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If “Go DJ” was the moment Lil Wayne entered the mainstream, then his guest verse on “Soldier” is when he solidified his potential as a crossover star. In an interview at SSW in 2014, exactly ten years since the song was a radio staple, Wayne looked back on the impact it had on his career.

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Then I say, I must be the hottest if it isn’t you.” He didn’t have to be so modest; by the time “Luxury Tax” was released in March 2008, everyone knew he was the ‘ Best Rapper Alive’ was. When the triumphant beat drops, Wayne saunters over the J.U.S.T.I.C.E League’s production, making it obvious that, even though his magnum opus, They Carter III, was still three months out, he knew the rap game was his.

Absent on “I’m So Paid” are the usual tropes that stand out on LilWayne’s greatest verses: clever metaphors, humorous puns, and double entendres. Released in the fall of 2008, right at the twilight of They Carter III’s cultural dominance, “I’m So Paid” found Lil Wayne at his most confident.

I feel undefeated”, with an energy that thumped through your iPod video; At that moment, it was obvious that, while Wayne’s run atop hip-hop was far from over, he’d never reach these heights again. In the mid-to-late-aughts, Lil Wayne had earned his reputation as the perfect Pop/R&B guest rapper by appearing on number-one hits such as: Destiny’s Child’s “Soldier”, Chris Brown’s “Give me That”, Lloyd’s “You”, and Cycle’s “Sweetest Girl”.

“Mad”, a standout from Orange’s critically acclaimed third studio album, A Seat at the Table, gave Wayne the perfect platform to remind us why we fell in love with him in the first place. In 2010, Wayne headed off to prison for eight months, but not before laying down a bunch of verses to hold us over, including the most important one: his feature on Drake’s debut album.

One year removed from the release of his magnum opus, They Carter III, Lil Wayne was at his absolute apex, still maintaining his grip on the crown by way of stellar guest spots. Alongside hip-hop’s next-biggest-rapper, Kanye, Rick Ross (who had recently ascended to throne-snatching-territory), and T-Pain (the King of Hooks), Wayne stole the show, with a verse that reminded us how good he was when operating from a casual, confident place.

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While Wayne’s delivery made the chorus catchy, its genius was in what it was saying; suddenly, the act of throwing dollar bills in a strip club could be explained in one phrase, as “making it rain” became rooted in the pop-culture vernacular. Through Drake, he was witnessing rap’s pecking-order change before his eyes; accordingly, he made sure, while he was still peaking, to make everyone remember that the ‘ best rapper alive’ title-belt wasn’t yet up for grabs.

On “Georgia… Bush”, the closing track off his 2006 mixtape, Dedication 2, Lil Wayne submitted his first-person account of Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent negligence that left his hometown reeling. Shortly after its release, the track reached number one on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-hop Songs chart (Wayne’s first time accomplishing the feat) making him a true crossover star.

Lloyd’s seductive singing, backed by the lush R&B beat, gave Wayne a stage to showcase his pop-star sensibilities; he delivered. More than anything, “You” helped Wayne earn his stripes in the pop music world, single-handedly paving the way for his subsequent collaborations with Usher, Akin, T-Pain, Cycle, and Enrique.

If he wasn’t making news by trading shots with Bird man and Cash Money over the unreleased Carter V, Wayne spent his time dropping lousy mixtapes and predictable, phoned-in guest spots. Cassidy released “6 Minutes” in June 2005, meaning Lil Wayne recorded his verse sometime in the prior 12 months, which is relevant because this period coincides with his workaholic-level of output.

His career-altering, once-in-a-generation verse confirmed the claims he’d been making since They Carter II’s “The Best Rapper Alive”; finally, it reigned true. Wayne is a superstar, a multi-platinum artist who has dropped some amazing records and over the course of his career has made music and business decisions that have changed Hip Hop.

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In addition to putting out amazing records and building himself up as one of the best rappers alive, he has also played a big role in co-signing future legends Nicki Minaj, 2 Chain and Drake. He has appeared alongside new school rappers and veterans alike and whether he’s performing a dope chorus or spitting some of the most quotable bars in Hip Hop, Lil Wayne brings it.

When Lil Wayne is on his A game he can make amazing music with almost anyone Fat Joe, Jay-Z, Eminem, DJ Khaled, Drake, TI, Judaism, T-Pain or Tyler The Creator. This track is a straight up club banger, the type of song that makes you want to pop a bottle and get twisted.

