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• Thursday, 29 October, 2020
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Family Activities: 1100 Trevelyan Way, Louisville, 40213, KY The undisputed star of the Louisville Zoo is a furry local celebrity named Annie (meaning “snowflake”), an orphaned polar bear cub found wandering alone on an oil field in northern Alaska.

Annie and an older cub named Sikh now inhabit the zoo’s funky new Glacier Run exhibit, a recreation of an imaginary gold-mining town on the edge of the arctic. Glacier Run is also home to the zoo’s Splash Park, a water park open every summer that features 42 ways to get wet (so be sure to bring bathing suits).

The four-acre Gorilla Forest is another zoo highlight and features three separate gorilla habitats, plus Hippo Falls, where you can watch pygmy hippos from underwater vantage points. Wallabies Walkabout features popular animals from Down Under, while at the Lorient Landing aviary, you can feed birds right out of your hand.

At the Alice S. Escort Tiger Tundra exhibit (recently upgraded with a shaded upper viewing deck), you can see the zoo’s magnificent Siberian tigers and watch keepers interact with the large cats during regularly scheduled training demonstrations. In 2016, the park expanded their elephant exhibition, doubling it in size and allowing the animals plenty of room to roam.

Holding the paint brush steady, Nikki gently touches the canvas adding her final stroke and smearing orange paint through vibrant green. Nikki is a 9,000-pound female African elephant who uses her trunk like a hand to hold a paint brush to create her masterpieces.

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This store features works of art by some of the Zoo’s most popular animals (elephant Nikki, gorilla Jean and orangutan Segundo). Keepers at the Louisville Zoo strive each and every day to enrich the lives of the animals for which they care.

In order to do so, they add interesting activities like painting to the animals’ daily routines. The new store also features fair-trade products from around the world from South America to Asia including hand knit animal finger puppets from the Andes Mountains in Peru, handmade baskets from Bangladesh and tree-free paper journals from artists in India.

There are also sheep wool toys, purses, booties and baby hats that are made in Mongolia with proceeds going toward the Snow Leopard Trust and improving the livelihood of the impoverished families who live in the region. The sale of these fair-trade products helps people in developing countries move toward economic self-sufficiency and stability.

He is a laid-back individual, but enjoys rough play and daring antics at times. His keepers say it is an outlet of his artistic expression and that it is enjoyable enrichment for Jean.

Segundo was only the fifth orangutan in North America to undergo a throat sac removal. Segundo is quiet and shy and likes to hang out and spend time with his keepers.

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Malika suffered from musculoskeletal problems that led to stiffness, lameness and difficulty moving, the zoo said Wednesday. When the 23-year-old female Masai giraffe's pain could not longer be controlled, her keepers and veterinarians decided to euthanize her Wednesday, the staff said.

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