Best Looking Yugioh Cards

Daniel Brown
• Wednesday, 13 January, 2021
• 11 min read

Sometimes it’s great to use a crappy deck full of your most favorite cards, you most likely will not win, but it’s fun! Striking fear into the hearts of any who remember Relinquished’s glory days, this card is amazing.

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With a crazy effect, an awesome name and rich history, Relinquished is one of the coolest cards in the game. Another one on the list purely because of a specific rarity, the Secret Rare variant of Guardian of Order is stunning.

If a single Ancient Gear Golem isn’t terrifying enough, how about an upgraded version? Putting aside the fact you need a new pair of pants after you see your opponent summon this, it’s an extraordinary card with epic art.

It has been released in a variety of rarities but Secret Rare brings out this Dragon’s awesomeness the best. You could really have made this list specifically about Blue-Eyes monsters, I decided to leave them out and focus on just one.

So simplistic but so astounding, this Avatar is compelling in its lack of features. It’s so damn awesome, it’s just a blank orb that seems to be missing the 20 colors we see in new cards of today.

She may be a weak normal monster with no effects, but Protector's a cute and devoted partner whose text states she loyally guards the throne when the king is away. They're a little rusty now, but the X-Saber archetype was pretty fierce for its time, great at swarming the field and destroying multiple cards.

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You're interested in her sinful red armor, flowing long hair, and ridiculously shaped weapon. Here's a fun-loving girl who'd definitely be down for some cosplay and anime conventions, and we're not even going to mention the interesting pose INAMI gave her.

Best of all, she's actually pretty good, bearing some nice search entrance abilities, so you can disguise your hidden affection behind a mask of competitive dueling. Block all that out, and you've got one heck of a tempting woman who manages to dress both modestly and flatteringly.

Not only she is pretty cute, she's actually competent, able to alter the levels of zombie monsters to higher values, perfect for mighty XYZ summons. Rosemary wields sturdy ATK and has two effects that reward you for regenerating your life points.

Still, despite her silly name, Apple Magician Girl's stylish and revealing outfit, powerful synergies, and presumably solid nutrition habits make her prime girlfriend material. We may never know, but like any good ex, Warrior Lady sets you up with one of her sisters or cousins upon exiting the field (through battle destruction), ensuring you're never living the single life.

Although Oasis's effects are pretty weak, giving minor boosts to your level three and lower normal monsters, her cute yet timid appearance will make you hope she's not just a desert illusion. First, as a tuner, she's got some nice synchro-summoning prowess, especially with her ability to revive Noble Knight monsters from the graveyard.

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Ladies, if you're looking for a date, just hand your crush a blade and recite a prophecy about him being the legendary chosen one. Happiness is scientifically proven to be attractive, and that's why spirited girls like Blizzard Princess are hard to overlook.

Not only that, Blizzard works great for spell caster decks, where she can be summoned (with a daunting ATK score) for only one tribute and disables opposing spells/traps for the rest of the turn, letting you proceed unhindered. Her beauty can almost, almost make me forget how terrible she is, requiring lots of work to summon with mediocre effects that just don't justify the effort.

Speaking of strong, despite her forgettable battle stats, Moonlight's flavor text tells us she's blessed with powers “far beyond mortal comprehension”. In the anime, Yuri's rival Set Kaaba seems pretty picky with women, but his ancient ancestor had a relationship with the blue-eyed Maiden.

For the younger crowd, Clerk's elegant fashion and red hair (heroes love redheads) will bring the boys to the yard. She's an okay monster, giving you a free special summon if you control another member of her archetype, but a graveyard ability would have been appreciated.

Although she's kind of an attention hog with her capitalized middle name, Burstinatrix gives a new meaning to our hottest countdown. Well, at least until she fuses bodies with her brothers to form twisted aberrations like Flame Wingman that even southerners would condemn.

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Still, don't worry, Burst, despite your low ATK and lack of effects, I can think of two good reasons you might still get included in a deck. Like Alexis, poor Zulu from Arc-V garners way too much attention, and she also wields a girly monster set.

Plus she's not half-bad, able to special summon herself while you control another Melodious monster, then boost her team's ATK and DEF (including her own) by 500 points. Weak stats, but tuning capabilities, plus a graveyard banishing effect (if you possess other defeated Laval's) to destroy a set card.

If you can get past the clawed limbs, Queen's pretty cute and a great support for the Harpies archetype. If her giant blade and spiffy black getup don't enthrall you, maybe Hunter's piercing gaze and shapely figure will.

I'm a sucker for ponytails, and Rose's red hair, stylish black duds, and Nixonesque appearance only add to her appeal. Although she hasn't aged well, Rose was impressive for her time, as she provided the useful tuner level of four (helping cast level eight synchro monsters) and inflicted an extra 300 burn damage whenever she dealt battle damage, giving her then-decent offensive potential even on her own.

If you like goth girls, this is the partner for you, and her normal summon ability lets her field a level three fiend from your hand or deck, perfectly setting up for a link or XYZ extra deck summon. Designed to support the meta Spiral monsters, she allies with some of the strongest units in the game, giving even more reason to harness her powers.

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Additionally, Misty can bounce both a Spiral Super Agent and an opposing monster back to the hand on either turn. With REI from Neon Genesis, Rey from Star Wars, and now Sky Striker Race, no one seems to agree on how to spell the name, but with girls this formidable, it's hard to complain.

And she can take care of herself; as a monster, you can tribute her for a free Sky Striker Ace extra deck summon. Plus, if your Sky Striker link monster leaves the field due to an opposing card, you'll get to revive her from your graveyard.

