Ten has a big chance to really shine in this meta, but players who decide to pilot it should know that it's always better to go second, if you hold Vessel for the Dragon Cycle in your opening hand. The deck is tightly built in such a way that your opponents will not be able to destroy your monsters, and even if they do, then graveyard mechanics will get them back either on board or into your hand.

As a result, you will never be out of monsters on the battlefield, which means that you can link summon more and more until your opponents simply give up. Try these decks and be sure to check out the list of the best and most valuable cards from Rising Rampage expansion right here.

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Coupling with the fact he felt incomplete and the fact he's forced to share Fur's every thought, habits and emotions would make a being like Dark Dragon go insane. To the point that the only way he would be free from the madness would be to simply *kill* Kurdish.

Though still, ever since the battle on Yoko, Dark Dragon went from using insults and personal issues to throw Kurdish off, to being a bit more vengeful and... let's say he's gotten more vicious. Coupling with the fact he felt incomplete and the fact he's forced to share Fur's every thought, habits and emotions would make a being like Dark Dragon go insane.

Duel Monsters” by Kabuki Takanashi and Tea Entertainment The Beast, fully transformed into a monstrous combination of Arc and the Anubis beast, stared down at the infused Kurdish, surging in energy and being infused with the power of the Millennium Puzzle Item had left for him when he and the rest of the others were captured. Kurdish, though, was still distraught that his own sister Tar was also taken by the Beast as a soul offering.

My name is Krishan Fur ( ) and I make furry, clean diaper furry, and anime and cartoon crossover fan art, doing what I can to build a community of people who support my content. For years, I've been making art and have been progressing impressively in style and promotion and are taking requests as well as commissions now.

Claim: Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell, Claim: Pinkie Pie and the Rocking' Ponypalooza Party, the Elements of Harmony Friendship Guidebook I had enough in my PayPal to afford Among Us from Steam after loads of people play it and me feeling so left out.

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I mean, I WAS going to wait until I get more commission money to afford Garry's Mod, but Among Us sounds a lot more fun, TBH. I'm going to be 28... 2 new Baku's, a thing of tag and crests, a card, and a pendant that won't get here until March... yay....

2020 was SUCH a hassle due to the sheer amounts of negativity and entitlement and all the bickering back and forth that costed friendships to plummet and many grown people to become under fire by entitled kids throwing the pedophilia accusation willy-nilly and ruining their careers. Yours Truly also was the target of that, i.e. on Transform ice with the whole Storming and Sans/Joker situation that got way unnecessarily way out of hand that spanned a few months.

Bashed with the accusation all because I was doing diaper and baby fur art where people like them looked too deep into it and thought that I was allegedly making pedophilia, when in truth it wasn't true. I still reflect on that, and it took a lot of people's patience to try to assure me that things will be better, and I felt like such an ass...

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