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• Thursday, 29 October, 2020
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a) devastating hurricanes) demoralizing tweetstormsc) cyberattacks) gun attacks) North Korea, Iran, Russia, etc.f) zombies) everything So just in case civilization does indeed crumble, explode, or implode around you, it makes sense to have a plan.

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“On the other hand, being in a low-density rural location, with more abundant natural resources, and far fewer mouths to feed, will dramatically increase your chances of surviving the crisis,” he says. So we looked at a variety of criteria that could mean the difference between life, death, and the fate of the walking undead.

But hold on: The federal government also considers things like airfields, ports, refineries, and energy centers to be targets. The metro has one of the highest rates of housing listings with bunkers or fallout shelters.

Structural issues caused the group to abandon the project a year later, but there's still no shortage of large underground shelters. On the downside, Fort Leavenworth, an army base on more than 5,000 acres, is about 35 miles to the northwest.

And a city like Manchester has plenty of health care professionals to treat any festering injuries. Others want to get deep into the mountains,” says Theresa Mondale, broker and owner of the United Country-Western Montana Group in Missoula, MT.

“My clients range from college students, retired government officials to high-ranking Silicon Valley .” After Kansas City, the best places to survive nuclear disaster are New Haven, CT, in second place, followed by Ann Arbor, MI ; Hagerstown, MD ; Springfield, MA ; Manchester, NH ; Duluth, MN ; San Luis Obispo, CA ; Crestview, FL ; and Lincoln, NE.

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People around the world hunger for a taste of the Big Apple, but if a nuke drops while you visit, it could be your last taste: New York leads the list of worst places in the United States to ride out an attack. Like most of America's largest cities, NYC would be hit with a deadly double whammy: In addition to being a primary target, it has precious few natural resources to make post-blast survival possible.

If you call one of these urban centers home, here’s something to cheer you up: Just about everyone would be screwed during a nuclear strike. But the second rule is all about the double tap: Always shoot your zombie twice in the head, just to be on the safe side.

What came out of it was that Texas Tech became a leader in creating safe rooms” to protect against future disasters, says area real estate agent Jacky Howard of Caldwell Banker. While proximity to military bases could prove fatal with nukes, it's likely a godsend in the face of the living dead.

In case of zombie apocalypse, learn from Rick Grimes, and get out of the city. It almost goes without saying, but you can’t grow a garden in a 500-square-foot apartment. And unless you purchased about 1,000 cans of Campbell's Chunky soup prior to the walkers' invasion, you're out of luck.

The lesson here is that if you live in a huge city and start seeing people take bites out of each other, it is time to run for the hills. “Equipping a home with shatter-resistant windows, security devices, and alarm systems could go a long way,” says author Duarte.

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“Anything you can do to slow down a potential intruder or mindless zombie without much intelligence” would be good. The recent emergence of a living dead-like disease among deer has led some scientists to wonder whether it could spread to humans through infected meat.

Though you'll probably want to wait awhile before you start battening down the hatches or brandishing any barbed-wire bats, it wouldn’t hurt to keep the best places to survive the zombie Apocalypse in the back of your head. CableTV.com helpfully listed the best states to seek refuge if and when doomsday should occur.

They designated each U.S. state as one, two, three, and four, with one being the safest and four being areas with the lowest likelihood of survival. To tabulate these results, the crew at CableTV.com aggregated data based on each state’s agriculture, weapon ownership, solar energy, and climate.

Unfortunately, residents in the northeast didn’t fare too well: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Jersey were all hit with zone four statuses. Should you find yourself on the beaches of California, you have little to worry about, zombie -wise: The Golden State was deemed the safest haven in all Zombie America, thanks to its gorgeous weather and implementation of solar power.

CableTV.com points out that the four aforementioned indicators aren’t the only factors crucial to survival. The site mentions that finding areas hosting slowly decomposing food may prove useful for survivors in need of sustenance.

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Health consciousness is a privilege of a zombie -less world, but when you’re running from the undead, being a picky eater isn’t an easy option. Sneak over to Kansas, Georgia, or Indiana, where Hostess’s three Twinkle bakeries reside, and stock up.

But if your ultimate aim is survival, neither option is that good, unless, of course, you manage to discover a pub or mall in the middle of nowhere. Their results indicated that the best place to avoid infection is in remote, sparsely populated locations.

There are roughly 78,000 of these establishments in the U.S. A nearby gun store means a near-infinite supply of ammo when the zombie outbreak happens -- especially if you're in a low-population area. They have military training and perhaps combat experience as well, which will be invaluable when it's time to defend your town.

In the event of an onslaught head to the high ground, build a bunker, and hunker down for the long haul. These numbers come from the USDA's Natural Amenities Index, which includes a scale of average county-level topographic variation ranging from flat lands to steep mountains.

Regardless, water is a type of terrain that you can traverse (especially with a boat) but which zombies can't. Build a fortress on a lakeshore, and you only have to protect against undead sieges coming from one direction.

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It would be great to have some vets around to teach me how not to shoot myself in the foot, and terrain, well, eh. One thing you'll notice is that the overall contours of the map don't change much in response to small tweaks.

And this makes sense: look, if you live in Manhattan (population density: 72,000 people per square mile) and the zombies come, you better have your will written. On the other hand, rural areas out west, where there are few people and lots of guns, seem to always rank highly no matter how you set your weights.

Density was calculated as a function of county land area numbers maintained by the Census. For the final index, I log-transformed the population density figures to lessen the impact of a few extreme outliers on the overall curve.

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