Best Johnnie Walker Drinks

Maria Johnson
• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
• 8 min read

The arc of United States history is one shaped by the many people who arrived here seeking a new life and new opportunities. With each generation, a new wave of people adds their ingredients to the melting pot of American culture.

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JohnnieWalker’s Flavors of America biology program celebrates that diversity and the many flavors of American culture by recognizing bartenders from around the country whose cocktails have become a reflection of their unique American experience and rich backgrounds. “Each of these cultures bring unique ingredients and flavor profiles that may not have been found in the U.S. previously.

Bartenders and chefs from all over the world travel here to pursue their passions, never forgetting where they came from.” Paste recently chatted with Stephanie Jacoby, vice president of Johnnie Walker North America to learn more about the program, as well as get a sampling of the recipes created by 11 featured bartenders from around the U.S., including Aorta.

Flavors of America showcases the authentic stories and diverse backgrounds of the bartending community through innovative, culturally-inspired cocktail recipes. These bartenders excel at their craft and have advanced their careers as a result of continued hard work and dedication.

Whether they have gained attention through awards, or have developed unique and innovate bar programs at their establishments, this is one group of inspiring bartenders. SJ:Johnnie Walker recognizes that the craft cocktail movement continues to impact the way people are drinking, and we have partnered with industry experts to help shape how people are drinking.

The multi-tiered program infuses authentic cultural and local flavors into modern cocktail recipes. Paste: The campaign features themes of cultural progress and inclusiveness.

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Is this a direct response to the current political climate in the USA, or merely coincidental? SJ: While the campaign message is timely, Johnnie Walker has been a pioneer of progress for nearly 200 years.

SJ: While the program takes a more specific look at the multicultural bartending community, the campaign’s core message of progress is an inclusive one. We hope the campaign and program will resonate with all consumers and inspire people to celebrate each other.

Paste : Beyond general brand awareness, what do you hope to achieve with this campaign? SJ: With Flavors of America, we hope to educate Johnnie Walker fans and new whiskey explorers on the versatility of Scotch.

Directions: Lightly coat a coupe glass with absinthe to rinse, discard remaining liquid. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake.

Bartender: Chantal Then, Redye Menus, Washington, D.C. “This drink takes its inspiration from the Mats Islands, a minor archipelago located in the Taiwan strait and named in honor of being a pilgrimage site to a mythical sea goddess named Mats. In many of the tales attached to her, she heroically rescues people during a typhoon, which led to her becoming the patron goddess of seafarers.

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Directions: Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into double rocks Glass filled with fresh ice.

Directions Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously to create foam from pineapple juice. With the affinity for Margaritas in mind, this riff on the classic Daisy cocktail is a must.

Bringing the apple notes found in the Johnnie Walker Red Label, this cocktail could turn any Margarita drinker into a Scotch Socialite.” Directions: Muddle cardamom pods in bottom of cocktail shaker.

Double strain into Nick & Nora glass over crushed ice. Float tawny port and garnish with red apple slices (fanned) and mint sprig.

* Red Apple Syrup recipe: In a pot, add 1 cup pressed red apple juice and 1 cup white caster sugar, stirring until sugar is fully dissolved. Directions: Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

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It’s a citrus fruit with the flavor profile of an orange (“china” in Puerto Rican Spanish) that meets a grapefruit (“Toronto”). This fruit, when combined with the notes of vanilla and butter found in Johnnie Walker Black Label, play wonderfully in this citrus-forward cocktail.

Shake and strain in to a goblet glass filled with crushed ice. Seal the jar and keep in a cool, dark place for 24 hours (minimum) until sugar is dissolved.

Add 1 cup white vinegar to mixture, seal and store for another 24 hours, shaking periodically. Bartender: Ricardo Vegas, Eighty six’d Hospitality Group, Houston “‘Me fewer Caesar’ is a lyric of a local song about a traditional rice pudding dessert in Mexico called arrow con Lethe.

This cocktail emulates that vivid childhood memory when my mother would make this delicious creamy dessert.” Bartender: Nicolas Torres, Lazy Bear, San Francisco “It’s very important for me to stay seasonal when it comes to selecting my produce, and we are blessed here in the Bay Area with tons of local markets and farmers’ markets happening multiple times a week.

While the sugar water is still warm, pour into a blender and add 4-5 chopped, pitted white nectarines with the skin still intact for added color. Blend on low for 30-40 seconds, and double strain through mesh sieve or cheese cloth collecting the pulp-free syrup.

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Shake vigorously and strain into old-fashioned glass over fresh ice. * Jamaican syrup recipe: Add 1 quart water, 1 quart white sugar, ½ cup peeled ginger, ¼ cup all-spice berries and 4 cloves to a saucepan over medium heat and bring to a boil.

Strain using a mesh sieve strainer into jar or bottle with sealable lid, store in refrigerator until use. Jim Sabotage is a writer, cocktail enthusiast, and bar director for The Palms Restaurant in Jutland, Vermont.

All Johnnie Walker blends are crafted using whiskey from the four corners of Scotland. Each of these brings a unique flavor profile, making the final product beautifully balanced.

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