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Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace. He had chart topping singles covering a span of 10 years.

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The Louisiana-born axe man has sold millions of albums, toured with the Stones and Van Helen, and jammed with Joe Walsh. The motor head has a 1972 Dodge Charger with a 392 Semi mated to a Viper six-speed tranny.

2 off the Top’s sixth record, Arguello, is straight-up Texas blues with mean picking and a great horn section. Well she doesn’t care if I’m stoned or sloppy drunk/Long as she got the keys and there’s a spare wheel in her trunk.

“This one is for when you have a few hundred miles left to go, and you want to listen to a song that helps you forget about the destination,” says Shepherd. The deepest pathos in this song comes not from the lyrics or the depth of Redding’s soulful croon.

“A great southern rock song that makes you feel like you’ve got a someplace important to go and you have to get there quick!” says Shepherd. On Feb. 19, 1980, AC/DC singer On Scott was found dead (vomit asphyxiation after a full night of drinking).

Before the year was out, the band put out Back In Black with a new singer, Brian Johnson. You can’t be behind the wheel listening to this song and not have a good drive.” You can still catch Edgar (the bro of the late Johnny Winter, another Texas blues master) on the road.

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If you can’t listen to this song without thinking of the opening sequence of the first Church & Chong movie, you’re not alone. It’s also impossible to hear this tune while driving without drumming your fingers on the steering wheel.

“I love the way this song opens up with drums,” says Shepherd of “Hot For Teacher.” “ Alex Van Helen is playing a pattern that sounds like a big block engine with a Lopez cam and when cranked up you almost feel like you’re inside an engine.” “This one is from my second album and is perfect for a long stretch of highway where you can really open up your motor and let it breathe.

Main Best of KennyWayneShepherd Band KennyWayneShepherd, Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation 15 songs from this blues' guitarist extraordinaire, including: Alive * Blue on Black * Born with a Broken Heart * Changes * In 2 Deep * Led better Heights * The Place You're In * Slow Ride * True Lies * and more.

Please note you need to add our email km0@bookmail.org to approved e-mail addresses. At the tender age of 16, he was recognized for his vocals and guitar talent.

Since that time, he has sold millions of records and received five Grammy nominations. The KennyWayneShepherd band, which includes Joe Known, Noah Hunt, and Chris Layton, has been enjoying success on the tour as their latest album, Lay it Down, was No.

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Shepherd sat down at the Bourbon & Beyond Festival to talk about his latest music, and the importance of the song that everyone will always remember. Marcia Frost: You started really young.

As a kid, it was just ‘Wow, I get to play on stage.’ I was really nervous the first time I ever got on stage, but once I did that, I had some confidence in my ability to at least not get booed off the stage. You’ve been playing ‘blues rock’ for 20 years.

This is what I do, but, also, as an artist I like to reserve the right to explore different sounds and different genres. The blues is the foundation of the whole album, but we mix it with, obviously rock, and a bit of a country influence on a few of the songs.

There’s a track called “Diamond & Gold.” We kind of branched out in a lot of different areas and took blues music into a lot of different directions. He’s done everything from ‘Lay Down, Sally’ to ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ to ‘Layla,’ and his fans embraced him and his muse.

How did you end up living back in your hometown of Louisiana? My family (wife Hannah Gibson, as well as two sons and a daughter) is there, my business is there.

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With those two homes, why did you choose Nashville as the place to record? It is, because it’s country’s real music city, but I’ve done it there since I started writing my first album in 1993, but now, everyone is going there to do that.

Well, my new record is my band, but I started writing with different people to push myself outside the comfort zone. I also wrote a lot of songs for this record and for the next one with Mark Shelby & Tia Sellers, who I’ve written with since my first album.

It’s not cliché, it’s not a trendy thing, so you feel like goofy doing it now. I’ve never tried to pursue trends, or pop culture in music, because when you do that, at a certain point, when you get older, it will seem a little weird to.

I think a lot of the music that these young people are doing today, if they are still doing music in their 50s, they won’t be able to sing most of the songs they are recording as kids. But, they’ve done rock and roll which is cool, but this pop music today is really funky.

They sing about all this nonsense, and their kids and their grandkids won’t want to hear them. I’ve always tried to stick to what I believe to be quality, timeless music.

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Food is a big element and just because I don’t drink doesn’t mean other people can’t enjoy it. This site is not affiliated with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

KennyWayneShepherd and Noah Hunt, who have written and recorded together for over 20 years, were completely in sync and gave the crowd a blazing set of blues twinged rock. With Shepherd on guitar and the occasional vocal he shared the stage with Hunt who sang the majority of the songs.

Shepherd who got his desire for the guitar from listening to greats like Stevie Ray Vaughn at a young age is now one of the best blues guitarists out there. Shepherd captivated the audience with his fast and mesmerizing blues/rock licks. Known for his 1995 is release of his Platinum winning “Led better Heights” which he recorded at the young age of 18.

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