Jeremy enjoys dueling in between working as a chemical analyst and campus building manager. While not on the same caliber as, say, Magic: The Gathering, the quality of the artwork on Yu-Gi-Oh cards has drastically improved since dueling's debut.

It's a white dragon flying through space emitting spirally beams of light, and the kid in me loves it. It also revives a non-synchro Scrap monster from your graveyard when destroyed by your opponent (either through battle or effect).

And as Amulet Dragon and Wyverburster taught you, I'm a sucker for charging up energy beams and space backgrounds. Power Speaking of Ether's uses, its evil form can target and banish any monster on the field when normal or special summoned, a great effect that works even when revived from the extra deck.

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The pendulum scale is a bit midway at 4, but the ability to banish an Empowered Warrior from your graveyard to destroy any card is nice. Artwork One of the several alternates (but official) renditions of Joey Wheeler's classic Red-Eyes Black Dragon, the reflected red light and imposing green smoke invoke an ominous and powerful aura.

Artwork In most cases I don't want the “camera” zoomed this far back, but here it contributes to the overall feel of rarity. You're barely catching a glimpse of this universal entity, almost like sighting a fleeing legendary Pokémon.

Power Despite lackluster stats and no effect, Galaxy Serpent's 0 DEF and normal monster status qualify it for a good number of tricks (like Heart of the Underdog and Masked Chameleon), plus its tuner status will let you synchro summon. Power Needs a dark tuner and at least two non-tuners to synchro summon but compensates with a whopping 4000 ATK/DEF, immunity to battle and effect destruction, and the ability to once per turn change an opposing monster's ATK to 0 and gain you life points equal to its original ATK.

This should hit them for a lot more than the 1000 life you paid, and it resets the game state if things aren't going well. Power In addition to having a lethal 3200 ATK, Star Eater is simply one of very few level 11 synchro monsters who will accept any tuner/nontuner combination.

Artwork Dark Armed can never pick his nose with those oversized limbs he calls claws, but his shimmering silver-teal figure, spikes, and red orbs grant a menacing presence. 2800 ATK impresses, and Dark Armed helpfully accepts any level 7 monsters as material.

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Artwork His black design and red claws are cool, but I really enjoy Punishment's griffin-like stature. Power With a decent 1700 ATK (considering he's a level 4 who doesn't need tributes) and the ability add a dark or light level 7 monster to your hand at the end of the phase you normally summon him, Dwarf is surprisingly competent, especially in Chaos arrangements.

Artwork With the emanating cool shades of blue and black, Samsara easily draws the eye. It's hard to see in this bright picture, but he's also bearing the Japanese “Monster Reborn” magic sign on his torso, a perfect emblem considering his traits.

Artwork With a jet-black face illuminated only by screaming fangs and glowing eyes, Dark Matter Dragon is delightfully agonizing. The skull spirits and lower body being made of a mist-like substance contribute to the warped feel.

It can also revive itself with doubled ATK if it has Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon as material, but any damage inflicted to your opponent is halved while it does, so don't fret too hard if you simply use other level 8 monsters. Plus, Ultimate Tolkien goes for more of a Chinese dragon look with its long body and short limbs, a design I appreciate.

Artwork Nostalgia's probably playing a part here, but I simply enjoy the black-metal sheen, red undertones, and overall look of this competitive creature. He's simply a big dragon whose shades subtly shift from blue to green to purple.

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Artwork Really like the color pairing of iris and black, and the giant wings, fierce claws, and pincer-like tail don't hurt either. Plus, this tyrant carries the renowned Mirror Force name and is even fusion summoned using the infamous trap (alongside The Fang of Critics spell).

In addition to 2800 ATK, Mirror Force Dragon can destroy all cards your opponent controls whenever they attack or target one of your monsters, an awesome field-wipe that prevents them from doing almost anything. The red orbs littered across Pandora's body and the imposing crimson background also contribute to his menacing aura.

Power Used to great effect by Yuri Motor in the Dark Side of Dimensions movie, when normal or special summoned from the hand, Pandora can destroy all other monsters on the field and inflict damage to your opponent equal to the one who had the highest ATK. He also gains that ATK as his own; however, you halve your life points at your end phases, a significant drawback to Pandora's fierce powers.

Artwork Half-demon lord, half-dragon, Starlight Red hovers inside a volcano and one of his arms burns with the powers of fire. Power A lethal upgrade of Jack Atlas's classic Red Dragon Archfiend.

Artwork This earth-attributed ritual monster has some dude shooting out of a dragon and apparently enjoying every second of it. The numerous wings and tornado-like backdrop give the Imagination Dracoverlord a vibrant feel, and it's simply drawn better than most dragons.

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Power Not only does Armorphactor Pain negate the effects of synchro, fusion, and XYZ monsters (perfect for its pendulum-oriented archetype), it forces your opponent to skip their next main phase 1. This leaves them no chance to play spells or summon monsters until after their battle phase, an uncommon and useful lockdown.

Artwork Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon has three heads and all, but Chaos MAX takes the prize for my favorite Blue-Eyes. He's big, he's powerful, shards of ground hover simply by being near him, and as a ritual monster, even his card background adds to the beautiful blue palette.

Chaos MAX possesses 4000 ATK, immunity to being targeted or destroyed by opposing card effects, and not only inflicts piercing battle damage to defense position monsters, but double piercing damage, meaning there's no way to hide behind his unholy ATK score with wall units. Artwork A stunning sky background, metallic black structure, glowing blue veins, and red fire spouts easily take the cake when it comes to just catching my eye.

Brave-Eyes is definitely one of the best looking dragons, with sharp edges just like a sword (fitting the material) and an awesome visor. Number 107 or Dragon also have that divine kind of feeling as well, fitting their awesome abilities.

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