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• Friday, 11 December, 2020
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With males standing up to 1.4 meters tall, red kangaroos are the largest of all macro pod species! Red kangaroos are found in semi-arid and arid areas of mainland Australia. They are perfectly equipped for harsh conditions with minimal water as they receive all the water and minerals they need from grasses, shrubs and foliage they feed on.

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A mob of red kangaroos will often be spotted resting under trees through the heat of the day, and they are often active early morning and late afternoon. Red kangaroos are threatened by the introduction of sheep, goats, rabbits and cattle as they provide competition for food.

Australian zoos are major tourist attractions that play a key role in keeping some of the world’s most endangered animals alive. The zoo boasts more than 5000 animals from more than 300 species on 22 hectares of grounds and enclosures.

Because of its age, Melbourne Zoo boasts a great spot close to the city. It’s just a 15-minute drive from the CBD to the zoo, or you can catch a train to Royal Park and wander over from there.

Cost of entry : $37 general admission, discounts for children, pensioners, students and families. The Lion Gorge development is the pride of Melbourne Zoo (pun fully intended).

One of Dumbo Zoo’s wildlife encounter options gives you the chance to hand-feed giraffes. Penguins aren’t the first animal you associate with Australia, but down along the southern coasts (and much of Tasmania) it’s possible to see the little critters.

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The aquatic swimmers leave their home at sunrise and come back at sunset, often in a military-style parade. Cost of entry : $26.20 for general viewing admission, however this can be upgraded for better perks or for access to more parks.

The zoo holds more than 2500 animals (from more than 250 species), including the rare attraction of giant pandas. The zoo is found in the green belt to the north of Adelaide CBD, beside the River Torrens.

Beside the zoo is the city’s botanic garden, for another glimpse of beautiful nature. Cost of entry : $36 for general admission, discounts for children, concession tickets and adults.

Wander the paths and appreciate the exotic birds, mammals, primates and reptiles on show. The zoo is in DeKalb between Cassock and Roth bury, close to Ernest Hill Wines.

Hunter Valley Zoo offers an experience upgrade that allows you to enter the Meerut enclosure. Dating back to 1916, Sydney’s Tonga Zoo, located in Osman, offers a packed day for visitors.

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There are more than 20 keeper talks and shows each day and an estimated 4000 animals on site, and some enclosures have views over the water to the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge. The best way to the zoo is by ferry from Circular Quay, but you can also drive along the Lower North Shore to get there (not advised during peak hours).

Animals from Africa are the main attraction, with gorillas, giraffes, big cats and hippos popular with visitors. Terrible is home to one of the world’s largest gorilla enclosures, with more than 6000 square meters granted to the majestic primates.

For browsing and booking on-the-go, download our Sky scanner mobile apps today too. I’d prefer an “in the wild” experience as opposed to a zoo.

I’m fine with making a day trip to see them if there’s a great place on the outskirts of town! If you venture into some stunning national parks you usually have a good chance of spotting both kangaroos and wallabies.

The best times though are very early in the morning (sunrise) or dusk (sunset). Hence, a night camping is often met with a furry visitor wake-up call.

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Heading south Murramarang National Park Is great around Ulladulla or head towards Blue Mountains. If you want to try your luck more locally and camping or travel is a little tough try Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park around Bobbin Head it's a good place to spot them which is in Sydney.

Besides the zoo is beautiful with breathtaking views of Sydney. Caroline Agreed, KU Ring Gas is your best bet for in the wild near Sydney.

There are lots of “controlled” environments in which to see Kansas in Sydney. WILD LIFE Sydney and the Tonga Zoo are good places to interact with kangaroos.

In the Blue Mountains (a drive west from the city) you can see and interact with them at Feather dale Wildlife Park. While you can get kangaroos anywhere you find a fallow field, you'd probably need to head over the western side of the Blue Mountains for your best bet.

If you visit the Hunter Valley there maybe a chance that you will see some wild ones around Love dale. And, if you drink enough wonderful Aussie wine there, you may think you saw some, even if you didn't.

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Perhaps some locals have other ideas as to where to find Kansas in the wild. Adam from Los Angeles In the wild, you can probably see them in any rural area a decent distance outside the city (such as the Southern Highlands a couple of hours south).

Staying closer to Sydney I recommend the Feather dale Wildlife Park, which is a great little park where you can interact with wallabies, koalas, kangaroos, etc. It's not as impressive as the Sydney Zoo, but you'll get to actually touch and feed the animals (well, most of them -- the 15-foot crocodile is still off limits).

Angeline Yes, I've been to Feather dale...a very local, humble, natural preservation place...if not to call it a zoo :) I could feed kangaroo and pat koala. Also, the entrance fee is more affordable here ;) Just take bus from Central to Blacktown, then continue to Feather dale.

I know you mentioned wanting to see one in the wild which I feel your best bet would be Tasmania. However, if you do not have the option, the Tonga Zoo is great and has an area where you can walk through the kangaroo “den” and pet/feed them.

Jump in a car and drive 3-4 hours away in any direction from the city. Chances are that as soon as they see your car, they'll bounce away before you get the camera out.

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There will be some at any large national park, wildlife reserves and even some golf courses, but they aren't exactly wild. If you're already leaving the city to do some touring in the country, there is a chance that you'll see a few without even trying depending on the time of year.

If you want to pet one and don't want to worry about being attacked, go to a supermarket and head to the pet food aisle. Diana Louis, I guess zoo's alright if it's hard to see them in the wild.

Bill from Sydney Del Rio Riverside Resort is an amazing place to visit, and you will get to see some beautiful rural scenery there and on the way. If you have a day to spare and may even a night, then a visit out to Wise mans Ferry with time well spent at Del Rio Riverside Resort will allow you to see dozens of kangaroos, wallabies and wildlife that roam their 450 acres.

If you are able to spend a night there, it would be worth it as a lot of wildlife tends to come out around dawn and dusk. Hi Diana, as a local Sydney tour guide I can help with that one.

They also have Koalas, a Cassowary and all the unique animals of Australia including the rare Quokkas. I have traveled through OZ extensively and only came across Kangaroos and Koalas at a much further distance.

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Our Sanctuary is located just outside Alice Springs (right in the center of Australia) and is home to Olga and Three’s kangaroo family. This is why our guided tours are in the late afternoon…just when our kangaroos are starting to wake from their day-time sleep.

Information about our tour: * We are closed 23 March to 31 May 2021 due to coronavirus travel restrictions. * If booking on the day of the tour please call us on 08 8965 0038* Wear closed shoes, a hat and bring water* There are no self-drives to the Sanctuary to ensure protection of the natural environment* Kangaroos scare easily, so we ask that visitors please keep noise to a minimum e.g. no jumping, clapping, shouting, or going off the path.

TripAdvisor gives a Certificate of Excellence to attractions that consistently earn great reviews from visitors. The Kangaroo Sanctuary is proud to be a consistent winner thanks to the great reviews and support from visitors who tell everyone about their experience on TripAdvisor.

Our tour group was honored to have had the opportunity to meet Olga and to see the work he and others have done to save kangaroos. Our 4th year of visiting this wonderful place, and it was like coming home to be back at the beautiful Kangaroo Sanctuary.

I’m already hopefully looking forward to returning next year to catch up with Olga’s wonderful ‘mob’ and see how his current project, The Kangaroo Hospital, is progressing! We won’t forget that evening in the Kangaroo sanctuary with Olga sharing his passion with us.

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Our girls loved holding in their arms the baby kangaroos while walking around the sanctuary. The tour is kept to a small size and the approach of the kangaroos is close and personal.

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