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British and Chinese miners extracted vast amounts of tin. But despite active tourist campaigns by Peak’s state government, the city remains under the radar.

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Only a few travelers find out Taiping’s ‘33 claims to fame’ in Malaysia. Even fewer appreciate the region’s role as a Southeast Asian powerhouse for charcoal.

Crazy Tourist uncovers the 25 best things to do in Taiping including its architectural masterpieces, where to go hiking and Malaysia’s oldest museum. Since opening, the park has been maintained at immaculate standards for almost one hundred and fifty years.

The former tin mine has ten artificial lakes, a jogging track and houses Taiping. The Rain Trees are a favorite site for wedding photographs in Taiping.

Head down in the cooler evening and watch local families and lovebirds relax while rollerblades speed by. Unlike other zoos in Southeast Asia, Taiping’s doubles up as a conservation and research center.

Tremendous efforts are made to increase the populations of their endangered species including our orange-haired primate cousins. Taiping reopens again after dark allowing visitors to observe nocturnal animals.

journey peacee war kl
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A series of artificial rocks form Taiping Lake Garden’s sculpture park. The small garden opened in the 1970s to entice children with replicas of dinosaurs.

Wander through the mysterious sculpture park and feel like you’re back in prehistoric times. Because of Taiping’s Chinese community, the city has dozens of Buddhist temples.

Crazy Tourist recommends a trip to both Chinese Pagoda and Hossein Temple. Local Buddhists believe newlyweds should walk past the pagoda for good luck and success in their marriage.

Chinese artisans crafted today’s temple after replacing the older timber one. Look on Google Maps and plot a walking tour of some of the city’s other spiritual buildings.

Covering two floors, the Municipal Building represents Taiping’s most elegant example of British-Indian inspired architecture. British tin mine owners needed an efficient way to transport their goods to the rest of Malaya (old name for Malaysia).

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Walls that once burst with colors during Taiping’s boom period now fade. Most newcomers migrated from Fujian province to work in the ever-growing tin industry.

Tolkien Association Building established itself in 1862 to protect the wellbeing of these Chinese workers. The two-tiered structure uses pillars and arches to create an air of elegance in its intricate façade.

Red borders line the shapes giving it a colorful and attractive appearance. As the sun dips behind, the horizons explodes with color creating magical views of the Tolkien Association.

Both the wooden façade and intricately stained-glass windows survived World War Two. The onsite cemetery marks the final resting place of British residents.

But the former tin mining town played a crucial role in the early history of modern Malaysia. Taiping proudly proclaims 33 things that first took place in their city.

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This includes Malaysia’s first railway station, magistrate’s court and prison. Others include the first post office, public park and both Malay and English language newspapers.

Discover the legacy of this little-known city in a galley inside the Taiping Railway Station. Discover religious diversity in both Buddhist and Hindu temples, churches and mosques.

Get a map and suggestions from the tourist information office inside Taiping Clock Tower. Located at 1,036 meters (3,399 feet) above sea level, the mountaintop resort provides a refreshing escape from the stifling tropical heat below.

Maxwell Hill, or Bu kit La rut, is approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from Taiping. Rather than using a jeep to reach the summit, hikers can follow the Tuning Hijab Trail.

The route covers about 13 kilometers (8.1 miles) and takes the average hiker five hours to complete. Several tropical flowers including a variety of orchids grow along some parts of the path.

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Bu kit La rut holds the unenviable title as Malaysia’s wettest place, and it rains almost every day. Peak MuseumPerak Museum is a significant part of Taiping’s 33 firsts.

Check out the natural history sections and discover Malaysia’s aboriginals (Orange Ali). Paths circumvent the 31-acre park passing gazebos, public fitness equipment and open lawns.

A trip to this park gives travelers’ an opportunity to see how locals spend their free time. Cross Street Bazaar Night Market transforms the square into a hive of energy on weekends.

Search online to find out what’s happening when you’re in Taiping. Taiping’s Cross Street Bazaar is a relatively new addition to Malaysia’s famous night market scene.

Every weekend (Friday to Sunday) at 8:00pm more than 60 stalls open with souvenirs, handicraft and street food. The night market stretches for more than 300 meters (984 feet) along Along Ahmad Street.

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Join the swarms of people and soak up Taiping’s buzzing atmosphere. Crazy Tourist recommends trying Taiping satay (kebabs skewered on bamboo) and Malaysian sweets.

Over the years, the center evolved into a major ecotourism attraction within 20 minutes of Taiping. Boat trips take visitors through the narrow channels next to the alien-like trees dominating the mangroves.

The prison opened in 1879 becoming Malaysia’s first detention center. Taiping Prison is part of the Heritage Trail near Peak Museum.

A light jungle trail leads to the area near Batu Begun River. Crazy Tourist recommends visiting in the morning to avoid the crowds.

Taiping War Memorial on the outskirts of the city sits in front of the hills. Stroll around the graves and spare a thought to the horrors of World War in Southeast Asia.

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Taiping’s first public hot springs consists of five mineral-rich pools. Soak in the herbal baths and let the goodness infuse and revitalize your body.

Taiping CharcoalCharcoal is an essential commodity used for cooking, medicine and countless other things. More than 140 manufacturers use 300 kilns in Meeting to create charcoal from mangrove trees.

Take a day trip from Taiping and find out how charcoal is made. Discover the ins and outs of this little-known industry and why the area upholds a global reputation.

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