Back in 2008 before TDE was a household name, Jay Rock was just getting started in the industry while Lil Wayne was on top of the game. Chance and Wayne got back together on this joint and the result was impressive yet again, another high energy, fun track.

Tyler The Creator and Lil Wayne were previously featured on The Game’s Martians Vs Goblins, but that track lacked a verse from Wayne verse, so this song was the “real” Wayne /Tyler collab fans wanted to hear and the Kanye West feature was a plus adding even more interest. SUCKERS is a dream track where three of Hip Hop’s biggest personalities get to showcase their rap skills.

Lil Wayne with Cash Money and Tyler’s with Odd Future but in the end all three of these artist make GOOD music. Last ASAP has a track list filled with some phenomenal artists, Schoolboy Q, Mos Def, UK and Juicy J but even with all of those features Wayne stole the show.

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Wayne and Rocky both kept it trill on this track dropping some smooth verses over a booming beat by The Honorable C.N.O.T.E. Lil Wayne and Cam’Ron are two innovators whose work helped to define the sound of Rap music in the mid 200’s.

This Steve Morales produced track is kicked off with a dope hook and nice beat drop… This 07 banger is fueled by sharp synths and a heavy bass. Backed by a sick beat, Lil Wayne spit one of his most memorable and catchy verses.

All four of these rappers put on for their cities, they went in on this beat and helped make this song a huge hit. Lil Wayne showed he could stand next to the best of the best on this track not being outdone by Jay-Z, TI or Kanye West, New Orleans’s Finest brought that southern smoke.

Dark, moody and soulful, 808’s & Heartbreak is one of Kanye West’s most experimental albums to date. On this project Kanye West forged rapping to express himself in a way that no other Hip Hop artist had before and the results were interesting.

808’s has gone on to be one of the most influential albums for rappers today inspiring Drake, Lil Uzi Vert and many other popular Hip Hop artists. On “See You in My Nightmares”, Lil Wayne helps to amplify an already great song by using auto-tune the right way.

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On this sing Drake does his things with some good raps and a hell of a chorus, but Wayne holds it down on his verse. On this track he held his own with two of the greatest rappers to come out of the south, two men with incredible flows and vivid lyrics.

Forever is a mega hit were everybody on the track brings there A game, Drake lays down a catch smooth chorus and an infectious verse, Kanye does Kanye, Eminem rips the track with a tremendous verse and Lil Wayne spit a mean sixteen. The world of Hip Hop paused for a moment when news hit the airwaves about Lil Wayne being hospitalized after having multiple seizures.

Regardless if you love or hate Weezy, it is hard to argue against his impact on popular music and culture. He doesn’t apologize for being who he is as he pushes the envelope even If it is the tight leopard skinny jeans or his constant reference to fellatio.

Little Tune chi has also infused large doses of R&B into his musical concoctions through his collaborations. Lil Wayne gives this laid back track some energy with his fiery lyrics and witty delivery.

He addresses his regional haters and lets them know that he can spit like any cat from the East or West. Robin Thick and Lil Wayne go back and forth with hypnotic instrumentation and buttery vocals intertwined to give us and amazing song.

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Scott Torch and Lil Wayne bring back MYA with this joint. This is a dope summer beach joint to pick you up and make you feel good.

“I ain’t being nasty, I’m just being for real, Let me take off my belt and give you the whip appeal.” Lil Wayne seemed to motivate Kelly to come out her shell and make something that was new, fresh and innovative for her.

“Uh, girl I turn that thing into a rainforest, Rain on my head, call that brainstorming.” Kasia Cole always goes hard when she jumps on a track and when she rocks with Lil Wayne it is no different.

Lil Wayne has been able to have the ability to express emotions from a perspective that is genuine, but yet, still street. This is a recipe for a track reminiscent of Mary J Blige and Method Man’s collaboration, “All I Need”.

Robin Thick and Lil Wayne seem to have great chemistry when it comes to making clever joints that flirt between various genres. Pretty Little Heart is a song with a groovy vibe that is contagious.

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“Ice” is a track that shows how sexy and sensual Kelly Rowland has gotten. Her new album has shown her growth and Lil Wayne has been a key component to her success.

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